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The thing I love the most about this photoshoot is that beyond my red hair being a draw, I was really able to express myself. Maybe painting the picture & including red is sometimes the point, almost like just in this room I’ve done an almost-blonde shoot that spoke very differently about me. And I did this myself! It is definitely 2020 that I’m doing this, with a point to be throw across from August 2019 – I can’t even believe how much I have to express about this one though. Without pressure, without self-deprecation or judgement, I can post a photoshoot like this and spit it back like it’s resounding. And as for this concert tee, or this concert, which was incredible, I’m really glad to be sporting the red hair with it like Lights and her bright red hair & coordinating merchandise. The concert was incredible, so glad I did a shoot for the shirt. So at least I have this photoshoot to post! It is a long photoshoot. Haha.

I always thought there was a million different ways to wear my graphic tees/merchandise styles. I have way too many photoshoots of merchandise shirts and I’m going to go through all the posts in bulk one day and dissect them for the pictures. That’ll be rad! Read more to see the rest of this shoot.

The thing about Save Yourself is that for some reason, all this blogging I’ve done my whole life was a really good form of expression, but it didn’t always save me from whatever. Sometimes it’s just myself or a state I can’t shake off but once in a while I’d be stuck with a camera in my room, taking a break from posting anything on the blog. That was a nice healthy break and all but no matter who I talk to about my blog, I still need this form of expression to keep evolving with my brain. So even though I write about old photoshoots because they’re still awesome I still have got to give myself credit for writing a full page of blog posts in this last couple of months because that was way more fulfilling. Let me show you what I mean. Also, this was done like a day or so after a Lights concert in 2019 (acoustic) after I got this shirt and choker! I really like the elbow-out picture pulling my hair up right here. Hopefully I can even set this up right with how I edited it but I really like the full-face elbow pictures in this shoot.

I sort of started out taking pictures without my face fully done, haha, so my makeup like evolves in half of these collages. I got a lot of good full-frontals of the shirt with these jeans (plus I still have these jeans!) as well as a bunch of other fun kind of pictures that didn’t really matter with the outfit as much. I loved the jewelry for this, that cherry necklace from this and Solved The Problem is one of my favorite jewelry pieces I’ve ever blogged about. I got it from my mom one time it’s definitely a Cookie Le piece.

I totally love all the elbow shots too, I’ve been totally getting into all my arms-out elbow pictures these days. I also really like the looking-into-the-drawer picture. But in terms of me only cropping my pictures and not editing them, I think that could be why I change my makeup or outfits halfway through photoshoots, or why the different lighting pictures still make a way into the master post for a photoshoot. I’m just listening to a playlist called Dopamine Deficit and this playlist worked for nothing except today so I just wanted to point out why I used to all the time name photoshoots after song names too, like with You Go, Girl I wore that dopamine shirt again or how I have some graphic tee posts coming up that are really unique and not necessarily named… It’s hard to explain! I did some really cool things for this site though. Here’s that drawer picture.

The featured pictures for this post would’ve been better if I didn’t also definitely take Display pictures of my room with this shoot. What I mean is I used to have this idea for a blog post called Desktop vs. Display but by the time I started writing again I didn’t like the pictures I had for it, especially because this photoshoot was again done at my dad’s and I live with my mom again so that’s a completely different type of display in my room. At the end of No Tears Left! I added a picture of part of my room at my mom’s and dammit I love that picture. But in this photoshoot I get to show you my old display I used to have set up at my dad’s, and it is super rad with a black shelf. I like the fact that I’m reaching & referring to other blog posts in this because even if it is a little confusing, the dating of when I post things, I really want to show how blogging definitely saved myself. I’ll show the display pictures next, they’re pretty rad. At my moms now all I have is this big black shelf, not a tiny one like this, but oh well, at least this was a good display. So I just have a different display now is what I’m saying.

So that setup existed at my old apartment in August 2019. I still, this morning when I checked, have 3 August 2019 photoshoots left to post. That’s crazy! It was a camera month, that’s for sure! So I’m working on these posts as best as I can before I get to made-up & inspired At The House for this year! My goal would be to have everything from 2019 already posted before it’s 2021. By the way it was my birthday this week and I turned 22, and also I might just post this and then backdate it to September (it’s November 2020 right now) only after posting it at the top, I think I can handle that! Some self-aware directions right there but I still have so much more to say with this photoshoot. Like Mind Your Business!

I keep thinking that those food pictures turned out better than I thought. I’m really excited actually that I finally am posting a merch/concert t-shirt with jeans I still have and wear. Even with No Tears Left I had already gotten rid of those jeans. Both pairs, actually! The Bellevue red hair shoot with Wanna Betta Butt jeans and belt (so happy I’ve gotten pictures of both my sparkly belt and Lipstik belt too) and the cool open knee ones I took pictures of at the end of that post. But these jeans, not only are they not really belt jeans but I still have them and fit them casually. It’s randomly a significant thing, the jeans that I wear in each post. I have no idea where they’re from or if I’ve done other outfits in the same jeans before. I’ll actually find that out soon! Also the thing about Celebrity Merch Base is it’s supposed to eventually be where I put all the photoshoots of shirts like this, like a huge Shop For Days sifting & digging project to find all those photoshoots with merch shirts and collect them on that site. I have a super cool bunch of projects coming up (for when I’m up to date on photoshooting) but almost every single photoshoot I have queue’d right now was done with a merch shirt. What a mouth full. I’ll eventually get it right. I swear this ended up being like my 5th Lights concert, I’ve been through a lot with Lights merch – like this shirt plus all the ones I’ve posted until now. It used to be that my celebrity merch looked best in the Lights photoshoots. She’s inspired sooo many different blog posts of mine. There’s posts named after her songs, pictures of a bunch of her different merch, posts of me talking about her, a couple different posters in the background of different photoshoots…One of my favorite inspirations of music actually. I also really like that it’s just the Lana poster in the Display pictures. Check out No Tears Left to see where I moved the poster too. Hahaha. Now we get to the dancing on the bed pictures!

Wow, the amount of blog posts I have relative to music. I couldn’t even tell you what I was listening to here (aww!) but I definitely got excited about life halfway down this shoot! I started out ready to do it and then started flipping my hair about it. Remember when I’d be working out, cutting holes into my jeans? At least with these I didn’t have to do the cut! They’re just sexy jeans, I suppose. I’ve gotten rid of or thrown away so many jeans this past year and honestly I should just wear ones like this more. Excited to phase out the pants or jeans being/looking basic thing, I’ve got enough room in my dresser to do a skirt photoshoot in January for all I can. Let’s see who wants to request the skirt shoots next just with all the pants I’ve been pointing out lately. I literally just kept posting things with pants I don’t have any more. But! This is my favorite collage of the post so let’s check this out.

I thought that looked really cool, actually. Can’t forget the Tillie choker I was wearing! I’ve got a whole set of pictures from this just of close-ups of the jewelry I was wearing and stuff. And yes the choker does say Save Yourself on it. We’ll learn more about Tillie and her influence on me when I post the blog called Moodswings, featuring THAT merch shirt and an outside/for a walk shoot that Matt did with me… Point being I still have to post that. It’s definitely my wallpaper right now, on my phone.

So in addition to the Lights Acoustic 2019 merch shirt I also was wearing her 2018(?) crystal necklace. I’m actually really proud of these earrings making their way into a photoshoot because I love them, there’s even this video I took of myself recently wearing a Nicki shirt and these earrings and I LOVE it. Plus my bracelets were this “Be Kind” fabric stretchy bracelet as well as this Tiffany one I got from my friend at one point. That bracelet is sort of lost but one of my favorites I’ve ever had so I’m glad I got it in that. In terms of at least pictures of these types of things. I have a ton of jewelry I want to get good pictures of coming up, they’re mostly just silver keys, but that’s one of my favorite upcoming projects actually. I went through all my 2019 posts one time and put side by side jewelry comparisons and it was crazy! Some of those jewelry looks were crazy! This one’s fine. Anyway, once I get a picture of something I can either give it away or not worry about it. What I should be doing is wearing everything I’ve never gotten pictures of and then start taking pictures. Whatever that was a good thought bubble. There’s a little bit left of this photoshoot then I’m just done for now. Oh! Yeah also I got a random picture or few of the star necklace/choker too, because I was changing my outfit and makeup around and thought I’d try on the star necklace. I did that No Tears photoshoot with the star necklace but for some reason I’m still including this picture. As just to say that once I post something it’s up for some serious observance, like even if I’m wearing nearly nothing or no jewelry or makeup or something there’s still fresh stuff like this to create an opinion of. And the whole “Did I do it right?” doesn’t bother me as much anymore, after the entire year 2019 I’m not afraid of someone judging my blog. And all of these shoots stay up just like that. I like when I finally post something! I wonder how 2021 will go. If you liked this shoot then definitely bless my next year with creative inspiration to continue doing things like this and I will!

So that’s the end of that then! I wanted to pull up one more thing, actually, and that’s the difference between me in the mood to do photoshoots verses creatively inspired with my writing. The good thing about still having all these posts to post is that I could grab on to any of the 3 steps or categories of blogging and be able to accomplish something with it. I can’t wait to fix the Concert Almanac which is a page on my blog at the top, but there’s a list I need recovered to do that. So then the next would be taking my full-length posts of merchandise and compacting them onto Celebrity Merch Base which is another blog I have. And then finally there’s just Shop For Days and any time I order or receive new clothes I’m reinforcing a lot for here. I’ll be basically taking a break from buying anything until after Christmas is over but eventually I’ll get back to the shopping part again, with links and ideas for every outfit. If you haven’t noticed I’ve been focusing on my style photography and writing about it all as best as I can instead of focusing on the title projects. We’ll see what I have left to post and that’ll show ya. Well no wonder then! My front page will be changing dates all the time while I’m trying to get the rhythm right! Just keep helping me mine away at the statue I’ve been working on for years and then I’ll be new and ready for the new year. So yeah save yourself, blend it out, and here’s what I was wearing before I put on that outfit. I think I have 3 different types of plain black shirts at this point. I wonder. Make a wish upon the stars to keep enhancing your almost-visible future and then sleep on it until it unfolds itself finally.

Taking Off To Come Save Me

Belts aren’t as important or stand-outy to me as skirts actually. I wore this one grey skirt for that AWAKE photoshoot and one of the Bea Miller ones, too, actually, and after I noticed that I noticed that every skirt I’ve worn on here I’ve worn for at least a couple significant outfits. Except this one red skirt I’ve never shot. So with the red hair and the sexy light blue jeans (which we’ll see more of eventually) and all the merch shirts in my closet, I’ll eventually do some cool skirt shoots. I think that’s one of the main ways to redeem myself. So without worrying about makeup or when or why, I just wanted to throw on here that that’ll show a significant door swing about me. How to Save Yourself or Tell the Truth… Maybe more coordinating music will help. Build an outfit or a setup that you know how to shoot. Create a series of photos and crop them without over thinking it. Compare yourselves to better and understand where you’re coming from. Create on a platform that reflects you and name something after a song.

Last Outtake of the Post