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Today I have something really cool I’ve waited a year to post. For a long time this was actually the last photoshoot I had done before a big break in between the years but I’m finally getting it down. Moodswings is similar to Save Yourself in that it was inspired the same artist as Moodswings, who opened for Lights in August 2019. Tillie, is who it is. I included the shirt I got from the concert, but I also got a choker. What I really like about this photoshoot is that it’s another dark-outside type. Matt was the one I did this shoot with too, he took most of the pictures. So here’s this one! Sorry for the crazy order of my posts, but 2019 & 2020 went hand in hand for posting because I was trying to fill in wherever I did a photoshoot that I never posted. So the cool thing about my tiled galleries is they speak volumes, like whether or not in order. So Moodswings was an outside photoshoot of mine with another merch shirt from yet another concert.

So what’s cool about this shoot with the bright red hair, gray cardigan and bright white shoes is I was also wearing fake blue nails that were rad. I love a lot of the styling of the 2020 posts I’ve been creating this year (2019 photoshoots included) and I love how they turned out in terms of scenery, like with display verses atmosphere. I think this one has pretty good balance.

My eyes even got a lil crazy for this shoot. I’ve done shoots at night outside before in 2018 a few times so I was glad to get back to it, my camera does really well with the outside shit. I like this hat a lot too. I never did that many shoots with hats. One of my very favorite things with this was my jewelry, particularly the No Cash Value coin. I like the layered pieces I picked to go with this a lot. This is a very narrative post but I did them all differently with no guideline for this year.

I like these long collages too! Another thing about this is this was shot in August 2019. I’m not even going to try to explain it actually, it’s just another shoot. I’ll get better at that of course. But I really like the course outside of my dad’s that we walked.

The back of the shirt even says Emotion is my Drug. Tillie was who did the songs that I referenced here. I love the red hair it was done by this woman Kylie Rose actually. I even got a cardigan similar to this recently but this was just perfect – I don’t have these black pants anymore but I loved them. And I know how I used to write for days or make lists of where everything was from but it’s not even like that anymore. It’s different. So I just keep sneaking old shoots into the back of my blog on the front page and there’s that. I really liked Solved the Problem a lot though that definitely was the best I did this year. So another summer, another shoot and another season. Let’s move forward with it. Through the hole in the gate.

And that’s all for Moodswings. I’ll have this as my lockscreen for days. Thanks to August 2019 for all the great shoots I got!