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Good afternoon all! It’s a beautiful day this spring and I’m coming at you with yet another blog post. This one was pretty cool, I call it Elephants because I have some rad elephant leggings that I love with all my heart. I got them from Goodwill actually, a good find. Some of the comfiest leggings I have ever worn, even. I just did this shoot in my room, by myself of course. I’m getting pretty good at consistently posting and shooting. I’ve also been doing pretty well, doing a lot for myself these days. I’m excited about this! The carnelian necklace is one of my favorite necklaces, I got it from a rock store in Idaho in 2018. I’m surprised I’ve never done a photoshoot with carnelian, I checked and couldn’t even find my carnelian bracelet on anything. Oh well, I have this big long list of all the clothes I have that I need to shoot, and I work on it pretty frequently. I have so many clothes I’ve never blogged about, it’s crazy. But I’m ramping up with getting them all into photoshoots. I should shoot merch more, again, but I’ve got too many normal clothes I’m working with first. So we’ll see how that plays out, I’ve got a head full of ideas these days. The boots I’m wearing, these heeled grey boots, are from Shoedazzle. I bought them while I was in rehab, had them shipped to the place (in California). I got three pairs of shoes that time, and you’ll see them all soon in future photoshoots. That was in September 2019, for those shoes (& rehab). I’ll eventually get pictures with all of them, but for now I’m just starting out with the grey boots. Stay tuned for more soon. Let’s get into this!

Nice picture of my room here.

I’m usually a little backed up on my photoshoots. I keep just taking more pictures when I already have something to post. This photoshoot, for example, is from March. And now it’s April, but I already have two more photoshoots after this one that I’ve got to post. I even did a different photoshoot today, no hints. But yeah this elephant shoot is a good one. I don’t dig the fact that that featured picture has my dresser and stuff in it, but it’s a good picture. Do you like my CD Collection? That’s featured in so many different shoots that I do. But this is where I did the shoot.

I really like Portugal. The Man. They have a song called Elephants on like their first album. I listened to it after I did this shoot and now I’m definitely naming this after that song. I loved the whole album this time that I heard it. It’s perfect! One of my favorite bands I’m thinking. I’ve seen them twice on tour. So that’s pretty cool. I love these leggings. Man, I’ve been getting shit done on my blog. I’ve been slacking a little bit on my other two blogs but I’ve got it goin’ for Shop For Days. I can’t wait until I’m caught up, just got to take a break from shooting for a while to do that. But I’ve got a rhythm going so I’m not going to do that yet. Let’s check out the next collage.

My short hair is cool. Can’t wait for it to be longer though. I liked these squat shots. Pretty good material. Oh well, my bracelets here are tiger’s eye and lava stone. On the other arm is my carnelian bracelet. Pretty rad, two of them came in an Awakening in a Box box and the other one (the lava stone one) my stepmom, Jessie, made for me. And the lipstick I’m wearing is Huda Beauty’s Bombshell. Thought it looked pretty good. Dang, three posts in March, hopefully at least two for April. I’m really glad it’s spring. I should shoot outside more. The next shoot after this was done outside, that’s my hint for that. It was super cool, another one that Matt did with me. Oh well let’s keep going for this shoot.

I seriously have a list on my whiteboard of 17 different clothing items of mine that I need to photoshoot. It’s a lot! I have so many cool clothes that I’ve never gotten pictures of yet. Not to mention merchandise I haven’t shot yet. Thinking of organizing my closet around photoshoots, but that might be tricky. That’s okay though, one more thing off the list. This bralette thing is pretty cool too. No idea where it’s from, lol. Oh well. I say oh well a lot actually! Either way, I know I’ve got something going for me. This blogging thing surrounds my whole life. It’s a point and I’ve taken it. To new and improved levels.

I like how my arms look in that last one. My nail color is actually from Lights’, it’s merch, it’s from her Skin&Earth nail polish set. There’s 4 of them in there, and I think which one I have is En. There’s two different nail polish sets. I wore this same color for a few photoshoots actually, so you’ll see that coming up. Pretty groovy. I’m glad I’ve gotten this far. I’ve been blogging for so long. One cool thing that I do a lot is search for different items on my blog, to check and see if I’ve shot something yet. I have a little Shop For Days link/app on my phone that brings up my blog and then I check the search engine. Like searching leggings and seeing all the pairs of leggings I’ve shot, and it’s not that much. I used to do a lot of jeans shoots. So this outfit is pretty unique to be posting. I had a good day this day.

And that’s all there is to it. Dang I am getting my flow back! I can really flow on my blog sometimes. Not every time but I’m working hard to flow more often. Then my writing will really get better. I think I’m doing pretty good these days. Let’s see how the next few shoots work out. Speaking of working out, I workout at the gym again! Not sure if I’ve mentioned that much yet. I’ve been doing really good and I have so many workout outfits. Maybe one day I’ll retake some of the pictures of them. I have only one blog post about workout clothes, but I’m not even going to link it. It could be better. So that’s how my days have been going, and plus I got some new glasses that I’m going to take pictures of eventually, so I’ve been blogging wearing glasses. Super cool ones. I’m excited about both of those things. A little irrelevant but I wanted to pin that hint there too.

And that’s it! Sticks & stones and elephant pants. I’m excited about the future. Eventually I’ll have the majority of my clothes blogged about, and then I won’t be so behind on my orders. I’ve got a bunch of clothes that I ordered in the last couple years that haven’t made it to my blog yet. I’ll get to it though, I just know it. I also have tons of clothes to get rid of so I might be posting them on Depop. We’ll see how it goes. Doesn’t matter how long it takes me, I’ll just keep plugging away at things. I rarely even take selfies anymore on my phone, it’s just pictures from my camera. Doing pretty well I’d say. Hanging out with more friends soon, so that’ll be good. And I’ll keep working out, and I’ll keep working on my shoots, and I’ll keep working on my relationships. I really love who’s in my life right now and I rarely ever feel lonely. That’s a sweet thing about me, I’m so self-served. So I do well for myself, and my family is in the picture. They help me a lot actually. So that’s my life and my time, thanks so much for reading! More coming soon.