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It’s a good afternoon here for me, I’ve been really liking my consistent nature with blogging these days. I blog 2-3 times a month these days, and I’m doing pretty well with it here at home. On my days off I don’t do much, just watch cartoons or listen to music. I finally finished Breaking Bad again, as well as Better Call Saul, and that was a good era of watching those. I don’t normally watch shows like that but I love them when I do, so much. Dang, this month has been kind of hard for me, and I’m trying to get back to good habits these days. I stopped smoking cigarettes for a while but now I’m back at them. I go through them so quickly, too. But I’ll get out of this, and find something that serves me. For example, Matt & I did this photoshoot together at the park down the road from my house, and it turned out okay but we had some lighting problems. It was raining outside, so that was interesting. I lost my camera’s microfiber cloth but it was okay since Matt had one in his car. I swear, even though Matt & I are taking a break from hanging out for a bit, we have a cool kind of chemistry with doing photoshoots together. I created a category for my photoshoots called by Matt, so you can check that out and see all of what we’ve done together so far. I have done so much for this blog just by myself, so it’s refreshing to do something with someone else. Care Label is good, I was wearing a key around my neck and a key around my waist, both being the same key actually. It originally goes to a lockbox, but I don’t even have one that works anymore. I have one pink lockbox with a broken lock, and that’s about it. I’ve mentioned a bunch of different silver keys in my blog posts over the past 6 months (or year) and they’re pretty significant to me, they hold a lot of metaphorical meaning. I mean, the lock on my bedroom door doesn’t even work yet I have a key for that. It’s on a necklace right now, I’ll post it sometime. I have like 10 different keys in terms of jewelry. Oh but how I love this top from MissGuided, I did an order for there earlier this spring. I just love this crop top, it has a care label on it, saying how to wash it & such. Let’s get into this photoshoot!

I love my silver chain with all my heart. I was so close to getting a padlock chain from Dolls Kill recently, but it sold out the day before I placed an order. These jeans are also from Dolls Kill, the brand Monokrom. I love that this outfit is from both stores, it’s such a good outfit. The photoshoot was kind of a bust, but I got some good pictures. We’ll just see how it turns out. I guess I didn’t need another silver chain, this dollar sign ($) one suits me pretty well. I wore it also for Hit The Headlines but there’s no keychain on it for that one, just the chain. Anyway I did this photoshoot with Matt at this park, it’s like a baseball field but the parking lot is just covered in borders. The grass looked really good in the background, although I pictured somewhere dusty and dirty for this shoot. Would’ve been cool, as well. Wow I am posting this later in the month of April, and I took a break from photoshooting after my last shoot and it’s going pretty well. I’m writing this pretty well, as well. So good time to choose to do it. I’ll catchup on photoshoots next month, and then we’ll see what there is to shoot afterwards. For now, here’s Care Label!

My hair was interesting for this shoot, kind of funny even. Either way, still rocking the short hair, and I’ll eventually go back to dying it (maybe in the summertime). That’ll be good to go back to. Speaking of which, I picked back up a cigarette habit, and it’s almost annoying. I went off nicotine pretty hard this year, but there was always something that made me get back to it here and there. For now I’ll go easy on myself, and not beat myself up. It’s been a hard month, April. A little difficult to understand, but I’ve got a good grip on myself. I know where I’m at with things and I know how to address each little feeling that I have. So that’s good, Care Label really makes sense to me, like as if I have to special wash myself sometimes. Even these sparkly shoes speak to me, I got them for Christmas from my mom. They’re from JustFab I think. That cardigan I got from Goodwill actually, and it’s a good one. Anyway I took the cardigan off for the rest of the pictures, dang it was cold outside with that rain. Let’s see how the rest of it turned out.

See, aren’t those cool keys? Two different lightings right there, the last one being better than the washed-out type. Matt got the hang of it, the pictures turned out just fine. Wish it had been better lighting that day though. Either way, I did this photoshoot in March, and him & I got drunk that day. Might be a while before the two of us do another shoot together again, but for now I’m really liking the different work we’ve got going for us. Believe it or not, all I do is blog, and it’ll be years before I learn to drive. For now I’m just covered in different kinds of keys, wearing a silver key belly ring & that same key necklace today. And just a hint, I’m wearing my I (Heart) K.Flay shirt today, which I’ll eventually get into a shoot. I’ve really got to shoot more merchandise soon, it’s been a while since I have. Blogger’s day off attire most the time, even when I’m writing of course. One day I’ll dress like this every single day, and that’ll be my way of life. I do my best these days but I just wear such lazy clothes. Can’t wait to show you my new sweatsuit though, it’ll be up after the next post I do. (So, two posts out from here.)

Close-ups of the silver jewelry, and the cute crop top. I love this Dream Angels’ bra of mine a lot, too. It was from the Fashion Show collection one year. It’s white with silver lace on it, you can sort of tell from the pictures. I still have a while to go with photoshoot so I just wanted to say, I don’t always have something to say but I find things. Like, going through Jessie’s old thing of Goodwill jewelry and finding a bunch of silver key jewelry that she let me keep. She also makes jewelry, and she put this key on a necklace chain for me. So that’s the piece I wore for this day. I really love this trend of mine, it’s turning out beautifully. It holds a lot of meaning to me, like with my friend Toney. We hungout one day and I talked to him all about my silver key thing, and how I put it on a chain for one of the photoshoots in this post. (it was Totally Rad!) It’s the same key that I then used for this chain. That chain got tarnished so I don’t really have it anymore, I just have this one. It makes sense to me, and I can’t believe I used the same key for this one. I also can’t believe I have two of them. This was a good day.

Such cute sparkly shoes for this one. Plus, my nails were purple & cute. It’s the purple-ish one from one of Lights’ Skin&Earth Nail Polish sets. I love doing my nails, I’ve been in love with it since I was 14. I got into a lot by the time I was 15, and eventually I’m going to post some photoshoots from back then. For now I need to find a good program like Shoebox where I can back-in-time review my old photoshoots. Just like, the 6 years ago today thing. I have a lot on my laptop from back then, 2015 or so. I’ve really been doing this for years, and I’m getting really good at it. We’ll see what happens, I’m sad Shoebox closed down a year or two ago. But okay, next thing to focus on. I’ve really got the hang of what I should be focusing on, and I’m really proud of myself for those things.

My facial expressions were interesting for this photoshoot. I was almost squinting, and you can barely see my eyeshadow. I did a silver smoky eye for this shoot. Turned out pretty good, despite not showing up well in pictures. And wow, from Ipsy I got a set of eye brushes, some of them for eyeliner, and I’ve been doing eyeliner more often these days because of it. I did some really cool eye makeup in the last couple of months, oh how I love Ipsy. I got another set of eye makeup brushes for April, so that was two sets of five eye makeup brushes in the last couple of months. You’ll be seeing that makeup on me later on, I just need to get past April. I’ve been pretty inspired this month but I just need to get out of April. May will be even better, hopefully still with the same level of inspiration. These days I’ve been editing my old posts, really articulating them and making them all better. Doing the best that I can for myself and my hard work.

Well, that’s the last set of photos from Care Label, so I’ll go ahead and wrap this up. I love that you can clearly see the graphic on this shirt in the last row, and I love the last picture a lot. Didn’t even have to crop that one, really. So that’s pretty cool. I really like this photoshoot, actually. Anyway so I have two more shoots in my queue and they’ll be up in May. I love the springtime, and I love what’s next for me. I’m doing okay, could be doing better, but we’ll see where things take me. There’s always somewhere I get to go, and I love picking up and taking off for anywhere. I’ll get better, I always do. Thank goodness for blogging, check out the last thing I posted on WorryJustEnough, using a picture from this shoot. I loved that, thought it was a good idea. And cigarettes pass, and then I’m off of them again, hopefully going to find the next better thing that suits me. There will always be more that will suit me, even later on in life. But for now I’ll just do my best to enjoy the things that are in my life. My skin will heal, it always does, and I miss how good my skin was at the end of 2020. I’ll get through it though, I got this in the bag. Thanks so much for reading, talk to y’all later! Have a good rest of your day.