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In 2018 & 2019 I was taking some breaks from blogging. But in the midst of it I did Genie in a Bottle & Genie 2.0. Now I’m back with another Genie inspired post but it’s not capitalized like those are. I’ve also had this outfit since the spring of 2019 or so (2 years ago!) and just now finally have it shot. I’ve got a lot going on for photoshoots & posts for the year 2021 so I’m catching up. I finally did this photoshoot with this genie shirt, Rub Me The Right Way. It’s from Dolls Kill of course. I still have one more shirt from this order left to do, so that’ll be later this year. I’m ramping up with photoshoots so I should be posting a lot more these days to get these shoots up. It was fun doing this with Matt, he manned my camera this time. I love that this is my third genie shoot. I even included this genie’s bottle purse for this, plus I’m wearing the same choker the model was wearing for this shirt. That’s a cool bonus. I’m really proud of this outfit. And to piggy-back on to my last blog post, yes I still have crazy dreams, and yes this is my get-out-all-the-time blog post. Matt and I have been hanging out really doing some stuff these days, so he’s top on my list of people. Maybe I seem like I critique too much (mostly with myself, actually) but people like him remind me of where I’m at in life. I’ll definitely zero in on that a little more later in this post, because I have a bunch to say about how things are for me now. I’ve been working out a lot too so of course my dad and I are building ourselves better by the day. I really love how things are going for me these days. I’ve been granting my wishes.

There was actually two different Dolls Kill orders that this outfit came from. They’re both from April 2019. In the first one there was fishnets, two necklaces, pasties, and three shirts. I’ve shot two of the shirts and a necklace so far. I’ve got this famous lock necklace that I can’t find on my blog but it’s pink and will eventually make it back into another photoshoot if it really hasn’t been shot yet! The next order had a BUNCH of little things in it like jewelry and stickers and stuff but also these black pants, the purse, the choker and the shoes I’m wearing here. If that makes any organized sense at all. But yeah Dolls Kill from head to toe for this photoshoot. Let’s get into it.

And on that iPhone case is a beautiful picture I took of that Dolls Kill first order (of the two) including one of the shirts and two of the necklaces. That was a picture I took with my phone that I had made into an iPhone case, it has the red hair thing going on. Man, I really love my nails here. And the bracelets, I keep doing the same bracelet thing (you’ll see in my next post). I’m so behind on photoshooting. I hated that I took a break for a year but that was probably healthy for me, considering I’ve been checking out my 2016 posts a lot lately. I really used to post a lot! So many little photoshoots. Oh well, I’m on 2021 right now and I’ve had these clothes forever. And by the way the other shirt in the order that I’ve shot was the It’s Not U part in It’s Me, from 2019. I used to mention that post a lot! But it’s the Just Call 1-800 shirt. Click that link and scroll to the bottom to find that outfit. It was the fire red hair outfit. That’s also from one of those Dolls Kill orders. Let’s get into it more.

That purse is legendary. So are these Bad Girl pasties. They were the only pasties I had left other than some cloud & rainbow ones that my stepmom gave me. I had these super cute red ones from that first Dolls Kill order but they lost their stickiness so I have to throw them away. Oh well, I got like one cute picture of them and now they’re dead. Plus it’s a picture I’d never blog. Oh well. I have plenty of pictures I’ll be blogging in the future. So many things coming up. I have this cool Growth tee that I’ve always wanted to shoot, it focuses on growth. (; Oh well. Now about getting out. I dropped every drug but weed recently and now I’m 4 months sober. From the harder stuff. So I dropped a bunch of friends on the way out and now I just mostly have Matt in my life. We drive places and do things like get food and drink a lil. That’s fun too, I went to my first bar with him recently. Yes I’m 22 and that was my first time. Oh well I’ve missed out on so many things in my life but I still have SO much to show for myself. So many concerts, so many missed. Hopefully I’ll be seeing another one soon. Let’s get on the floor for more!

I really like that one-step picture with my foot in the air. I can’t believe I bought these shoes lol. Crazy. I wore them to a concert in 2019 and could really see the best of most things. They’ll be worn even more, like I said in that It’s Not U post I also wore these shoes. They looked great for this genie post. You’ll never believe how we got around to this night shoot. It was going to be earlier in the day but we were buying alcohol and Matt forgot his wallet so we went for quite a drive before circling around to shooting this finally. And the shoot turned out pretty dang well. It looks so uniform but that’s a style. I have another shoot I’m going to do with Matt coming up and it’ll be great. It’s from a recent Dolls Kill order. I really love buying clothes. I ordered from somewhere else recently too so that’ll be coming up. After the next post it’ll be the next one, hahaha. Oh well, getting out with that guy is enough for me. I’m doing so well. Now let’s checkout some more.

That third picture is my favorite of the shoot. Classic. Very stylish. I can’t wait to fix up my blogs a little more and keep at it. I’m kind of slacking on CelebrityMerchBase but this would be a good shirt to post on it. I love Xtina. So many good outfits inspired by her. Just search Christina Aguilera on my blog to check out more of the inspired-by-her posts. There’s plenty of them. You know, vaping used to be a vice of mine that sucked because instead of laying in bed all day I kept crunching up increments of time where I would get up and vape consistently through the day. I had finally kicked it but then started hanging out with Matt again and picked back up the nicotine addiction. That kind of has been sucking because now I’m back to vaping. I switched it so I was able to just lay down and watch TV all day but now I see why I couldn’t help but get up all the time. I was really itching to get out and do something fun, but I rarely had anywhere to go so I was home ridden. Bed ridden, more like. I only have a chair for makeup in my room and I’m blogging in bed right now, even. At least I get out more, with fun stuff to do. That always helps with my rapid cycling. I just have one collage left to show you!

So we’ve reached an end of the genie and the bottle, number three. I’ve got a white board full of ideas left to blog and a number of items left to shoot and we’ll see how the rest of this year goes. This is my third blog post of this month, so I’m doing pretty well. What’s left is a lot of good, so I don’t regret much. Even how long this took me to do, two years. I used to regret a lot more but that’s something I’d blog on WorryJustEnough. Yes my three blogs of mine, plenty to do. I should just work on here more. Oh well, working out is one of my favorite things to do this day. Other than Matt, other than alcohol, other than free time I have the gym and my dad. And we workout so well together, I’m always grateful that he does it with me. I wanted to end by saying there was a lot of blogging I did back when I worked out the most and I just gained so much ass muscle, so that’s another goal of mine. To get back to buff again. Fill out my ass one more time. I’m working towards that. Eventually I’ll be gained again and my shoots will improve like they did last time. I seriously have a long list of clothes of mine I have left to shoot so we’ll see how it goes. I already have the next few photoshoots planned out in my head. But enough of that. I’ll just end this by saying I love all this, and I love my readers. Just keep checkin’ me out and I’ll keep getting better. Thank you all!