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I really have always loved music with all my heart, and I love getting to apply that to my life and express that love. Since like 2007 I’ve been going to concerts and all that, and I used to do a lot of YouTube-ing, talking a lot with people about different artists and celebrities, editing pictures and videos of them. That’s something that I always loved doing growing up, and then I was like in my early adult years (and a couple years before that) going to concerts all the time and collecting merchandise and CDs. I really have a lot to show for my love of music, and I love getting to blog about my concert experiences. This post is about my Louis the Child concert experience, which was like my #64th that I’ve been to. So this has been a big part of my life, concertgoing, and even though I went like a year without attending a show recently I’ve finally been catching up and seeing some this year again. I was front row at this show with my boyfriend Matt, we got there right as the doors opened! The venue filled up a lot after we were stationed in the front, and it was a really cool crowd. Matt first introduced me to Louis the Child in like 2018 actually, with Save Me From Myself. Their new album is really good too, they played my favorite track off of it, Fade Away. So I did what I used to do all the time for concerts and did a photoshoot of my #ConcertAttire, and also an outfit/shoot for the merch shirt that I got from the show. This turned out pretty good, I liked it. We even got a few shots in Seattle but not too much because this was a long show! I’m glad about where I’m at, like I probably mentioned a few times in my last blog post, but these concerts this year really helped to both relax me and hype me about my life and I really see what going to all these does for me. I love expression and energy and all that and I get to express a lot of that with going to shows all the time. Read more to see the photoshoots!

I wore black and white to the last two concerts that I went to, both this month September 2021. That was for Louis the Child (September 11th, this photoshoot!) and also Buku (on Friday, September 17th!) and I loved how that turned out. I even wore grey last month to see Diplo (on August 15th) so I have a cool theme going on here. I’m probably going to some other shows next month but I have no idea what kind of outfits I’m going to follow this up with once I get to that point in time. It’ll be cool though, I always have something to wear. I’m glad I did a shoot for my concert attire this time for Louis the Child, I just thought it rocked as a concert outfit. I’ve blogged about a bunch of them in my time, but I got rid of almost all those clothes (except for a couple things) so I’ve cycled out of a lot of those options. I’m glad I wore all those outfits to all those shows, but it’s kind of cool also that I donated most of it by now! I really feel like I get use out of my clothes once I’ve shot them and gotten rid of them. I’ll just have to come up with some other outfits for my upcoming concerts, I’m usually pretty good at matching what I wear to the vibe or idea I have in my head of the show so we’ll just see. Lots of different genres of artists playing throughout the rest of this year, so that’ll be cool. I’ll try to only shoot my outfits to the shows that have merchandise, since that’s how I do #ConcertAttire. I love concert merchandise with all my heart, I collect so much of it. I also liked the merchandise options Louis the Child had at this show, there was a couple tye-dye shirts but I chose the purple & blue one. The back of the shirt says Euphoria like the name of the tour. Now let’s get into the photoshoots!

I loved my makeup for this photoshoot & concert. The lashes are most likely Iconic by House of Lashes, but I’m not entirely sure about that. I haven’t bought any false lashes in years, maybe like 3 years or so, but I still have 8 pairs of them so I don’t really need to for a while. I used to buy makeup all the time but now I’m just trying to get through & use up all that I have! The lipstick I chose for this photoshoot is Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics, which I got a million years ago when I was still in high school probably. I’m 22 now, but I’ll be 23 in November, so yeah I definitely have a ton of lipstick to get through. If I just had 5 more years though I’d probably use up a few lipsticks or so. I just can’t buy much makeup at all for a while! I also love hitting pan on my other makeup products, I have like 5-6 that I’ve hit pan on and I’m excited to use them up. I already used up a bunch of makeup products this year. I just really love doing that for some reason, because then I narrow it down and feel accomplished or something. Anyway I loved the red lipstick with this black & white outfit, I thought it looked awesome. And even though my red hair is so faded, I think it looks great with red lipstick, maybe even better when it’s peachy-pink but I’ll wear red lipstick after I re-dye it again and I’ll see just how good it looks with it. I kind of forgot about red lipstick last time I dyed my hair because I had so many pinks & nudes to get through. On to the next collage!

One of my favorite pictures of the shoot is that one on the bottom left there. I thought it was a really good angle for both my makeup and my face in general. I see that I do so many shoots in my room and sometimes it gets tricky, but I’m pretty good at making them all differ based on the outfits. The first two pictures rocked actually, at the beginning of this post, because I loved that two of the best pictures from those shoots had the same angle, different outfits! I just thought it actually looked really good, I liked that they matched each other so well. You’ll see what I did for the other photoshoot, I thought it was a good idea, but I also just really like the vibe of the black & white one. I’m getting better this year, I think, about getting back into my habits of blogging, and I do impress myself once in a while! So I’ll keep going, we’ll see where this all takes me, I hope I keep up with my consistency of posting and shooting but I’m pretty sure I will anyway. I’m doing better in other aspects of my life too, like I actually really genuinely love sobriety and all that, so that’s good. Never thought I’d end up here at this point, I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to do this for myself, but I think it worked out perfectly for me. I’ll keep working on my creative energy and flow, I’m getting better at honing that in but I need to spiral it out and express it more to really get the most out of life. I like what I’m doing though!

The jewelry I picked for this shoot worked really well with it I think. That bracelet is one I got from Rocksbox a couple years ago, and it’s a little worn but I decided to keep it and wear it still anyway because I love it. That necklace I’ve actually worn for like 3 or so shoots now, and it’s a little worn too, but I like that I have a few pieces of jewelry I used to wear all the time in shoots, like a trend. It’s cool to pick some pieces and use them all the time, I like that concept. I have a bunch of jewelry but this necklace was just the best option. Those earrings I kind of pieced together myself, the heart one is adorable I love it with all my heart, and then the other one is just beads really but they’re great. In an earlier collage I showed my purple star belly ring, and that’s one of my favorite belly rings I have actually! My friend Toney bought that for me last year, same with the silver key belly ring I wore in the second photoshoot. (He also gave me this bralette though too!) We got them from Body Jewelry Plus one day, you can see both of those belly rings in a couple of the pictures spread throughout this post. I love jewelry, I try my best to wear it all the time but it doesn’t work as perfectly for me as it used to. I used to be really good at layering it and I had new things to wear all the time because of my stepmom, because she not only makes jewelry but used to get a bunch of it from Goodwill too. Eventually I’ll have more to post about all that jewelry, but for now it’s just these basics that I totally wear all the time. Not too much, but yeah I really love all that.

This white blazer is really cute to me but I rarely ever have anything to wear with blazers anymore. That’s okay with me though because I just don’t care that much about the 3 blazers I have, but I’ll incorporate them better as I go through the fall. I’m actually pretty excited about that, so I’ll at least keep these for a long time. There’s a black lace skull on the back of this one that I wore, you’ll see that below. I kind of put this outfit together in my head though like 3 or 4 days before the show, and I love how it turned out. It definitely actually worked out like I had kind of planned it. I love the white sneakers with it too though, I was surprised at how well they worked with the outfit. I think I’m getting some pretty good outfits in this month, I’m pretty proud at what direction things have been going in with that. I still love that I wear heels more often and all but that’s not as important to me as makeup (specifically lipstick) these days. I totally used to wear the wrong lipstick all the time with my outfits but I’m getting better at it these days. Once I’ve used all my lipsticks once again (I’m more than halfway through that!) then I’ll know them better and have a good idea of which ones to actually use for my outfits. I love doing my makeup again finally, I’m just back to loving it again. I’m really getting strategic with everything too, so we’ll see how the rest of the months go for progress in all these things that I love!

I’ve been getting better at working on my journal and stuff lately, but moreso like the lists & stuff than the rambles. I see why I write the way I do, but on every platform that I have I write differently! Shop For Days is a different stream of consciousness than Worry Just Enough, that’s for sure. Journaling is entirely different too. I made a list of beauty items I need (next to this really smart page about skincare I’m always repurchasing) and then a list of photoshoots I did in 2019 (just to keep track! I posted most of them last year) and stuff like that, so definitely a different form of writing but I’m onto page like 40 of filling up that journal. I can’t wait to finish the whole thing, hopefully that’ll be in the next year or so. Then I get to start one of my other journals and I love that idea. I have only like 3 of them that I’m working on right now. I really like what I’m doing with Bright Ideas though, I might blog one day of something inspired by that journal. Who knows but I love my ideas these days. I just love writing in general but that much is pretty clear about me! I hope my next photoshoots within the next 3 months are good, I’ll probably continuing doing like one post a month for the rest of the year. I like this post but not nearly as much as the last one I did, but I’m just critiquing myself a bit on my content. I really get what I’ve been doing and I love my accomplishments!

I don’t always have something to do, but then when I do it’s usually some type of writing. I have these times where I really have nothing to do, so I just lay in my bed and listen to music or watch TV, but it’s a weird kind of boring! Then I have something to do when I’m getting ready for the day, and I usually had somewhere to go at night with my outpatient treatment and all the meetings I was supposed to go to. So naturally, getting ready for the day was my favorite thing to do for a while, but now I only have to go to like one of those meetings a week so that’s two more days this week where I have nothing to do again. That’s fine with me, but I love doing my makeup and picking an outfit for an actual thing to do that night. We’ll just see how this affects my schedule, I just actually genuinely loved the meetings because of the sense of something to do. Of course I’d get up and wear heels and lipstick for a meeting. I still have three a week though, including NA! So that make’s sense, but I’ll just keep a consistency going and do my makeup for no reason somedays. Maybe that means I’d do more photoshoots but I like doing them just once a month for a blog post. I see why I spent a few hours yesterday on my journal but I don’t always have something to be writing, really. I guess that probably means more writing on WJE but I speak at meetings too. Maybe that would actually help me have something to say. Sometimes it all just feels like the same thing, until I get my “fill-in-the-blank” word flow back. Oh well I’m still making a bunch of progress on myself. I’ll see how it goes! Now let’s see how the Seattle shoot went.

I really love shooting in downtown Seattle. That picture in the bottom middle made it all worth it! This was after a long concert though so I get why we did it kind of sloppy. Matt took these pictures of course, he’s done a bunch of shoots with me. I like it enough at least, I think we got a couple good ones! I’ve done some better shoots in Seattle in like 2018 but this was still a good 12 or so pictures that we got that night. I really loved the concert, and I love that we were front row. We haven’t been to that many concerts together but we’ll ramp some up together or something. I thought these shoes were perfect concert sneakers but I got a little rash on the sides of my ankles, probably from bouncing up and down a ton at the concert! Wow I can really ‘dance’ in a crowd like that. I really love live music, the vibration is really rad and I just love how I feel it. Like I said, Fade Away was my favorite song they played, but they also played Weekend and some other songs. I really loved their set. Seattle is a good place to be, everyone is so helpful downtown and I love the amount of people you see walking on the streets or waiting in line in Dicks after the show. Granted they all probably came from the same concert but I’m always there for shows anyway. The only other place there is for concerts is like Spokane or Ridgefield but with how many shows are downtown, I don’t really need to drive 3 hours to see anyone else!

Interesting lighting for where we chose outside. It was just somewhere in the city, we drove to get food after the show and then did the shoot out there! The venue was WaMu theater for Louis the Child, if any of you have ever been there in Seattle! It’s a pretty good size venue, a really good medium sized one. I’ve been to a number of shows there, so that’s pretty cool. I also have used this bag for the past 3 shows I went to see this year (that’s actually all the concerts I’ve been to in the last year (almost two)), it’s the perfect size for concerts. I’ve always loved bags like this, I used to have like a wallet on a chain but there’s like 3-5 pockets in this one so it’s not really just a wallet. Just a small bag that is perfect for what I use it for! I have a ton of bags actually. In my last post I wrote about how I was rifling through my closet for a new one to use, but then I just chose one from my bags in storage. You’ll see that purse again in the next photoshoot. I really think I have the perfect two though, so I wouldn’t even try to use another one of those bags for concerts. I just love this one. Anyway so that was my #ConcertAttire photoshoot for this concert, hope you liked it! I’ll keep coming up with outfit ideas for concerts and for photoshoots and we’ll see what comes out of me in the next few months. I like where I’m going with things! I kind of liked my last post a little better than this one but I like where I’m at right now! I’ll get the better hang of it. I need things to better push & inspire me or something. I’ll find that eventually.

I really love the concept of shooting my merchandise. They’re all just graphic tees from various artists, but I really like how I can come up with so many different ideas for looks to go with them. You’d think it’d be like jeans with a graphic tee and whatever and you’re good, but I can’t imagine that being it the whole time. I have so many different merch shirts, and I can tie them up or cut them into a crop top and pick out leggings or other pants with different hair or makeup… And whatever shoes, sometimes heels, etc…or I can just make it this look that doesn’t necessarily need shoes (like I did for this one, lol) and it’s just leggings with a tied up shirt. I’ve done a bunch of different looks for merchandise in my time, and I’ll eventually get around to posting them all up on Celebrity Merch Base but we’ll see! I’m more focused on SFD & WJE these days, but there’s more to post on there. I like how a bunch of my room shoots can look similar but my outfits still look so different that I’ve done most of my shoots this year in my room and they all still look so different! I love that concept. Merchandise is also for me, in itself, a great concept, and I’m excited about it a lot of the time (when I do wear merch or something). So anyway the way I did this photoshoot is mostly just me putting on makeup, but whatever I love it! Should’ve gotten the shirt a little better but whatever I loved this one.

So the makeup I used in this photoshoot I’ll list here. The first product (in the first collage) was Camera Powder by True + Luscious (Invisible Setting Powder) which I try to use for every photoshoot (I forget sometimes though), and Wander Beauty’s Trip to Costa Rei Bronzer that I love with all my heart. I’ve even hit pan on the bronzer, it’s like halfway gone or so actually. One of my favorite bronzers of all time! And then for the next collage I used this Estate Pearl Highlighter in Dew Me which was pretty, and then Victoria Beckham’s Future Lash Mascara. The eyelash curler I use is this pink diamond one by Tarte as well! Those are just the products that I included in the shoot with pictures though, but yeah I thought this was a fun-looking shoot. I love it, I’m glad I’m finally back to loving doing my makeup all the time. I love that I braided my hair for this one too, I thought that was perfect for the angle I was going for with the makeup and stuff. I do a lot of the same makeup but with different products, just in terms of structure and all that with how I do it. I even had this weird dream last night where I told someone that I do a lot of the same makeup all the time and they like gasped and thought less of me. Lol, but it always looks different with the different products! I just have like a routine or rhythm or something.

My jewelry for this photoshoot was totally rad, I love layering my necklaces! I have no idea where any of the necklaces are from though, considering they’re most likely from Goodwill from my stepmom. Still though, these little moon earrings are perfect, I got these from Kohl’s last week and they’re from the LC Lauren Conrad collection! The cool thing about that is I actually stayed up all night both nights for these two photoshoots. I actually stayed up all night (didn’t sleep for a second) the night before the Louis the Child concert, and still went and survived the entire concert. And then I couldn’t sleep a night this week again, and woke up and got ready and did the concert merch photoshoot as well. So yeah what are the odds? I stay up all night once in a while actually, it’s part of my Post-Acute Withdraw Syndrome from a certain drug, but whatever I’m past that and entirely sober. So yeah the moon earrings are perfect for having stayed up all night, I used to wear my moon & star necklace all the time after I was up all night. I love concepts like that and I really love jewelry too. I did already kind of mention that but whatever! Anyway, you know where I got the shirt but these leggings are from Boohoo! I bought them when I was like 14 or something like that, still wear them. I did like a lot of those bottom row pictures for the shirt, I thought that captured it pretty well.

These pictures captured the jewelry a little better than the shirt but I thought these were very good pictures of the jewelry! Considering I used to kind of suck at capturing jewelry, in some of my shoots. But I’m getting better at a couple of things here, so whatever I’m going somewhere with all of this. I thought that angel wings heart necklace matched the shirt pretty well, and I love the blues on the medium-length necklace. I really love that blue dots necklace! It’s swarovski actually, so that’s pretty cool. And of course, better pictures of the earrings, and my piercing jewelry’s pretty rad. Anyway, I really loved these photoshoots, glad I’m finally posting them! We’ll see what I get to do next actually. I’ll always be going to concerts though so keep checking back on that one page of mine and you’ll see them. I’m excited about what’s next, but there’s not really much happening outside the concerts and the journaling…and the finishing up of makeup products, meaning I get to do my makeup more this year…Not a whole lot goes on with me but I can be excited about writing! I can look forward to something else that’s cool this year. I can be proud that it’s been like two months since I last drank alcohol, on top of my sobriety from everything else too. I love when I finally have something to say and I’m going to be jumping at the bit to write something soon! I just love my life all the time and I really get it. I get what I’m supposed to do and where I’m at on a timeline. I love that this is where I’m going with things. Now here’s a concert collage and I’m out, thank you so much for reading!