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I’m pretty excited to begin this year and lay everything out in front of me, it’ll be good to see where I get to next. As per usual I do a lot of the same things that I have been doing for the past 6 months, but these days I think my attitude is improving now too. I had some goals and things to focus on nearing the end of last year, but now I’ve settled in better and I’m more relaxed to see what’s going on for this year. In terms of what’s helped get me excited, I just have these clothing pieces and makeup items I’m excited to finally use more and incorporate into photoshoots, but also my journaling! I love my journals so much, I haven’t written in them as much as I’ve wanted to but that’s something to push myself for this year. I did sit down recently though, right at the end of the year, and did another couple of pages for my vision journal, which turned out really great. I don’t work on that as much as I’ve usually worked on my hand-written journals, but I love both and they always get me started on something to think about and everything. So that’s a focus for this year, let me get into what this photoshoot is about next! I ended up meeting a new friend at the Alano Club, which I go to for my Narcotic’s Anonymous meetings, and his name is Robert. It’s really cool to have started talking to him, especially because he makes a lot of interesting clothes and jewelry and things like that and he wanted to share some with me. So he ended up giving me this bikini, hand-crocheted two-piece set that I love with all my heart, that he made by hand. I thought it was so perfect for a shoot! It was near the end of December that he gave it to me, and it’s my first thing I’ve shot for the new year of 2022. It turned out really good, and the colors are perfect for this timing! Not to mention my blonde hair here, I’ll eventually get my hair dyed again but I actually love how it ended up blond-ing. A good look for me for the meantime. It’ll be cool to see how my hair grows more too, it grew so well in the last year! Let’s get into this photoshoot now, I love this one.

The New Year bikini photoshoot for 2022

Every day that I get to get up and do something, I really just love with all my heart. Sometimes, when I wake up with nothing to do that day, I feel a little aimless and don’t have any goals or anything waiting for me. Even on the days I do have something to do, it’s usually just a day to do my makeup and go to a meeting later that night, but even that is just perfect. I’ll try to incorporate more blogging and journaling into my days too, starting this month, because that will really help fill-in my days for sure. I used to give myself a sort of break with all that but now’s the time to finally get up and push myself almost every day! So it’ll be good to see where this goes, because if I can get up on an off-day and end up working on my journal, then that is so much better than wasting time. Granted, I needed to spend my time like that for a second, with just an aimless couple of days while I wait for the weekdays, but I can still finally push myself for the days coming up now that I’ve fixed my outlook with this blogshoot. I did this shoot a little earlier today and was surprised when, after editing it, I still had a few hours until my meeting! So the same day I ended up writing it now too, which I thought I’d do some other day, but I guess it’s just today! That’s okay to do these days, I’ll see how this one ends up. I love this shoot and I think it turned out great, but later in the month (hopefully) I might do another post and that’ll be great too, we’ll see how long that takes me. Good luck to me with all that, here’s my ‘The New Year’ photoshoot!

This collage was me mostly standing up, right in front of my window for once! I haven’t taken any pictures really of this part of my room, in the last year or more. So I was glad to finally do a photoshoot over here, the lighting turned out pretty good (mostly later in the shoot) which I was surprised about, but I love how this shoot turned out. It’s simple as an outfit but my makeup looks great for it, you’ll see better pictures throughout the shoot of it. I’m really glad about this motivation I have today for blogging, I’m just doing better than I was recently and I think I can really keep it going soon. It’s sometimes interesting to post on Shop For Days, because the writing part I think ends up being a little harder here than on some of my other blogs, but I’m always so inspired to do the photoshoots. I don’t always have a lot to say to the people around me but I really am doing good and I hope to push myself out of all of this easier. I don’t know what else I’d do other than write, and even if I might’ve taken a little break from everything but Shop For Days, I still am really excited to get back to all of it! I’ll just keep moving forward in life, I feel like I totally get things done these days anyway, so I’ll use that energy to keep a rhythm and whatever I need. I know I’ve got good ideas and inspiration inside of me, and I’ll do my best to dig it all up this year, nowadays more than ever!

These poses turned out really cute on the bed, I just love it. I ended up changing up my hair to the two-pigtails thing which I do sometimes, with a little bit in the front out of the pigtail. I just think it looks great, and my makeup is awesome for it too! For my makeup, I ended up using this lip balm from BeautyForReal, in the shade Debbie. It’s a pretty good shade, I actually didn’t know I had this one! Then I was cleaning out the big pink bin in my closet and found it, it’s been years since I’ve seen this lip product. As for my blush and highlight, I used Doucce’s Posh Powder Palette, in the shades Flicker & 61 RSVP. I used to always forget to mention what blush I used in my different photoshoots, but I’ll be better at that this year for sure! Anyways, great tattoo in the bottom-middle pose too, I know my tattoo will be great for so many different shoots I could do. In the meantime, I’m just glad I’m finding more places around my room to do a shoot, I don’t even have to move anything around for a while! I’ll just find more angles and spots around my room to do more coming up. I should also do another shoot outside of my room/house eventually, maybe with my boyfriend again, but this was a perfect room shoot today. The lighting surprised me too, like I mentioned briefly before? I think my window in general helps with me with my general lamp that I use every single day instead of my room’s light. I totally get where I’m at with blogshooting these days, and I think I’m really in great moods to do all of these. I still have a bunch of things in my closet I’ve never shot before too though, so it’ll be fun digging through that this year! We’ll see what I end up doing next, I kind of have some ideas, but they all have to match up and coordinate with the ones before and after them. So I’ll see how it goes coming up with more here soon!

This belly ring is one of my few dangly belly rings left. I got my belly button pierced when I was like 15, and since then had so many different belly rings, but most of the dangly ones have broken and I just ended up saving the charms for necklaces and stuff, so I just have things like that in place of the other dangly belly rings. I know I’ll get some more coming up here soon, since I’ve noticed that pretty much all of them are gone except for the ones I have that aren’t dangly. I have plenty of those, but then like 4-5 dangly ones left and this one is getting loose. Granted, I’ve had this white and black belly ring since I was like 16 or so, but I’m not for sure. This one also just ended up looking good with the height of this bikini bottom, so I chose it, not wanting to use any belly ring that wasn’t dangly! So this bikini outfit has slightly different colors, but I just love how the pictures turned out. Also though, not as noticeable of course, but I got three pairs of earrings from my mom for Christmas, and I was wearing two of the pairs for this shoot. I think they looked pretty dang great with the outfit too, I have so many cool studs as recently. I just think this turned out perfectly for how it was today! I really love everything that I have and I want to utilize all of it, getting all of it into creative shoots for them. I even of course love going through what I have, less of getting rid of things (which I can like sometimes too) but getting to be smarter and more creative with using all of it until it’s done (and ready to be trashed, like some of my awesome jewelry I always work on fixing)! We’ll see what I end up with throughout this year.

I love my eyes so much in that third picture, I thought that one turned out really cool! Of course in this shoot I have on my eye brightener on my waterline, which is Arrow’s Enhance Waterproof Eye Brightener. I think it’s called Bright Now, actually. On my top lash line, just for my regular eyeliner I used a Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Il Makiage in Black Card. So that’s the rest of my makeup that I wanted to mention with that collage, I really love all the makeup that I have! Like I’ve mentioned before, I took a break from Ipsy for a while (to use up more of my moisturizer, since I had like 7 of them at one point), but I’ll resubscribe sometime later this year! (I’m down to nearly 4 moisturizers, but once I use up more of them I’ll subscribe again!) Anyway, what’s next to mention is my nail color. Back in the day when I was like 15 I really loved indie nail polish, and ended up getting one called Move the Stars by Cameo Colors Lacquer! None of the brands I knew really make nail polish anymore, but I still have so many bottles of indie nail polish. This one is a cool black polish with holo sparkles that are small and bigger in it, with some stars spread throughout, being the biggest sparkles of the lot! My nails were kind of long-lasted at the end though, because I painted them a while ago, but I still got that one picture so that I could mention what nail polish it was! I do my nails so often, I’m glad I keep up on them, I used to really forget. Thanks so much for reading my first post of this year, I can’t wait to do more soon! That’s all I have for today, see y’all later!