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After a while I really got excited about this idea for this Seether shirt photoshoot. I put the idea up on my whiteboard at the beginning of one of the last two years, with this song title (Stoke the Fire) and one more up on there, to coordinate with a couple of my Seether shirts. I just got this shirt in July of 2018 from their concert (the 2nd of Seether’s that I’ve been to) and it definitely became one of my favorite concert tees that I had! I really love shooting merchandise sometimes too, it is always something I try to work well in with the mixes of other styles I do, so it works out really well that my second shoot of the year ended up being this one. Not only is this one of my only planned shoots for merchandise (from my whiteboard) that I’ve wanted to get around to, but I had just gotten my hair dyed that day and it looks so awesome in this photoshoot! Perfect for Stoke the Fire, I’m excited to see how this one turned out overall. I rarely ever had even shot these extensions, but my long red hair is finally back for me now and I’m so in love with it. I’m not sure how much of my merchandise I have left to shoot, but maybe I’ve done nearly half of it or so. You can check out a lot of photoshoots I’ve done for concert- and other celebrity-related merchandise on my other blog, CelebrityMerchBase. Nearly all of those photoshoots were also posted on this blog, but I keep track of the shirts and collecting in a concentrated form on that blog. It’ll update as I go through the year taking any pictures of my collection in any outfit! So many outfit pieces I have left to coordinate into photoshoots, written up on my whiteboard, and that’ll fill out the next year of my photoshoot ideas! It’s always my Urban Glam type outfits that I’m working on shooting, which is something I came up with way back in the day. I love including merch shirts and things like that in the mix with that style and this is such a good example, of which I think I did really well this time. I’m glad I finally got around to this Poison the Parish (the Seether album) inspired outfit, with my bright red hair and booties and these cutout leggings. The name of this shoot is also one of my very favorite Seether songs too, and one of the best ones I saw them preform live in 2018, where I got the shirt!

I’ve been staying at home lately doing a lot of the same stuff I always do. It’s usually my favorite thing to do when I get to get up and get ready for the day to go to a meeting that night, or to see my boyfriend once or twice a week on one of the days I don’t do my meetings. That’s pretty much all that I have to do at home though, just to get dressed and do my makeup almost every day. I love that and it can be great, with organizing my jewelry and coordinating my lip products and everything like that, but then that’s it and I have to find something else to put more energy into. I usually only have like one thing a day to do anyway, like one of the meetings or whatever, but once I’m ready I just sometimes sit back with music and try to figure out something to do. It’s like, to come up with an idea of something to write about soon or something, in my journal or whatever. I do my best to keep myself occupied because I’m not the busiest person in the world, but I have my moments with my creativity. There’s some lines in what I write that really resonate with me, like the new playlist I made on my iPhone, Resonation. I don’t even care about TV anymore either, this entire month (except once with Matt) I’ve just been spending all my time listening to music and it’s nice and I love it. I’m not exactly sure why, but I just think it’s perfect for me these days! That’s how my days have been going so far this month.

This layered necklace that I’m wearing is now one of my very favorite necklaces! It’s a silver key one from Dolls Kill, also including a lock and dollar sign on the last layer, with a little loop on the choker part. I’m so glad I got this one the last time I ordered from them online, my favorite place ever to buy clothes! With that I also wore this bracelet my mom gave me, which is red and a darker silver metal on it. You can see that better in the second to last picture with my tattoo. I’m also wearing a couple rings including one of them that I got from Pandora, my snake ring. Finally I had a couple pairs of silver stud earrings in, but my hair kind of covered them up for most of the pictures, so there’s just glimpses of them. The rest of my jewelry has better close-ups and everything coming up later in the photoshoot, so that’ll be cool to see them better. I thought that was simple accessorizing to go well with the merch tee, and that white ink on the shirt really stands out well with the silver. The last thing I’ll mention here is going to be my Julep nail color in the bright pink shade Adeline, which I thought was controversial in terms of standing out upon the bright reds and typical black mix as an outfit. I love how the three shades of red mix in this outfit too!

There’s just a few more things I want to mention in terms of itemization of my outfit. For my makeup, I used Cynthia Rowley’s silver eyeliner pencil, which I thought popped out well with my Big Ego mascara there. Also, my blush is from this Sephora brand blush palette I got from my ex-girlfriend years back, called the Blushing For You palette using the shade Soft Pink. Finally I used my Skinny Dip liquid lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics that I bought in September 2016, and I was so surprised at how much I loved this shade when I was sitting there at Kylie Rose’s hair studio, getting my hair dyed! That’s when I finally noticed Skinny Dip, and I’m impressed with it. With my red hair it stands out interestingly, but I thought it looked pretty good in this shoot too and I’m so glad I chose this one with this outfit. The last thing I was going to mention here was my set of hair extensions, which are Bellami brand in the brightest red. Testa Rossa is what they’re called, which was a collaboration with them and Natalie Eva Marie. I got a 22″ 220g set of extensions and they’re perfect for me. I can’t wait to use them more, hopefully for another couple of shoots or so, but we’ll see how it goes with my luck with my red hair! I love how they turned out here though, and my hair artist curled my hair for me that day which turned out great.

I’m excited to finally say something more about Seether with my blogging. It has been since I was like 16 or so that I really started loving them, and this album, Poison the Parish (two years later), actually impressed me after their one right before it (which I really loved too). Stoke the Fire is one of my favorite tracks, I love how it sounds so much! I have a few playlists with these album tracks scattered onto them though, like one of my very favorite main playlists Convenience Fee that I started in the beginning of October has two of them, Let Me Heal & my other very favorite, Feels Like Dying. That last one is one of my current favorite Seether songs that I listen to often, I’m pretty impressed with how it sounds on that playlist! On my other playlist, that I started a couple months before that, I have Count Me Out and Let You Down on there. So that album is perfect for me really, because those were two of my main playlists out of like three and a half. I really love how all that comes together too, I have pretty good timing with my playlists and music and when I find it or how I end up organizing it. So great and it goes with my lengthy CD collection with 700+ still on there! Music is one of my very favorite things a lot of the time and I just love relating things to it or making connections with it. Another one of my favorite things is that Seether has been so diligent with music since this album, releasing more since this album, which I also loved. Hopefully they come back down to actual Seattle for their next tour though too, that would be awesome!

Now to finally get down to the better pictures of the boots, on the ground of my room, I can tell you where I got the shoes from! These ones are from Nasty Gal, and they were called Can’t Hold Us Down after the Xtina song from 2002. I really loved black booties growing up and then in 2018 I found these bright red ones that went with how many pairs of black ones I have so I just had to have these. You can also check out these boots in my other blog post named after the shoes, Can’t Hold Us Down! That was a pretty good one, featuring me with some of my friends from back then. I love how the color of these booties pops with my hair! Moving on, I love these diamond-shaped cutout leggings I got from Boohoo in my mid-teen years, like age 15 or so. I had another pair or two that were similar but I don’t know what I did with them! I love the style of the cutout (or my old chain ones I need to fix) in terms of these leggings from back in the day, and I will still always wear them. I would’ve worn my lace-up or chain ones with this shirt this time but instead wore the same ones I wore in this blog post, but I’ll fix the other ones soon too! For the last thing I’m going to list, it’s finally the concert tee, which I’ll get up here on my other blog to catalog it for my collection. It features the same bunny from their Poison the Parish album cover with the tour dates on the back of it, but I didn’t get any pictures of the back of the shirt for some reason! Took me a while for this shoot anyway, but I had just gotten home from my hair appointment so I wasn’t that prepared for getting everything together better! Still turned out pretty great in the pictures, right?

These that I took on the ground also turned out pretty good. I thought it was perfect, like the very first photo at the beginning which was in between the last three right there, in the order that I shot them! That was like my favorite position, which was the reason that other picture got to be a featured one. I think the lighting turned out pretty well there too, I like how it looks at that ground level, I could’ve made the background a little darker but I love keeping my pictures unedited and just cropped for some reason. I have been doing it like that for so long and it’s just my thing, so I leave them all like that! I’m excited to see what other good shots or shoots I can do this year, it’ll all mostly be done in the same spots but we’ll find what other places around my room I can shoot next! I have some ideas like I’ve been saying, so I’m excited to see how it goes from here. I’m glad my hair was dyed red again and I’ll be needing to eventually re-do my site photo before it fades out all the way, so that might be coming up here soon. Not totally sure, but the whole point is that my hair is red now so I need another photoshoot like that for that. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come from the last year or two, or even more than that, I have this really cool timeline of photoshoots that I’ve been working on for so long and I just really love my blog and where it’s gotten to!

This is the last collage of photos that I did on the ground, and I totally love it. I’ve always really loved the look of my merchandise outfits, #merchstyle is one of my favorite concepts I get to bring up on my blog in different shoots and fashions. I have such a collection, and Stoke the Fire was perfectly timed as well! It’s perfect to start off the new year (in January) with something about my red hair being back, and then also getting pictures of the shirt finally, I’m so glad about that. The goal for #merchstyle is to eventually shoot my entire collection of shirts and other merchandise clothing items, and styling them all different and posting them on my blog. You can checkout my @merchstyle instagram too, I update that sometimes with some of my new collection. I’ve been collecting since like 2007, so like a good 15 years really! I love everything I have with all my heart and I can’t wait to see what else I get pictures of this year. There’s a few concerts coming up so we’ll see if I get any merchandise or anything, other than that I still have old pieces of merch I have queued, waiting to shoot. So we’ll see how everything ends up, I’ll make sure to keep fitting something in throughout the year for my collection! That’s about it for that though.

Now finally that is the rest of my pictures, the last collage I could manage! I was so glad that I kept going once I saw that third picture there, I think it turned out really well and will match something else I did on that other blog I have. I think that Seether album cover that inspired this concert tee is my favorite cover that Seether even haves, so I’m glad to have this shirt. This is totally in my top 10 favorite merchandise shirts that I even have as well, so I’m glad about that! Not to mention in my top 5 favorite concert merch items, that’s a pretty cool one too. Don’t forget to check out my Concert Almanac page for my coherent list of concerts that I’ve already attended, by the time I’m posting this blog post I’ve been to 68 different shows in my life! (ctrl+F on that page and type in ‘Seether’ to see my numbers 15 & 59, the two Seether shows I’ve attended!) So that’s pretty cool too, music is a really big part of my life and so is the related collecting of it. This photoshoot is perfect to start off my merchandise shoots of 2022, so we’ll see what I do for the rest of the year! Hopefully I can get some things going for furthering my lists of all my shirts and everything that I have, I think I do pretty well with it. I like the creative direction(s) I’ve been going in and what I’ve been getting to more and more these days, so we’ll see how things keep going. I’m excited for more, let’s see what I end up getting to do next! I think I have a pretty good idea for it. Thanks so much for reading!