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Happy St. Patrick’s Day of 2022, looks like this is my first time finally posting about this holiday. I can see why I was usually doing other things around this time, in most of my March’s, but I’m glad I’m getting around to this one for sure. I call this photoshoot the same as the title, ‘Green Envy’, with a really faded green t-shirt that is distressed with holes all the way down, that I wore as a dress. I also have these cool, also faded, four leaf clover earrings and necklace that my stepmom made for me a couple different times that I think go really well with this outfit. I love how it turned out but I was surprised a bit, with the long purple socks it pops a bit too. I love the color schemes and also my green lipstick, it folds together well enough and I liked how it all came together. It’s cool to do holidays as well, I really love how often I’ve been blogging on here this year and I think this blog post is a good one for the timeline as well. I do think things are going really well for me this month too, I’ve been making a bunch of progress as I go through this beginning of this year and I’m glad it’s almost spring. Since my last post, I had been making better progress before then, and these days I haven’t been as active in my journals or whatever, but I’m still doing well with every other aspect and within the next couple of weeks I’ll have worked on all of that a lot more too, I just haven’t done as much in the last week or two. I’m still glad about everything I have going on, I’m still applying myself to my life and making sure I stay active with whatever I can, and I’m really doing good anyway with everything else at least, of course! Continue reading to see the rest of this post.

St. Patrick’s Day 2022

I don’t usually do much for the holidays except dress up, but I love doing that for each one. My mom has always been pretty festive with me growing up, and she still decorates our living room and kitchen with color-schemed decorations for each holiday, and I totally love that. I don’t have a lot of green clothes, but I picked this shirt dress for this photoshoot and I love how it looks. I have other green things that I have used in other photoshoots and posts like that, or things I will eventually get to, but I’m glad I picked this one for this post! You can check out my similar shirt that I got from the same friend as this green one, which is a tye-dye blue one, in my blog post called Death Row I did last summer. That one had a bit more glam to it and this one would be the grunge, and I love these two together! I wore a pair of false lashes a pink lipstick for that blog post, but for this one I just put on some pretty eyeshadow and my green lipstick that I love. I really did love how my makeup turned out in both though, you’ll see it later on in this shoot! Thanks so much for being a reader or a follower, let’s start the collages!

Let’s get into the Outfit Details for this look today.

  • Green distressed, grungy t-shirt dress that I wore as a dress. I got this from my friend Gordon in like 2020 or some year like that, along with a few other things.
  • Purple long socks, that I wore to contrast with the green. I got these socks last year, in the spring of 2021, from my friend Toney, along with another pair of the same socks in black. I’m glad I finally fit these into a photoshoot!
  • Fold-over black boots from Dr. Marten’s that I got from Nasty Gal in 2016, probably my most worn pair of shoes since then! They say ‘The Original’ on the bottom, but I couldn’t find them for sale online anymore.
  • Four leaf clover necklace from my stepmom Jessie that I’ve had for a bunch of years, perfect for this holiday too.
  • Amethyst stone chip necklace with another stone in it that I wore as my second necklace.
  • ‘Inspire’ green beaded choker that my stepmom made for me a couple years back, I love this one.
  • Four leaf clover earrings also made by my stepmom years back.
  • Two unique stud earrings that are mismatched, I found one on the table of the place I go to meetings to and another one I’ve just had for a long time. I love them, two of my favorite earrings to wear!
  • Unakite stone ring that I got probably from my stepmom’s stash of Goodwill jewelry in 2019.
  • Heart angel ring that I love, on my middle finger on my left hand. I’ve had it for years probably.
  • ‘Kindness’ bracelet I got from a hippie shop in Idaho in 2018, it’s green and I love it a lot.
  • Green jasper bracelet from my stepmom in the last couple of years.
  • ‘Love’ bracelet I got in like 2014 or something like that from Boohoo online, one of the older pieces of jewelry I still have!
  • ‘Pastelchio’ nail polish by Lime Crime from many years back. It’s a bright yellow-green nail color! I don’t think they make nail polish anymore though.

Ever since I ended up getting fully sober in July of 2021, I’ve noticed I don’t hang around friends anymore. It was interesting noticing that I was going to end up with no friends but I had already noticed that entire year that I already didn’t have any friends. That is interesting, but I totally get my life and where I’m at with everything. I of course started going to meetings all the time and socializing, and I ended up gaining a couple friends through Narcotic’s Anonymous and started talking to them once in a while, but for some reason I just only had my boyfriend Matt and I didn’t have anyone else to socialize with for most of the time. Him and I got back together in June of last year, and we had been on-and-off since the summer of 2018 really. It’s interesting actually, because I just stopped hanging out with everyone and met back up with him around this time in March of last year and just only hung around him because I was sober off of most of everything! Like I said though, it took us until June to actually get back together. But I really like how I’ve been doing things in the past year that I’ve taken this initiative to heal myself, so I’m glad about my choices and where I’m at by now with everything. Once in a while we go and hangout with one of his friends and that’s pretty cool too, but I have my family and I don’t really need the kind of friendships that I used to have. We’ll see how the rest of this year goes but I really get it. I’ve gotten so many things that I love and appreciate from people all the time, like some of my clothes and things like that, but I still love those friends but I just do not hangout with any of them anymore. I get it though, and I’m doing pretty good with just myself anyway! It’s all doing good and I get myself. Plus I can be happy with just this!

Makeup Details for March 17th, 2022

  • Elizabeth Mott’s Thank Me Later Matte Face Primer that I originally got a sample of in my September 2018 Ipsy bag and apparently loved, because I bought the full size. I’m almost done with this though, I only have a use or two left in it!
  • Becca Cosmetics’ Under Eye Brightening Corrector which I used to really adore, and I still of course use it these days.
  • Complex Culture Letup Concealer in the shade L200 that I also got from an Ipsy bag in like 2021.
  • Laura Geller‘s Quench-N-Tint Hydrating Foundation in the shade light, also from an Ipsy bag last year. One of my favorite foundations, it is perfect!
  • True + LusciousCamera Powder Invisible Setting Powder, one of my four powders that I use at the moment. I also of course got this powder from Ipsy last year.
  • Yensa‘s ‘Sunlit Glow‘ Silk Bronzing Base or cream bronzer that I use as regular bronzer, also from Ipsy last year for some reason! I love this bronzer too.
  • Lime Crime‘s ‘Dark Web’ Glow Softwear Blush which is a cream blush. I got this in January of 2020 from Dolls Kill, I think that’s pretty perfect!
  • Estate‘s Dew Me Highlighter in Pearl that I got from Ipsy a while back.
  • Thrive CosmeticsBrilliant Eye Brightener in Aurora that I use in my inner corners of my eyes, below my waterline and all over my lid a bit as a primer too.
  • Urban Decay‘s Deluxe Shadow Box discontinued palette I got in like 2011 for Christmas! The oldest palette I have and yet I still really love it. I hope to use it up one day! I used the shades mostly ‘Scratch’, ‘Shag’ and ‘Zero’ with of course the green, ‘Graffiti’.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Couture Kajal 1 black eye pencil that came with the Black Opium perfume and a red lipstick, years back! I love YSL sometimes for sure.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Maneater Mascara in black, a mini size I got for Christmas with a mini of ‘Shape Tape’ & a ‘Juicy Lip’ as well as a little Christmas stocking gift.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Definer in Soft Brown, one of my favorite classic brow products of the few I have. This is already my second one that I’m on of this brow pencil.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Lip Primer which is my only lip primer, but I could eventually get a second one! Although this one works really well and I’m good with it.
  • MAC Cosmetics’ Lip Pencil in the shade ‘Subculture’ which is one of my favorite nudes.
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ ‘Dirty Money’ Velour Liquid Lipstick that I bought in February of 2016, I love Jeffree Star lipsticks! That’s all for my makeup details, scroll for more!

I still do a lot of the same things I usually do, and nothing’s really that different. I’m grateful for where I’m at with everything and that I’m always working towards something, and that’s pretty great. Sometimes I choose to just go through my stuff of what I have and make sure I love everything and am using it all, and I do really good at going through everything with a photoshoot too. Like my past three full faces of makeup I’ve done for my photoshoots have been different, with different products for each of them. I am always cycling through all my lip products, but I’ll get even better at that eventually. I mostly just have been writing down every product I use now and so I’m no longer forgetting what I used. I use to hate that! It started that I would wait too long before posting a photoshoot back in 2019 so then I’d forget what makeup products I’d use, but now I do the entire posts in like a day or so and write down every single thing I use in a journal so I can keep track of it. I just love doing that now, it’s so organized and helps me cycle through all my products as well, so I’m making sure to use everything I’m working through or use a different product I don’t usually use. I have a sizeable amount of makeup products, but no more than like a usual 4 of each thing for my face products, which helps me get through them and not have too many. I’d hate having too many, I really see why I used to buy that much lipstick but I make sure to use all of them at least one good time before I move to the next one! I’m so organized with it these days. I’m still so into makeup these days for some reason, I love it.

I really love that second to last picture, look how great my hair looks in the mirror! As well as it’s a pretty good picture of my earrings and other jewelry, and finally of my makeup. I love how that one looks, I think it turned out great. That last picture also does some justice for the socks too, I think it works great with the dress in that one! I think I did pretty great overall coordinating this one. So that’s about all that I have left to share with everyone, thanks so much for checking out my blog! I really love everything I’ve been doing lately, I think they all turn out great. I’ll keep getting stuff done for Shop For Days for sure. I’ve got so much left in me and I keep working towards something better. I sometimes really get it right, but it’ll be cool to see myself finally do something more like I did a few years ago. I just need to plan something to get out of my room and accomplish it! That is likely, but who know when. I’ve got some good ideas for the next few things coming up! Thanks again for reading, I love you all lots.