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The springtime is sometimes an awesome time for me with everything in the air smelling amazing finally and me finally feeling like I have another new season, which is cool and different from the summertime. They’re both different significant to me but I really appreciate when it’s finally a new season like this one, especially with everything that’s going on for me these days. This is turning out to be a promising year, and I’m so glad with everything I’ve been into since starting my outpatient treatment (for addiction) since last year in the summer (mid-July), and also everything I’ve been doing since I turned 23 in November. I, in addition to the meetings I’ve been going to and photoshoots I’ve been doing, have also been to a lot of concerts in the last half of a year (or since August) or so which has also been an awesome part of my life that I’ve finally been able to come back to since the last few years or more. I’m really glad at to where I’m at and what places I’ve gotten to mentally, and I think I’m making good progress on myself and my life everywhere possible as I go. Plus, I’ve also done really well since being back with my boyfriend (since last June actually, but we first got together in 2018) so that’s also still happening in my life! I’m pretty proud as to how everything’s turned out. Now in terms of this outfit, this kind of happened spontaneously with this Abbey Dawn brand ‘Rebel’ t-shirt (designed by Avril Lavigne in 2015) that I put together with a flag on it that matched my jeans. You can find the #merchstyle blog post for this shirt in particular on my website CelebrityMerchBase.com right here as well, featuring the same photoshoot!. I will remember to shoot my merchandise more, but this totally counts and I’m glad I put this together for this photoshoot this time. The last time I mentioned this t-shirt, it was around the same time in April but in 2016, and I wore it in some iPhone pictures with my ex-girlfriend for a blog post called Springtime Spunk. After so long I finally actually got the picture in a shoot like this, and I think it turned out awesome. In the past while I’ve also really been loving my makeup, as of lately still, and I’ve been doing really well with it all year too so I just really appreciate that passion of mine too and I’m glad I can always tie it in well to my photoshoots, and I keep good lists of all my makeup I do to my shoots so that’ll be in here later as well. Thanks so much for reading, ‘read more’ to see the rest of it!

Rebel Flag t-shirt blog post, designed by Avril Lavigne in 2015

I’ve been doing a lot of the same stuff lately, but I really like how I’ve been doing with my blog. Now it seems like this post was a little unprepared because of the spontaneity of the outfit, which wasn’t exactly what I had planned or was expecting, but from here I still can get back to doing outfit ideas off my list I keep on my whiteboard, and that should be easy to do from here. Merchandise I should just always fit in between those ideas I have, because I need to keep up with getting all of that shot as best as I can as I go as well. The last merchandise t-shirt I shot was in January called Stoke the Fire, which was a band t-shirt of mine (click the link to find out who from where. It’s a concert t-shirt from 2018!) that I will eventually do another post with sometime later on, as a sequel of some sort, that I have a good idea for. There’s a few ideas on my whiteboard for merchandise later on, but usually I don’t keep my merchandise outfit styles on there very often. It’s usually always just a graphic tee in some sort of point, because that’s usually what kind of merchandise I’m talking about, but all the outfits are different and I really love that concept of mine. I’m a collector which is super awesome, and I just spent so many years going to concerts and ordering merchandise online so I have so much of it and I love getting to share it with you. Abbey Dawn is the fashion brand created by Avril Lavigne way early on, and you can find their website on that link art the beginning of this sentence to see what collection they’re currently selling. Also, Avril Lavigne released a new album this year called Love Sux, which is awesome! I love her so much, and the album is pretty good. Now here’s the first collage from this photoshoot of mine!

Outfit Details for ‘REBEL’ flag Abbey Dawn t-shirt from 2015 in April 2022:

  • ‘Rebel Flag’ Abbey Dawn t-shirt Size S from 2015, designed by Avril Lavigne. You can check this link for a photo of all the t-shirts from that collection she had dropped. You can also check the site for the current Abbey Dawn collection. Avril first started her clothing line in 2008. Click this link to see everything I have from ‘Abbey Dawn’ that I’ve posted on my blog so far too!
  • ‘Rebel’ flag jeans in Size 1 from Hybrid & Company brand. This brand is sold at a bunch of different stores, although I have no idea where I got these jeans from. I love them though, I’m surprised it took me so long to shoot them!
  • Over-the Knee long boots Size 7.5 from Report Footwear, that I got from Stitchfix in like 2017 or earlier, which I also wore for this blog post Keep On Singin’ My Song that year.
  • NA belly ring $15 from the Alano Club, where they hold my Narcotic’s Anonymous meetings. I’ve been going to meetings twice a week there since near the end of July 2021. I got the belly ring in like January 2022.
  • Magnetic black choker necklace around my neck, which I got from like Goodwill or somewhere in 2019. I usually keep it on this magnetic (or metal) poster I have on my wall.
  • Silver second necklace around my neck as well, also from like Goodwill in 2019.
  • Citrine black cord necklace from Enlightening in a Box that I got one year.
  • Gem three-tier drop earrings I got from my mom last year in 2021.
  • Silver chain bracelet and black chain bracelet on either wrists, both from like Goodwill in 2019.
  • ‘Cruel Summer’ nail polish by Deborah Lippman from this Lana Del Rey inspired set of nail polishes called Shades of Cool that I got in April of 2019.
  • Red butterfly tattoo from Maple Valley Tattoo that I got in December of 2021. Check out my very first blog post about it here, called Butterfly Tattoo.

My style has changed some since the last 5 or so years, maybe less, but I will always be wearing my graphic tees and styling them a bunch of different ways, so I love that type of style. I’ve always considered my style ‘Urban Glam’, which is a type of street wear with the casual-type of glamorous in it, and I came up with that type of style in 2015 so I really have always been blogging about the same thing. Every style of mine I’ve ever really posted fell into that category, and I’m totally passionate about it. I really love living in Seattle and I love going to concerts and picking outfits for that too, but I’ve been to so many concerts that I need to start wearing dresses more there! I really love that kind of style too, that’s a little different because I don’t ever wear my merchandise to concerts, but I’m always wearing some kind of urban glam. That’s usually the only time I’m ever in downtown Seattle, but I still have a really cool style for all the meetings I go to and I love it, it definitely includes merchandise sometimes. I love that as I’ve grown older I still would wear a lot of the same things, but I got better with jewelry after 2019 and really started styling my outfits with glam. Makeup too, I’ve gotten way better at that in the last few years for sure. My outfits still all definitely seem like Abby and I love that too, I’ll always be doing some kind of thing with the way I dress that is sometimes crazy but usually all around the same sort of cool. I love what I’ve been doing these days with my photoshoots too, I can’t wait to see what the next outfit I do for a shoot will be! I have a bunch of options until then, so we’ll see and I’m totally excited for it. Let’s see what’s next up for this shoot, my makeup details should be after the collage!

Makeup Details for this shoot on April 11th, 2022:

  • Tynt Beauty Dew Balm $28 which I used as a luminous primer for my makeup.
  • Becca Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector in Light to Medium $32 I have the original of this, not the Smashbox re-do, but I’m almost out of it by now!
  • Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer in shade Light 20S light sand $30 which is my favorite concealer these days. I’m almost out but I have it in two different shades and will repurchase it!
  • Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-hour full coverage Foundation with SPF 15 in shade 22N Light Neutral $39 that I’ve had since like 2017 or earlier, and I’m almost out of this one too finally! They only sell the 16-hour one now anyway.
  • Flesh‘s Flesh-To-Flesh highlighting powder in the shade Boost from Ipsy, a highlighting powder I always use as a setting powder!
  • Pacifica Bronzed Rose Rose & Coconut Infused Blush & Bronzer duo palette in the shades Wildrose & Desert from Ipsy as well, I sure love my Pacifica!
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit highlight palette in the shade Forever Lit $40 which is the white shade that I used for this shoot. This palette I got in like 2017 and did this big post about it called Glow Day (5 years ago yesterday) which I used every shade for on my face as a full look. This is also apparently a Limited Edition highlight palette but it still in-stock online!
  • Mary Kay Eye Primer $12, my mom has been selling Mary Kay makeup for a very long time! Since I was like 8 or something, but other this is only one of a couple products that I have from them.
  • Space Case Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad $32 palette using all 4 shades from Ipsy also. I love this eyeshadow palette the most of all that I have in terms of how often I’d use them, and I’ve even already hit pan on the second shade even though I got it like last year which is cool.
  • ARROW ENHANCE Waterproof Eye Brightener eyeliner $10, one of my favorite eyeliners and I always put it on my waterline! Arrow is a Birchbox created brand I believe. I am halfway or nearly out of this eye pencil and will repurchase it when I’m out too!
  • Tarte Cosmetics Sex Kitten Liquid Liner $20 which is one of my two liquid eyeliners, and it’s not bad. I might have gotten it from Ipsy a year or two ago, I love when I get Tarte from Ipsy! They are one of my definite favorite makeup brands.
  • Benefit Cosmetics BADGal BANG! Volumizing Mascara $27 in black of course, which I just recently got a month or two ago. BADGal mascara was a classic back when it first came out.
  • Complex Culture Beauty Full Out Brow Gel tinted volumizing brow gel in Soft Brunette $18 which I might be almost out of as well, but it’s a not bad brow gel from Ipsy!
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer $16 which is the only lip primer that I have & use every time I wear lipstick.
  • Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Trophy Wife that I can’t find anywhere else online! I have the matching lipstick to this but I just used the liner by itself with a different lipstick for this photoshoot. I’m pretty sure it’s discontinued now though (with the lipstick too).
  • Hola Neon Lip Balm in ‘Call Me’ which is more of a lipstick than a balm, but that’s just what is says. I got this from Ipsy years back too! I actually totally love this lip product.
  • Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ Pollution Protection Makeup Setting Spray $30 usually, which I use every single time for my makeup even when I don’t mention it, but this product was made for me! I think they might’ve just actually discontinued it, but I’ll make sure to find another one soon!

I love my room with all my heart, especially my big CD collection I have in there. I take pictures in front of my collection all the time, and ended up cropping that one right there for this post as well. I sometimes just crop my collection out of the pictures, but other times it’s a really good display and I love how it looks. The top of my CD collection didn’t show up in the picture but the top is really cool with boxsets and things on it which I love. I’ve been relaxing about collecting and have only been buying some here and there, but I keep my collection updated on Discogs and will eventually get back to adding more, like maybe getting that Avril release here soon, that would be great! From my profile on there, you can checkout my ‘collection’ or my ‘wantlist’ which is pretty cool. My Avril Lavigne stack is the third stack from the top and that entire stack from the bottom up is just CDs of her. I’ve been really into collecting CDs since like before 2010, and I love it so much. I know I’ve only gotten a couple this year but I love getting pictures of my shelf, in all sorts of outfits all the time around my room. I’m a big collector with a lot to do with the CDs and the music, and the merchandise the celebrities make to go with it as well. I’m pretty glad about this photoshoot too, and I might not buy any more merchandise for a while after how many t-shirts I got at my last concerts, but I still have so much I don’t have pictures of so it’ll be fresh new outfits every time and that’ll be awesome! I am totally excited to shoot more of my collection eventually, and then maybe I can add more. I also always update my CelebrityMerchBase website every time I do a photoshoot with merchandise, so checkout there for a lot of the same photoshoots but more digestible for my collection’s sake which is fun. It’s a partner site to Shop For Days but I will eventually maybe do exclusive photoshoots for the site. Not sure when, I love how I do it already. Anyway, I still love going to concerts without buying merch though, so I’m totally fine with how much I already have and I’m glad about it. I’m excited for the rest of the year, I have tickets to three shows right now so that’ll be awesome. One of them was postponed for now but I’ll add it to my concert page within the next year or two if they end up finally rescheduling it! I always update that page, every month of concerts, and you can find it here. It’s awesome, I love it so much! I’ve been to 72 concerts by now, it’s amazing and I love my passions.

(That third picture there is awesome because I included my Avril Lavigne poster that I have up in it! It looks awesome with Abbey Dawn, I love that.) Anyway, that’s pretty much all I have for now, I’m glad about how my April is going so far this year! April is usually a pretty good month for me I’m noticing, and I’m really appreciative of how it’s going and how it goes most of the time too. I’ll most likely be doing one more post this month and then next month will be an even warmer month, so I’m excited to see about that. I’m doing a lot better these days emotionally, but even though I would usually write on my other blog about how I’m doing I probably won’t still for a while. I just like keeping up on here, with Shop For Days, but eventually I know I’ll come back to my other site and it’ll be awesome but since I’m doing so good I’ve been focusing more on myself and I just have less to write in terms of how I’m doing and how I usually write on there. But it’s totally enough for me to blog twice a month on here, my favorite place, but I just wanted to mention how I’m doing because I just usually had different ways to feel and things to say differently when I blogged on there more. I’m really glad about everything I have in life though, and all the things I mentioned in the first paragraph, and I know I’m doing so well with everything and I’m just so glad about my consistency and everything like that and I just love it all. I think that’s about it, but I’ll see how the other post will turn out once I get to it, so thanks so much for reading this one! I love the rebel tee, I think being a rebel is a cool concept, and it reminds me of my earlier Abbey Dawn outfits with how I used to dress back then. I love my whole blog and concepts and myself creatively and I’ll just keep it going with my blogging as I do. Thanks again, everyone!