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How are you all today? I’m going to talk about a simple red shirt I got from my Stepmom; she thrifts and has friends that give her clothes and things so she always has some really cool pieces to give me. I’ve been wanting to start blogging about all this, I usually just forget! So let’s write a quick post about this shirt and how I styled it.

shirt 001.JPG

To start off, I’ll talk about the shirt. It’s a nice red color, pretty long on me (it’s a size LG 11-13 from No Boundaries) and pretty sheer. It has a burnout sort of design and is only partially a long sleeve. It goes to my mid thighs. I would never, ever spend my money on a brand like this because I like to save my money for quality, but if someone gives me something I’m not going to toss it just because of the brand. So instead I just wear it! Here’s how I styled it.

I decided to put my black leggings with lace sides with this shirt because I like how it covers up a lot of random skin that would’ve been shown by the sheerness, and I like where it hits, not too long or too short. I also love the lace detailing with it! I put some simple combat boots on with it and I thought it was a really balanced and casual outfit, I just love it. I didn’t wear much else with it, it was moderately plain, but I still thought it was cute.

Pretty short post but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! More posts coming soon, I need to stop slacking!