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Bonjour! Or something like that. Either way, it’s a greeting. So, I love the band Seether, right? Well on their site they had these Mystery Bundles where you pick your size and then send you two shirts that they picked out in that size and it’s like a surprise. In every purchase you apparently get “FREE SH*T” while supplies last, and I thought it was hilarious because I did indeed get what they promised. I got a wristband, and well… I got fake sh*t that I’ll show you pictures of!

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And here are the pictures I took of the actual plastic free shit and wristband!

Lol! I love Seether, they’re the funniest band ever. I got to stand next to them on the side of the stage while they performed in October, and they’re just full of personality. So, now onto the shirts I received.

To my surprise, the first one I pulled out was a tank top! Honestly…out of the 46 band/artist shirts that I own, I have like no tank tops, at all. I have some muscle tees and crop tops… No tank tops! Now I finally have one! One that I think is adorable! I love the pink.

My apologies for not really showing the top on it’s own, I decided to wear this black sweater with it because that day was so cold! I also decided to throw on some basic colored, bootcut jeans and some really cute black, high heeled and studded booties from Abbey Dawn (Avril Lavigne). I finished it off with the Seether wristband, a plaid pink choker that my stepmom made, a blue locket with my name on it, a beige skull headwrap, and finally Miley Cyrus’ Viva Glam lipstick from MAC (the original one not the newer one). Here’s some more pictures of the outfit as a whole.

I actually really love how this outfit turned out. I think all of it plays well with how I did my hair. So happy that this mystery bundle was a success! I was worried I would get things I didn’t like. But now onto shirt/outfit number two.

Beautiful black tee with Seether written on it and a brown (almost purple?) skull with roses on the front. It also says “20” on one side and “14” on the other. I really love this shirt, it’s a beauty! Fits me incredibly nicely which I love. I started the outfit out with some basic brown leggings which I thought went beautifully with the colors on the shirt. I also donned a four leaf clover necklace that my stepmom made me and the Seether wristband again. I finished the look with my black boots that I just blogged about recently here, and a cute faux leather brown jacket that I will show you now!

Heads up, these leggings were a couple sizes too big on me, and I was able to wear them because leggings are good with stretching so they stayed put but there’s a lot of weird lines and folds when I move in them hahaha!

I love the outfit I put together!! Here you can clearly see the boots, jacket, and shirt. Overall I’m just in love with these shirts, I love the quality I love the designs, I’m really wanting to order another Mystery Bundle but I really want the See You At The Bottom top, so there’s my problem. Decisions! 😉

Oh, almost forgot. On the day before getting these shirts, I got a Seether CD in the mail! I’m so close to having all the main ones, only a couple. You can check out my post about the CD here.

Are you a Seether fan? Which outfit did you like better? Let me know your thoughts!