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Hey y’all! So lately I’ve been thinking. If you know me at all you know I LOVE lip products, especially liquid lipstick, and when I first started getting into them I didn’t see much of a difference between formulas but now I have 30+ liquid lipsticks including 14 different formula/brands, so I really wanted to show you all my top favorites and also just swatches of all the brands I have with as clear of a description on the formula that I can give. So let’s get into it, started with my very favorite brand!


  1. Kylie Cosmetics matte liquid lipstick – I love love LOVE the Kylie lipsticks! If you haven’t tried a lip kit then you’re missing out, they’re all so creamy and light and not at all drying/nor do they sink inside the lines of your lips. My very favorite is Koko K, which is easily my most favorite lipstick of all time, but I also have Candy K (which was the first one I ever got), Dolce K (my second favorite), and Maliboo. I really love how Koko K is a pretty light pink since a lot of the colors are noticeably darker, for example the first 3 lip kits that came out all were pretty dark. Candy K was the lightest of the bunch and from pictures I thought it was a medium pinky nude, but in most lighting it’s actually darker than you’d think. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I really love light to medium lipsticks more than anything! Here’s some pictures of all the lip kits. The pictures I have are: Candy K taken back in the day when I had planned on blogging about my favorite lipsticks, that project was scrapped shortly after. Koko K and Dolce K taken with my iPhone 6s, and then Maliboo which is from my photoshoot “White Lies“.
  2. The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes long-lasting liquid lipstick – so this is a fairly new addition to my liquid lipstick collection, I think a couple weeks ago (labor day weekend) I ordered a few things from The Balm because everything was 50% off, so obviously I HAD to jump on that! I wasn’t sure what to expect with this formula, the only other lip product from The Balm that I have is one of their “Read My Lips” lip glosses and it’s one of my favorite lip glosses of all time so it’s no surprise that this lipstick is highly ranked as well. The only color I have is “Comitted” and I gotta say, it’s one of my new favorite lip products. When it comes to pictures all I have is the pictures from this photoshoot “Back is Back” that I took last week. The first picture is cropped/zoomed, the second pic is completely raw/unaltered, and the last pic is the pic I created for the profile picture of my new Facebook page, which you can find here.
  3. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour liquid lipstick – Okay so I have to admit, I went a little crazy with this one. When it was first announced that Jeffree was releasing his first three velour liquid lipsticks, I got really excited, and even though I didn’t get my first one until a year after, my passion began from the beginning and stretched through all time. Basically, my first order from Jeffree wasn’t just one lipstick to try out, but  by all the reviews and swatches I had seen online I knew I was going to love these. They’re very comfortable just like the first two, and the great thing is Jeffree has such a wide range of colors both light/dark/bright, all equally pigmented (at least the ones I have are) which is a tough thing to get right in the makeup industry. The first three colors I got were Blow Pony, Celebrity Skin, and I’m Nude (which I had to throw in because at the time it was selling for $14 rather than the regular $18 for some reason) all of which I was pretty excited for. For the longest time I had bought tons of purple lipsticks everywhere and declared it my favorite/signature color to wear, but I also was drooling all over the nudes. At first I didn’t like Celebrity Skin on my skin tone, but now I LOVE it, I’m not really sure why I didn’t like it at first. A full list of the colors I have: Blow Pony, Celebrity Skin, I’m Nude, Blue Velvet, Redrum, Scorpio, Dominatrix and  Dirty Money. My favorite is probably Celebrity Skin (weird how I didn’t like it at first) but a close second would be Dirty Money, I mean give credit to a green lipstick that actually looks good with my skintone! I wore Celebrity Skin in my photoshoot Night Fire and Blue Velvet (with blue glitter on top) in my post New July. And here’s some swatches from over the past year.
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick – I only own one of these, Electric Coral; I was looking through my pictures and found a screenshot of someone’s beautiful swatch of it and I got really excited and decided to order it. Definitely a good idea, it was even more beautiful at first swatch, and it’s a great formula. I don’t have, like, any good pictures from this one, but I do have a couple pictures. I gotta say, I definitely want to try another from ABH, maybe Pure Hollywood. Any suggestions on what color to get next?
  5. Too Faced Melted Matte liquified matte long wear lipstick – I was pretty pleasantly surprised about this formula as well. I was at Ulta with my mom one day and was looking at these and found that this bright pink one was named 1998, and that being my birth year, I just had to get it. Haha, I’ve found a lot of different makeup items named 1998 but the difference was, pink is my very favorite color, and I’ve been meaning to get more pink lipsticks these days because the only ones I have are all like nude-pink, and I really need to add some bold pinks to my collection. So I did, and even though this is so bright, it’s still completely opaque and matte. I used it in my photoshoot “Decadence” featured in this blog post.
  6. Sola Look x Depechegurl collaboration liquid lipstick – @depechegurl has always been one of my very favorite instagram swatchers (her & @missjazminad!) so when I saw all the swatches from this collaboration, I was extremely excited to try it. The formula surprised me because this shade is the only liquid lipstick that this brand has created as of now, but it actually is so nice. I completely adore the color, such a pretty reddish nude, maybe mauve-y? I’m not really sure how to describe it. But I included it in my photoshoot “Invitation”. I gotta say, the applicator on this one is lovely, it’s flat and unique but it glides gorgeously.
  7. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar liquid lipstick – When I first got this, I was a little surprised about the viscosity. It’s not the thickest in the world but unlike most liquid lipsticks it isn’t even really…liquid, but tar is an appropriate world. Not saying that’s a bad thing, because I actually find the viscosity to be very comfortable, it’s just a surprising variation from other liquid lipsticks. It really is like paint, it’s like you have to paint the color on rather than glide it as easily. Does that even make sense? Either way, this formula is a pretty good one, what makes it different from others though it isn’t matte. The color I have is Lily, a pretty purple. I used it in my photoshoot Where The Party Is At, in this blog post. I also used it in a mini-photoshoot called “The Woods y2” which I’ve included in this collage.
  8. Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day liquid lipstick – This liquid lip holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first one I ever got. Back in like 2013 I got a sample size of this in either my Birchbox box or Ipsy bag (I can’t remember which one) and at the time I rarely wore opaque lipstick but decided to go ahead and try this anyway, the whole liquid lipstick thing being pretty new to me. I thought it was a cool concept and absolutely loved everything about it after deciding to try it. I gotta say, I definitely still do like Stila’s formula, but it’s only number 8 because the others are just slightly better. The bad thing about me with my red lipsticks is I can’t always remember which is which when it comes to pictures, but I do know that I wore it in my 2015 Christmas Eve post here; in addition to that I’m also adding the picture I took from 2013 from when I very first tried it, so that’s interesting. The color I have is called Beso. Who let me do my makeup so badly that day? (I’m referring to the second picture)
  9. Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick – Well the thing is, Kat’s sob story about how sleazy Jeffree is is trash. I lost ALL respect for her when I saw that especially after seeing Jeffree’s video that proves to be the actual truth; I’m assuming she felt threatened by him and how he was becoming way more successful than her, but regardless of the reason she’s stupid to decide to start tons of drama just to get more attention to her brand. Her liquid lip is a pretty good formula but I really can’t see myself buying anything from her ever again, and I hardly wear this shade as it is. I just don’t support petty bitches. Hahaha. The color I have is Outlaw, worn here.
  10. Drama Queen liquid lipstick – You know, I wasn’t even expecting to get this when I did. I ordered some lashes from Town of Lashes and included in the package was Blue Lulu, a gorgeous blue liquid lipstick from the brand Drama Queen. Since I hadn’t deliberately ordered this I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s a really nice product and I adore the color. It is a little sticky but not nearly as sticky as some others, and overall I think it’s a pretty great color. Not sure if I want to try more from this brand or not. I wore the beautiful color in this blog post.
  11. Pinky Rose Cosmetics liquid lipstick – I was really unsure of what to think about the quality of this brand because I haven’t heard much about it, but I got to say the packaging is just GORGEOUS. The whole bottle is square with a black top and like bubble decoration down the sides. It’s so cute looking. Not a bad formula, but it is one of those stiff-feeling ones. and feels stiff always. And it does seem to sink into the lines of my lips when it gets tackier but exfoliating before applying usually helps. So I mean, this isn’t too bad, but not my top fave. The formula gets more comfortable after it sits for a while. The color I have is VIP. Shown is a quick picture taken with my Lumix FZ40 and one with my iPhone 6s. It’s really similar to my natural lip color but I love it!
  12. Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick – I had high hopes for this but I think these colors are pretty mediocre. Not the most comfortable and it really sinks into the lines of my lips but I gotta say, gorgeous colors!! The colors I have are Ecstasy and Skinny Dip. So pretty colors, Ecstasy is a slight purple-y color and I had a hard time deciding between that one or Gravity but I’m happy I picked Ecstasy. I used it in my “Make Me” photoshoot that as of now hasn’t been posted, but it’s coming soon! In these pictures Ecstasy looks very similar to Skinny Dip, but that’s just because of the lighting being very different.
  13. Lime Crime Velvetine liquid lipstick – So I’ve been getting rid of most of my Lime Crime lip products because I have sensitive skin in general and these things just burn. They’re like the most uncomfortable lip products that I’ve ever tried, they’re another sleazy brand, and I’m positive that their products aren’t good quality and aren’t good for skin. But for some reason people buy them anyway. Like me back in the day, when I used to own Suedeberry and Red Velvet.
  14. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Last one. The thing about this soft matte lip cream is it’s nice and light and stuff, but it doesn’t last. It doesn’t last long at all. It has the wear time of a generic lipstick, except maybe even worse, but for some reason I keep it around anyway. I’m not even sure if I ever wear it but when I do it disappears after 3 seconds so I don’t think I could really find any pictures that showed off the true product! Either way, that’s the last of my liquid lipsticks. What do you think? What is your favorite liquid lipstick?

SONG OF THE DAY Red Lipstick by Kesha. Very fitting!


Goodnight, loves!