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Let me introduce you to my friend Lucy. Lucy is extremely inspiring…She creates a new empire of thoughts and feelings and desires, and let’s you see all of it so clearly. So one night, after hours with Lucy, I decided to put on makeup and a dress and photoshoot. It was 4 AM when I finished, and now I have the look to share with you.

I have no idea what brand this dress is. It’s something that I found in my closet that’s been there for years, but I’m not quite sure about the origin. It’s interesting though, and perfect for this photoshoot! What I want to put most emphasis on though is my Louboutin lipstick that I just got! It’s worn as a necklace in this look and is also on my lips.

The Look

  • Dress – Unknown origin
  • Lips – Louboutin satin lipstick in Rouge Louboutin 001, which is also around my neck, with Louboutin lip definer in Leanne
  • Makeup – Tarte water foundation in light neutral, Lancome purple eye liner & Hypnose Drama mascara

I don’t have too much to say about this shoot, but I definitely want to review the Louboutin lip products that I used. The liner was a lot better than people have been saying…Sure it’s a little pricey, but I like it a lot. The lipstick was kind of underwhelming, but it’s a BEAUTIFUL jewelry piece, so honestly I love it either way. Lol this dress is kind of big on me too which is probably obvious, but I love it.

Lessons learned from Lucy this time: life doesn’t need to have anxiety. There are ways to grasp ahold of your mind and gain control. It’s a game, but it’s a dangerous game.

Retain, enjoy, or relax.

Song of the Shoot: L$D by A$AP Rocky

This photoshoot/blog post is a part of my “Drug Test” series.