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Hey guys! I know it’s been a little bit since I’ve posted last, and I’ve been trying to decide what I should post next. I have a few ideas, but it’s been a while since I got new clothing pieces to work with, so mostly I’ve just been bored waiting for my shipments to come in. (I have some exciting stuff coming!) But I thought I would start this new sort of series called Diary of a Shopping Enthusiast, and it’s basically going to be me talking all about what I’ve been wanting to buy, what I’ve recently been buying, and also my super long wishlist of stuff I wish I could someday buy. I love talking all about all of this because shopping really is a hobby to me, like even when I don’t have money it’s bomb to just scroll through Nasty Gal or Sephora for days reading reviews and making plans. So continue reading to see what’s been on my shopping-mind lately!

So I’m not sure how many of you really knows what’s going on in my brain, but I’d be happy to spill some guts. Here’s a couple simple facts about me. 1, one of my favorite things to buy & wear is lipstick. It’s my favorite accessory by far, and one of my favorite things to shop for. 2, I do a lot of online browsing at so many different luxury designers but I have failed to own anything from like any of them because they’re a bit out of my price range lol. 3, each and everyday I find a new thing to completely reorganize, like my closet or my lipsticks or something, because organizing is my FAVORITE hobby! Omg, it’s so bomb. Have you ever noticed the shoots where I’m in front of my closet, and how my closet randomly changes drastically through each shoot? It’s so fun!! But hey, let’s talk about some real stuff.

Today is kind of stressful so far, but hey, in like 6 hours I should be getting my super special package from Sephora, and I can’t wait to blog all about it. It will be in it’s own separate blog post because it’s bomb as fuck, but I’m just going to say now, I’m so excited for it.

I want to talk all about everything but there’s some things I don’t want to give away just yet. You know what I’ve really been eyeing? Velour Lashes. They seem so cool! Has anyone tried them/have anything to say about them? A couple years ago or so on Wanelo I posted about how I wanted these and when I saw that I was reminded that they exist! The styles I really want/really hope to get next week are #WINGING, and Girl You Craaazy! or whatever haha. They’re so beautiful! I need to read more reviews on Velour Lashes. I know they have silk ones at Sephora, but I really want to try the mink ones. A few months ago I bought a $40 pair of mink lashes from like Town of Lashes, and it was really underwhelming. The lashes are okay, however they don’t seem like they’re worth $40. The package was also incredibly cheap and falling apart. I should’ve done more research with them lol, but hey, lesson learned! What’s your favorite brand for false lashes? Mine is probably a classic like House of Lashes but I really really want to try Huda Beauty lashes! Also, there was this mini unreleased photoshoot that I had from this month or last month, and I totally never did anything with it especially because there was lipstick on my teeth and I didn’t catch that until I was like done, lol but hey I call this Class Level 63. But for the life of me I can’t remember why I named it that, hahaha, but either way, this is from it. The reason why I bring this up/add this picture is because I believe I was wearing my pair of Town of Lashes here…called Lola. Maybe these are different lashes I’m not completely sure, but hey, I’m throwing this in anyway. They’re pretty, but like, they could be more comfortable. Lol. PS I HATE this lipstick. It’s from NYX and I got it in my ipsy bag but it’s so horrible. I had to get rid of it after one use because it just made me so mad. Hahaha


So yeah there’s my lash talk. But hey, today I used two brand new things I got from Sephora. One thing is a body scrub from DERMAdoctor, called KP Duty Body Scrub I think. It’s really nice, I got rid of my bath&body works sugar scrubs because I hated how they felt, so this is good because I have some dry patches on my legs that I need to exfoliate everyday. The other thing was the famous Origins mask, the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. I know this thing is pretty famous and I was hoping it would help the weird texture that my skin has after 6 hours of painting it, and it did an okay job. I think it’s kind of overrated. A great mask, especially for the price, but still I don’t know why there’s so much hype.

By the way! On Sunday I went to Sephora for one of those 90 minute makeover classes, and it was greatly enlightening. He used so many cool products on my skin and I purchased a Tarte water foundation in light neutral, along with a Sephora pro 47 brush for foundation. I also bought a skincare item from Peter Thomas Roth, it’s the Max Complexion Correction Pads. It’s cool! It’s a salicylic acid based product, and it helps with blackheads and pore cleaning, kinda just like a toner pad. I love it so much, I’ll use it in the day sometimes on my bare skin if my face starts getting annoyingly oily. One thing I really wanted, though, was like…Actually, just like all of the skincare he used on my face. My face was so soft! He was telling me how important skincare was and I was like lol dude I know. I also had him do smoky dark eyes because I rarely ever do that…I didn’t want him to do what I do everyday to my face because I already know that stuff, I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and learn more about other makeup styles. Here’s a picture of the makeover/look. Interesting lip color. Pretty much like everything he used on me was Tarte, except the skincare.


Wow I’m hungry. Is anyone else hungry? I should get some grub. I guess I’ll wrap up this random series of rants and stuff. Was this fun to read? Or terribly boring? Give me feedback. I love sharing my thoughts though. So I’ll see you guys soon!