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It’s a beautiful day outside. It really has been so beautiful lately in Seattle. That’s like…my favorite thing. I think spring is my favorite season. But anyway, y’all know that beautiful and genius artist Lights? I’ve been completely in love with her music since 2013 (I’ve liked it since 2010 but became in love with it in spring 2013, wow happy 4th year anniversary @ Lights) and she’s always been like…a voice and an inspiration for my life. The first CD I ever got from her was her Siberia Acoustic album, and it’s still in my top 5 favorite albums of all time. ANYWAY,  she’s getting ready to release new music so the other day she said everything on her online store was 50% off! I immediately went to check out the site and see what was still available. I got a shirt and a cool jacket… I wanted to show you the shirt. This is different from all my 65+ merch shirts, it’s camouflage with an orange collar. And on the shirt says “Show me that your love will never change” I LOVE that lyric! Cactus in the Valley is one of my favorite songs by her. This shirt is beautiful, extremely comfy, and I want to show you my photoshoot for it!

So yes, it’s yet another graphic tee outfit. Oh well, don’t be mad about it. This one is extra fun! Continue reading to see more in depth.

The Look – Featured: Cactus in the Valley t-shirt by Lights, purple pinback button by Lights. Paired with…

  • Ripped jeans – I actually got these from a thrift store years ago and cut the knees open myself. I like the look of it, lol
  • Gunmetal black hoop earrings from Kohl’s in like 2012

Honestly that’s about it for the clothes & stuff. It’s a simple outfit, kind of a little throwback, and I love it.

Makeup – lips are a Marc Jacobs “Rah Rah! Enamored high shine gloss”, which I got as a promotion from a Sephora sale thingy, and I LOVE the color. Highlight/blush is from the Nicole palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Do you like my little mini buns?

I don’t know why I didn’t even put the button on until halfway through the shoot. Lol, I love the contrast of the purple! Ordinarily that could look pretty strange but I don’t know, Lights merch is just so fun. I also got a varsity jacket from her and it’s BEAUTIFUL and warm af, not sure if I should do an outfit for it yet!

I also just wanted to throw in a couple things. I know I haven’t really written much for this post, I’m not sure why I’ve been dealing with writer’s block lately, but you know how there’s actually a lot more to me than just my fashion and stuff? I took a random picture next to part of my CD collection and I just thought I’d share. I’m at like 463 CDs now! Shown here is me with a lot of them and then the other picture was taken with my iPhone 6s and it’s just my Britney shelf. It’s the bottom shelf. It’s composed of all Britney.

And finally…I wanted to shoutout @tigercup! On my Shop, Don’t Stop post you commented that you wanted to see me smile. Then I realized I never actually smile in my pictures, and that’s crazy because I definitely should. I don’t know why I don’t! So this is for you tigercup, and all my other readers. Thanks for being so supportive!!


And here’s a lyric video to this song.