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Interesting story I just remembered…When I was in 3rd or perhaps 4th grade, I was stylin’ and cute as ever (of course). I think that was the time when I was transitioning from buying everything from Gymboree at my younger ages to Justice. I always had like one store that was my designated store for as long as possible before I got tired of it. First it was Gymboree (I still remember adding stuff to my cart and creating wishlists on there and ordering from there every season when I was like 7) and then it became Justice, which I became SO passionate about. Neon green jeans, peace sign tees, neon everything actually… Then it was briefly Kohl’s at I transitioned into middle school and junior high. And now it’s Nasty Gal. It’s been Nasty Gal for years. BUT back to my point…

In 3rd grade(ish) I was wearing such an adorable outfit one day. But when I went out to recess and saw that it was raining, I was SO cold. My friends asked why I didn’t have a jacket and I’m like “Because I’m wearing this shawl thing!” my mom and teachers kept telling me that a shawl isn’t a jacket, lol. So I hid in the corner of the blacktop just waiting for the cold to end, but dang I looked so adorable. These light pink colors with fun soft patterns — I don’t even own a shawl right now, but it’s cool that I did at some point! I’ve always been so fashion savvy. Hmm wait maybe I have old pictures. HAHAHA I was looking for old fashionable pictures of myself but all I found was a bunch of super hilarious pictures from 2007-2009! HAHA omg like when I got my first eyeshadow palette and Maren and I played with it… Or when Maren and I made music videos to the songs Can’t Be Tamed and Toxic. I was such a funny child.

That’s so funny. Alright we all can have some great laughs at that. Anyway. Moving on.

Lately I’ve been wanting a pair of white sneakers. Pretty random, yes, and I’m not really sure why I want some. But the last time I got new sneakers it was my black vans, like nearly 3 years ago. And other than that I have another pair of vans but in bright orange that I got from Plato’s Closet and then I have these interesting high-tops from Shoedazzle from like 4-5 years ago. Other than that, all my old adventuring sneakers and stuff have retired. So I’m thinking…wouldn’t it be cool if I got a pair of those white Gucci sneakers? They have like a MILLION different designs for them. Tbh, these are the ones I want. Aren’t they so cute? OR THESE but I’m not sure how they would look with the heel down.  Cool idea though. But I don’t necessarily have $600 to spend on a pair of sneakers…Like I would totally use my credit for them but my credit limit is $500! haha. But I don’t know, I was thinking of just getting these Kendall + Kylie ones, because they’re affordable and adorable and obviously that’s one of my favorite brands. Hmm… By the time I post this I’ll hopefully have bought one of those already. It’ll be so perfect! For all my adventures walking a longass time in the woods, they’ll get dirty but they’ll show so many memories!

You can check out the full 2011 Toxic Music Video duet that I made with Maren below! Check out that YouTube Channel for our other video(s) that we did together, like Can’t Be Tamed the Dance-Off.