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One thing that’s great about Zoey is she actually wanted to do a shoot like this with me, with this shirt that I had and thought would look AMAZING on her. So we put the shirt on her and it looks BOMB, I was totally right. I shot my outfit with that shirt exactly a year ago from this shoot, to the day.  So it’s a cool evolution. But all of our outfits were cute as hell! So the names of the shoots are Hustlers and Posh. I guess you’ll find out why. This shoot was surprisingly fun and turned out really well!

So excited to show you guys the 2 looks (4 outfits) shoot we created! Continue reading!

And again, thank you so much for everything, miss Zoey the Greatest.


So I was snapchatting Zoey while putting clothes away in my closet, when I came across the Hustler shirt that I don’t usually wear. I thought it would look SO bomb on her! So I asked her if she wanted to wear it & do a shoot with me, and it got us here. It was so much fun! And I was completely right, she rocks that shit. It’s so Zoey-af.

Hustlers – Abby’s Outfit:

  • Bralette – The brand says like “City Streets” or something but idk, I got it from Zoey. Haha, and pinned to that bralette is two orange Britney Spears buttons from her 2009 The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour.
  • Jeans – From pinkice.com like 5 years ago, they have such stylish jeans. I’ve worn these before for different looks for lots of different years and stuff because these are troopers.
  • I’ve worn these shoes a trillion and a half time, they’re from Kohl’s from the JLo Collection like 4 years ago
  • Hat is from the Portugal. The Man concert last month!
  • Finally, my makeup is the Dior Airflash foundation and Zoey did my eye & brow makeup. She slayed it so hard. Also I had the Posie K lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics on.
  • Zoey’s Outfit included the awesome Hustler brand tube top which I thought would look so bomb on her, and it did. She wore it tucked in with jeans.


This was pretty fun. I really wanted to get some pictures of my Gaga shirt I got at her concert so that I could finally write the Gaga fuckin mania blog post including my concert outfit, concert merch and blah blah the whole drill. I think the concert was on the 5th…holy shit I’m really behind. Anywhere, here’s what I refer to as Posh.

POSH – Abby’s Outfit

  • Shirt – I love this. It’s from the Lady Gaga concert, it’s a long-sleeve pink tee featuring Gaga on the front and “Stay Joanne” written down the arm. From her Joanne World Tour.
  • Glasses – Mirina Collections!! Well AKA Chic Wish List, Holy shit I LOVE these shades! So freaking excited to wear them every day, I love them as much as I love my old Quay pink shades. (These are twice as reflective too.) I’m a Mirina Girl! Use the promo code “MirinaGirls” for 20% off.
  • Fishnets from Nasty Gal
  • Lipstick is a Patentpolish from MAC Cosmetics

I thought this was such a fun and cute look. Simple. This is like Abby glam.

I got a lot of pics of my outfit from this shoot because Zoey took some awesome ones and I thought it was too cute to not post mills of. Zoey is adorable, pic creds to her for like most those pictures. We took some cuteass ones of her too.

Well that’s finally about it. So so much fun! And now for some giggle pics.


Original All Dolled Up post, my first with Zoey and Jenna from back then.