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So I went to the Tacoma (Seattle) show at the Tacoma Dome like the 5th of this month and it was INSANELY amazing!! I don’t know why I’ve procrastinated so much with finally getting this post up but I think it’s because I really wanted to make it thorough and so I needed a fat chunk of time to get the shit together. So yes, I finally saw Lady Gaga. It was one of the most amazing concert experiences I’ve EVER went to. It’s in my top 3, out of 44 concerts! So here, let’s post about this concert plus the outfit I wore to it and the merch shirt I got from it!

I pretty much only took videos from the concert but maybe I’ll still add a couple. Continue reading!

So in the beginning, my day started off pretty normal. I was awake and I was ready to prepare for this concert. So I started messing with a few different outfit options, having so many good ideas, and wanting to make sure it was a statement because of Gaga being such a huge fashion icon (to me especially). So I finally picked this perfect outfit and then I went to Jenna’s to glam with her, she made my eye makeup perfectly coordinated with my outfit plus lots of glitter pigments and stuff. I also had put my extensions in that day and she braided my hair back…dude it looked so good!

THE LOOK, Lady Gaga Concert Outfit for August 5th, 2017 and I call this look The Fame.

  • Fishnet bodysuit – Forever21. Everything I’ve ever gotten from there is like a million sizes too big, I wish I had a thinner and tighter fishnet bodysuit but eh this is what I had, this was like the idea in my head that I was building an outfit around.
  • Boots – Nasty Gal! They are SO Gaga.
  • Pasties from Nasty Gal too, skirt is a thrift find, and the little ticket bag is from Ipsy.
  • Hair extensions – Bellami Hair‘s Kylie Hair Kouture collection extensions in the color Mochachino Brown.
  • Sunglasses – My friend Michael gave these to me! He works at a thrift store and found them there and knew I would LOVE them. They’re probably from a 2009 Lady Gaga costume, but they’re awesome and they say Lady Gaga on the side and obviously I needed a piece of merch to spruce up this outfit.
  • Lipstick is the Doll matte liquid lip from Kylie Cosmetics.

Honestly this is one of my favorite outfits I’ve done and I love that last picture there, I think the pose was on point! So then I went to the concert…

It was SO FUN!! My seat was actually so close considering the size of the venue! Plus I sat next to this really cute couple who were around my age.

And out of all that merch I really wanted the Joanne glasses tee but I felt like the pink long sleeve shirt was more unique, I mean I have SO much fucking merch, so it’s the only thing I could justify. Lol I got this shirt which I posted about in my last post and then a poster. The shirt has Gaga’s face on the front with cool horns on her face and under that it says Joanne World Tour but also on the sleeve it says “Stay Joanne” which, if you know the album/song/concept, is super beautiful and meaningful. Does any of that make sense? Anyway these next few pics of me were taken by my lovely friend Zoey.

I love Lady Gaga. She has been a huge part of my life for 8 years. I’ve grown with her, we’ve evolved, and finally being able to see her live is honestly one of the most…zen, closure, life-accomplishing feeling. It’s like an entire new part of my life, and I still remember the moments at the concert where my heart sang and my eyes lit up and I felt so breathtaken, if that’s even a word. Thank you Gaga for all that you do, and for YOUR AMAZING fashion and the fashion you inspire in me!

Song of the Shoots – Joanne by Lady Gaga