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This was almost 2 weeks ago but I’m finally getting around to blogging about it! So my friend Syerra and I did this really cool shoot wearing cool things in the middle of the woods, and it was super fun to put together. Finally just edited all the pictures, now I can show you the funny shoot and the awesome outfits we put together. We totally gotta do a sequel to this. My hair actually looked kind of cute! This is before I got it cut and I’m still getting used to my haircut. Now this is what I call Urban Glam.

The Looks —

My (Abby’s) Look –

  • Juicy Couture “Babes” shirt from the Behati Prinsloo Levine collection
  • Shorts are from Nasty Gal and I can’t remember the specific brand but I think they were from some Lindsay Lohan collection? Idk
  • The gold boots that I was wearing are from Privileged (which I got from Nasty Gal) but they were SO HARD to walk around the woods in! I almost tripped and died like 4 times so I switched to Uggs low key
  • Choker was made by my stepmom, and on my face I have Dior‘s airflash foundation plus Givenchy‘s pastel prism libre powder
  • For some of the pictures I’m wearing my Britney Spears sweatshirt from her 2011 Femme Fatale Tour

Syerra’s Look –

  • Dress from Wet Seal like 5-6 years ago, and the brand is Sugar and Babe and that’s what it says all over the dress in a cool English font. I thought the dress would look super good on her and it totally does.
  • Denim jacket from Forever 21, it’s simple but such a gem and totally tied everything together
  • Taupe colored Litas from Jeffrey Campbell; the thigh high socks actually used to be opaque black tights like 10 years ago but I wanted thigh highs and cut them so I could use them with suspenders and stuff
  • Hoop earrings SO CUTE
  • Creds to her for our backwoods blunts, they were rolled like a boss

So much fun, I loved this shoot. I have an idea for a second one, so maybe that’ll be up next.

Song of the shoot: You Already Know by Fergie featuring Nicki Minaj