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Once upon a time, Demi Lovato dropped a collection with athletic-wear’s uprising star, Fabletics (co-founded by Kate Hudson). I think it’s a lot of because Demi isn’t conventionally skinny but she is really fit and amazing in the gym & other athletic-type places, and so the collection featured lots of awesome Demi-related things with wordss like “Confident”, “Unbroken”, etc from her song lyrics. It was really cool, lots of t-shirts tied up and leggings with interesting patterns, and by the time I discovered this collection IT WAS ALMOST COMPLETELY sold out. AHhhh I was soooo sad! Because this is like, merch and gym clothes in the same outfit! MADE FOR ME. But later Fabletics announced that since everyone was requesting like crazy that they bring some Demi stuff back, Fabletics did one better-they dropped a SECOND Demi collection! These things are all legit merchandise because it says “Demi Fabletics Lovato” on the removable tag and on all the clothing tags. It’s so cool and they totally re-upped on their photoshoots for the collection, Demi SLAYED in all of them! I’m not sure if Demi did much designing for this collection or if it’s just her name on it, but either way, I’m SO sold.

And now, ladies and gentlemen and cats and animals, I’ll show you the 4 outfits I bought from Demi’s line! The thing about Fabletics is they sell things by the outfit, like you can buy things individually but their whole thing is to have cool gym outfits. So I bought 4 outfits and also one pair of leggings (the top was sold out :(((((( I didn’t include this in my photoshoots) and started with the first photoshoot on September 9th. A month later, I’m here ready to share it all with you. Continue reading!

Everything written in bold is from Fabletics.

Outfit number one – Charger

  • Tanya High-Waisted Legging – On Demi and the model the pants are a lot more black, but in person they’re like black over a pink layer so they show up to look like that. Does that make sense? When you turn them inside out they’re just a solid color pink. These pants are in size XXS. I got a few pairs of pants in that size and only a couple of them fit (the others were too small) and with this outfit they did seem to fit but if I had an XS pair then they’d probably be more black and less stretched out
  • Linnea Sports Bra – size XS, fits pretty well and is super cute, it makes your boobs look SO good but works even better if you’re thicker than me
  • Song of the Shoot: Confident by Demi Lovato

Outfit number two – Champ

  • Maren Cropped Hoodie – I honestly really love this cropped hoodie! I got it in a size XXS and it does fit pretty well too
  • Merritt Short – these are in an XXS and they just barely fit me, from now on I’m only getting sizes XS+ for pants because I cut it close with the XXS lol
  • Steve Madden x Iggy Azalea black iridescent Running Shoe with The New Classic laces. These are super cool looking but damn they’re getting so so dull, I need another pair of shoes I can wear to the gym
  • Song of the Shoot: All Night Long by Demi Lovato

Outfit number three – Rumble

  • Romina Sports Bra – Such a cute blue sports bra thing, I got it in size XS
  • Roxanne High-Waisted 7/8 Capri – So I originally ordered these in a size XXS but they definitely did not fit, and since I want to be making gains I exchanged them for a size XS. It works way better and the exchange was easy and painless thank god!
  • Fabletics plastic water bottle
  • Steve Madden x Iggy Azalea black iridescent Running Shoe with The New Classic laces
  • Work Bitch bag from Britney Spears’ official store
  • Song of the Shoot: Never Been Hurt by Demi Lovato

Outfit number four – Strike

  • Lisette High-Waisted 7/8 Capri – size XS, Demi’s butt looks SO good in these leggings oml, this is the last outfit I bought from Fabletics because when you’re VIP they charge you $49.95 a month that you can use towards the store so I bought this outfit! This was after I already got the shipment of the first 3 and all that.
  • Lanelle Sports Bra – I was doing some yoga for this shoot because I was originally going to go outside since this came with a jacket but then I just took the jacket off and decided to do yoga lol, this is probably actually my favorite sports bra I own! So versatile. Size XS
  • Mari Jacket – really meshy cute jacket, I keep it in my gym bag to throw on when I’m going to the gym! Like walking to the car and stuff lol but when I start working outside more I’m definitely going to utilize this. Size XS
  • Yoga Mat
  • Song of the Shoot: Ready For Ya by Demi Lovato

Wow so that’s it! Holy crap, this is so awesome, this was fun to blog about. A pain to photograph but fun to finally blog about. It’s noon and I’m about to publish this post so I’ve already got something accomplished today. My favorite outfit is probably the last one because I really adore it but that’s not to discredit the first three! Do you buy from Fabletics? I’m about to buy all the Demi outfits that are even left… Not kidding. Lol

So yeah it’s safe to say that I LOVE FABLETICS! My two favorite things, fashion and training WAIT actually three things, fashion, training, and merch! All of these have Demi Lovato written on them plus the Demi x Fabletics logo. So yeah, merch! Fashion! Athleticism! Yay!

Pictures of Demi Lovato and the Fabletics model(s) are credited to their copyrighted owners and used only because I’m so in love with this collection, but credit to Fabletics for everything. Love love love! GIRL UP