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Hey guys! Can you tell I’m back on my roll with blogging? Or trying to get there. Today I want to post a couple small shoots I did including one I did mid-last month for Aly & AJ’s new merch for their 10 Years album, my pre-order merch including this Aly&SlayJ graphic tee, which is SO CUTE and Aly&AJ socks. There’s also this little ‘sleepytime’ shoot I did with this Victoria’s Secret sleep tee (it’s SO comfy) it’s a white graphic tee as well, featuring Josephine Skriver, one of my very favorite Victoria’s Secret Angels. In addition to that I slept in my Work Bitch booty shorts from the Britney store in Vegas, and it was so fun to shoot this — this stuff was both super fun and I wanna show y’all. With the sleepytime shoot I’ll show you all my favorite bed-time things, too. Since early 2016 I’ve dealt with some PTSD nightmares that were gone for a while, but now I’m constantly battling them and doing soooo much at night to calm my mind and soul to get quality sleep, and I have a long and comprehensive list of all the things that help me get good sleep when I actually do! So if you struggle with insomnia from PTSD or just in general, I have some tips.

So first of all I wanna start off with this totally over-due Aly&AJ shoot. I placed this pre-order in like June and got it I think last month, and it included their signed EP plus a signed postcard that says To: Abby at the top. It’s so cool. But I did this fun little shoot for the shirt and socks, and now I’m finally posting about it.

aly and slay.jpg

The shoot’s called Aly&SlayJ. Lots of people asked me who’s SlayJ and I’m like dude, it’s AJ it’s just clever, okay? Haha. Outfit details –

  • Aly&SlayJ t-shirt – Included in the pre-order bundle for Aly&AJ’s new EP; this is the feminine-cut shirt, there’s one that a men’s version but this one was made more for a womanly body and I think it looks super adorable. I love this type of style.
  • Aly&AJ socks – Also included in the pre-order bundle, on the pledgemusic website (that’s exclusively where their new stuff is sold). Some of my very very favorite merch socks, they’re sooo comfy and cute. One says Aly and the other says & AJ.
  • Guess Jeans – Size 24, I remember when I got these they were a little big on me but now they’re like the perfect tight fit lol
  • Dr. Martens – these are a size 8 us and I don’t wear them that often because they’re like a good half a size too big, but when I do wear them it’s adorable. I got these from Nasty Gal back when they were cool. I also switched the laces on one of them for Linkin Park Underground 7 (2007) laces.
  • Jewelry – Chakra pendant from More Than Rocks in Kent, WA (my fave store ever) I think it’s so beautiful and it really is balancing. I also have on my sterling silver heart necklace which is small and was a gift, and then my citrine stone bracelet also from More Than Rocks. Also, could you tell I was baked in this shoot?
  • I didn’t really have any makeup on my face but what I do remember putting on is my Prism Libre color correcting powder from Givenchy over a BB cream I think

Nail polish color is Spirited Scorpio from Julep because it was Scorpio season (; Alright now I wanna show you guys this shoot I did on my bed, and I incorporated a lot of my favorite bedtime things with it. Definitely long overdue to tell you guys all about it. So yeah the point of this shoot is to show you my Jojo & Britney merch plus all my bedtime fave stuff that helps me get good sleep! I call this shoot,

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Let me introduce you to all these bedtime faves.

  • Victoria’s Secret – Josephine Skriver “Supermodel Tee” sleepshirt (so comfy)
  • From the Britney Spears store in Las Vegas, Work Bitch booty shorts, thanks to my mom and stepdad
  • The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercer which I got from my favorite rock store, it’s my fave read before bed! Can you tell by all the pages I’ve marked? Lol
  • Kora Organics – Calming Lavender Mist, after I’m done with my nightly skincare routine and then I’m up for a couple more hours and am ready to go to bed, I then spray this all over my face because it not only is great for calming sensitive skin but it’s also really beneficial in an arometharpy way, and is kind of a direct way to calm both my skin and mind.
  • Speaking of aromatherapy, some of my very very favorite sleeptime essentials are this duo by ThisWorks. The duo (like if you buy them together) is called Sleep Together, and it includes a pillow spray and a Deep Sleep Breathe In rollerball that I roll all over my arms and neck and stuff to help get me calmed for sleep, until I finally hit the pillow. This duo definitely has helped eliminate some of my night issues, I’ve always had trouble sleeping.
  • Okay but my Lip Sleeping Mask from Laneige is one of my FAVORITE lip products ever!!!! It’s amazing, I put it on at night and wake up with soft and slightly plumper lips!
  • My pillowcase is VERY important to me, my pillowcase and sleeping eye mask are both by Slip and they’re pure silk and I make sure to wash them frequently and it really helps my pores to not get clogged. I have such sensitive skin that if I sleep on anything but silk any night, then the next couple of days I get really irritated breakouts. Yeah my skin is really sensitive 😛 This feels like sleeping on a cloud though, and the mask shuts out the world! Which is great because sometimes I accidentally sleep late into the day, which is okay I guess because I need it.
  • Meditation Music is probably one of the MOST VITAL PARTS OF MY SLEEP. Every night I meditate on different chakras and different focuses and this meditation music is what keeps me calm and guides everything every night for me! I can’t sleep without it! It really guides my mind.
  • For the last couple of years I’ve had a prescription for Ambien which actually took away my nightmares for about a year before they started pushing through it, and so now I do take ambien every night right before I go to bed and it helps me sleep beautifully however on days where I really feel restless or stressed I take this natural, essential-oil based sorta supplement from Doterra called Serenity, and it is another thing that turns my nightmares into fluffy lighthearted dreams. I love how natural it is, and I recommend trying Serenity before trying any prescription sleeping pill, those things are so difficult, trust me I spent 3 years trying different ones and none of them worked until now but I still don’t think it’ll be easy to find a good one. Taking melatonin is nice but you shouldn’t do it regularly because our bodies produce melatonin and if you take supplements for it every night then your body will stop naturally producing it as much as it should and then your body will DEPEND on the melataonin supplement, so yes that’s ‘natural’-ish, but not for long-term sleeping issues. Once in a while, it’s a beautiful helpful thing! Just be careful, my loves.
  • Around 10pm I turn off all screens, except my phone (however I limit my use on it). I turn off my TV, I close my laptop, and put on meditation music and just work on breathing and sometimes coloring or reading etc, just not using those screens. Those screens stimulate your brain, as well as your brain is like a sponge right before you go to bed and it will hold on to whatever you watch or hear as you fall asleep/before you do. If you’re watching some graphic movie, it can affect the quality of your sleep, if you sleep with your TV on, you’re slowly changing your brain so that your body doesn’t know the difference between sleep and daily brain stimulation, be careful! My recommendation is to listen to music, it doesn’t have to be meditation music but the calmer the music, the easier your mind will fall into a nice sleep and increases your chance of lucidity and good dreams. Listening to really depressing or loud music affects me and makes me a little agitated before bed, I try to transform my room into an entirely different, calm, turned-off, quiet, lights-dimmed atmosphere with nothing but my breathing and my cat. I think, I write sometimes, but I try to tell my brain to calm down and not get hyped up on good ideas. Sometimes I’ll get a really good idea before bed but have to stop myself before I get caught up in it, otherwise I’m up all night with excitement.
  • These are all tips for people who have a really hard time sleeping like me, and if you don’t have trouble sleeping then I’m in no way applying that you should change your whole life style. Do you! I just wanna share what I’ve learned because I’ve been battling insomnia to the point of frantically bursting into tears and hyperventilating at 5am freaking out about not getting sleep, having panic attacks in the middle of the night- – it’s so crazy, because I haven’t had a panic attack in MONTHS that wasn’t related to sleep (or food, because of my digestive system revolting) but I’m learning and grasping how the hell to be in control of this, and re-programming my brain into knowing what’s awake time and what’s sleep time. Next stop, I need to stop sleeping in.

Seems kinda weird that I’d post all these ‘booty’ pics and then give a long lecture about the secret problems of my sleep life, but I don’t believe in stereotypical things, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with pics of my booty in a shoot as well as going in depth in something personal, because I am who I am, I’m not whatever can be assumed of me. So I say these things and maybe they’re beneficial to some, you know? And if not, that’s okay, I didn’t write this to please an audience or target a certain demographic. I’m writing this because this is what’s on my mind. It’s 8:58 PM and it’s time for me to get ready for bed, so I’ll post this in the morning. Goodnight all, sweet dreams, for real. 🙂 You are loved!

Lots of love, Abby