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My dears, if you know my mom and I, you know how we are. And I hope that with every person we come in contact with, we show them how we love. I think my mom raised me with so much love and taught me love until around this age where now I think we both teach each other more about love and understanding every day. I know I posted that small thing on Facebook that everyone thought was sweet about her and I, however that was just one piece of what I was gonna throw in this post at some point, so if you read that, well…Read this. 😉 The story begins with – like I said, – love and kindness and compassion, and the fact that she is fun with me and yet still has lots of respect for my intellect is like…the best feeling in the entire world. It’s hard to feel alone when even just your mom/ConBon brings the energy of a concert (without the negativity) into whatever room. So I guess you could say we’re besties.

Just Chill

I really love this photoshoot that I was doing! I think about halfway through, mom came in to chat and hang, and so I told her to take pics with me! She’s like you actually wanna take pictures with me now? And I’m like HECK YES you look FABULOUS let’s do this!! And there’s a really funny reflection picture that I feel like totally describes us hahaha! Anyway I still wanna tell you guys about my outfit and jewelry details and stuff but that’s not the focal point here. It’ll be kind of a ditzy post, but that’s okay because mom and I are ditzy sometimes. Mom, can you get me a Just Chill? ….Oh wait you’re at work and I didn’t even say that out loud. Dangit. Mother, when you read this, can you bring me a Just Chill? One of our emergency ones? Hahaha it’s funny because mom and I treat Just Chills like gold — They’re basically like fizzy soda textured things that isn’t deadly carbonated and it’s created out of vitamins that help you focus. So many people ask her and I “Is it an energy drink?” And mom’s like, it’s the opposite! Haha but focus is it’s main power, and she and I love these dang things so much, and I’m glad she’s drinking these instead of soda or something. The promoted ingredient in Just Chills is 150mg of Suntheanine. They even used a certain vitamin combination to make it slightly colored, omg these guys are genius! Yeah that may seem like this post was random or unnecessary but if you know the ConBon and I, you know this is just important of course. In our life, our love and focus and awesomeness is sometimes from Just Chills, and that’s just How We Do It. Wow speaking of which… Introducing –

How We Do It

Just Chills are like the best things ever for mom and I however there’s something–or someone, that we probably like even more. Maybe it’s a tie, who cares about ties, we want both of these please and thank you. LIGHTS! Lights is an artist that I discovered In 2009 but forgot about until April 2013 and then went to her acoustic concert a couple months after, but hey back to the present, mom LOVES Lights just like me and we totally bond over Lights and Just Chills and Lauren/Loren thinking we’re sexy once a month (LOL) so we pretty much just chill out and we listen to Lights…We were listening to Lights while this shoot was happening, and I asked her, what song title should we even name our shoot? I went through like all of them and then I saw How We Do It from Little Machines (2015) and I’m like oh heck yeah mom I can finally tell people in depth how we do this fabulousness!

All the cute pics with Connie. I can’t wait because she’s going to get her StitchFix box around when I’m going to so we’re totally gonna put on new outfits and do a photoshoot!! This shoot was really fun though like before mom got to chat with me I actually got some really good pics of myself somehow, wanna see it? Sure you do. In each little one there’s a polka dot surprise. I’m talking about that super bright blanket. Lol

How We Do It – My Outfit Details

  • Dress – Aspen Cold Shoulder Faux Wrap Knit Dress by RD Style // From my Stitchfix box #4 from a lovely stylist named Erin (I really recommend signing up here, you won’t have to pay anything until after you try on the clothes and pick what you want to buy! I’m in love)
  • Choker Necklace – From the same Stitchfix box, my fourth one; Tara Mesh Choker from the beautiful brand Nakamol. Came in a nice little bag and it just like, feels luxurious. LOVE
  • Danon gave me the necklace for Christmas and made me the little beaded bracelet recently too. So adorable. The other bracelet on my wrist is one that my stepmom Jessie bought for me to match that necklace, and it’s gorgeous! Swarovski!
  • LIGHTS Midnight Machines purple enamel pin, like the only merch I’m even wearing here dang! But it’s adorable and Midnight Machines is like one of my top 3 favorite albums by Lights and she’s my fave and this post just totally had to be Lights themed.
  • Shoes/Booties – Totally used to be subscribed to Shoedazzle as well, like 4 years ago, and I got these adorable freakin’ booties. But yeah they’re the Shoedazzle brand too.

Fact: I got mom the Huda Beauty Pink Sands highlight palette for Christmas and so she’s a glow-er and she let me use some of that glow and she thinks it’s sparkly and amazing and I concur.

When your reflection is your mom…


Love your guts and your kidneys.

Haha, okay that’s enough of the random pictures of me. I gotta end this blog post with pictures of me and the best mom, at a Lights concert in 2014 & 2018, and from my last shoot Tell Me You Love Me. Whenever I’m in a bad mood or throwing a fit or whatever, she completely cares about how I feel, and not about the crap I might done or said out of spite. Like I think that means she’s happy with all the years that she’s raised me and she’s excited to see me growing and it could be practically making her feel more alive just by me having her involved in my life more. And that’s why I want to remind people that self-love is important but it’s also important to love Connie.

Hahaha. That’s how we roll, and that’s how we do it.


“It doesn’t go out in a blaze of glory, it’s all about how you ended up where.

Maybe we live just to tell our story, and how to get there, whooahh!”

– Lights, How We Do It