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Dear Old Man Jenkins,

05 Dad's Birthday (2)

These kids and their flying machines. I love and adore you so much more than I ever can express. Everything in our lives right now is scary and complicated and in the air, but you still do so much for me. When I got to live with you in our apartment and grew to know you more as an adult and not as a child, I respected you more and more every day. I see that you’re human but I & everyone I know of thinks you’re a pure soul and we’re baffled as to how. Every single day I wake up and even if on the surface I’m hating on myself for the situation, I really do love myself. I stick up for myself. I watch other people humiliate their worth and I realize they didn’t have you as a cheerleader when they needed it that I did.

Things weren’t always super perfect with us, but my favorite thing is talking to you. Getting to know you, and how you feel. And maybe birthdays aren’t your favorite things..but I need to explain to you that you changed the world with this day 48 years ago, and every second of my life I have been daddy’s little girl because I feel so spiritually and brilliantly connected to you in a way where most people couldn’t even get close to with a parent. It’s heart breaking. You’re not just my parent, you’re you. My best friend, usually my only friend, my main source of support, my confidence boost, my healthy reminders, my reassurance, and I will never ever forget all that you do for me and how you calm me down no matter what. I learn a lot from you so when you think one of my thoughts sounds profound, just know I learned to think in that certain way because of you. Thank you so much for being there for me and I love you a ton.

05 Dad's Birthday (5).jpg

I wish you had happier days back then. That was 13 years ago, and you seemed sad. Now honestly…you seem happier. You have Jessie, Reese & I, and you deserve all of us. We love you. My favorite thing ever is how I look at you in that picture, because it really represents a lot. We were giving you cake and celebrating your birthday…Now all I want is to see more of your smiles. Let’s call our lawyers, call Anthony, do our stuff, get our money, and get what we deserve. You deserve SOOOOOOOOO much more than this, dad.

I remember for the first couple of years I moved in with you guys I like never hugged you. Now I hug you every chance that I can get. Dad, I adore you! You have my back and I’m always, always, going to be on your side. Thanks for picking me as your favorite daughter. Thank you for being so udnerstanding and teaching me how to have such a kind, beautiful, patient and perspective heart. I’m sorry we like never take pics together but hey at least we have pics of me from when I was 6 with you!

05-8 Gardening

Favorite picture of all time. Gardening with you. I miss doing things witth you. I want you to have a home. Because you’re my home, you and Ally. I can’t wait for the next chapter of life. Just know and believe in your heart that this is going to work out beautifully and we can be besties for life. I love you and I can never thank you enough for what you do for me. Thank you. It makes me cry just knowing you’re still here and still care. I love you dad.

05 Dad's Birthday (7)

Literally can’t find any newer pics. Lol, but thank you for being my strength while they burn my home – you really are my home and you’ve made me more powerful and unstoppable than you even know!

I love you, Dad. Happy birthday! – May 2nd, 2018

Dad & Reese

My bro (in a ToonTown shirt) & my dad

We had to fall to lose it all

but in the end it doesn’t even matter

because we’re going to slay at life, dad, trying so hard and getting so far.

omg 129

May 2nd, 2014 (your birthday 4 years ago)