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One of my favorite things ever is when I get this wind of inspiration to do a shoot in whatever I’m wearing, I’ve been connecting photoshoots to other days like a playlist! So in August 2019 I got my hair done at Gene Juarez after I dyed it (with Lime Crime’s Valentine) and did this photoshoot outside with Matt and even in the rain I got some interesting pictures. I always thought this was a really interesting shoot. I’ll start with that off the plate. I haven’t cried in months though so here’s another small shoot with a last year. Hahaha.

I’ve gotten rid of almost every tank top I’ve cut actually. Including this grey one. I thought the fancy stars and the tank top were funky lookin’ actually but you’ll see why or how I even wanted to do this. It started at the apartment. Good ol’ dad’s apartment! I think some of these were tripod and some of these were Matt. But I almost contemplated calling it something like No Tears Left Makeup or whatever, like a headline! I love my titles actually. No more 3 year old blogshoots with self-deprecating hints that I wasn’t posting enough. No more tears! Also now in 2020 I’m dying my hair blonde anyway before back to red so just understand why the red hair was a best even in the rain.

One of my favorite songs of the moment is Tempted. I’m not going to show or tell you which Tempted and I’m not linking celebrity songs or pictures anymore but this was definitely an Ariana shirt! I’m probably going to have to keep this stupid shirt forever! You’ll see why at the end, haha. I thought posting this crop top on Celebrity Merch Base last night was totally perfect. So even with mental blocks or writing issues or whatever I’m still totally blogging. Something I learned about promotion verses merchandise is like, that one Miley shirt from 2007 that’s on there, that was actually a shoot I thought I was going to post on here. With Dreams or whatever. Die hard. But I never have to post that crap shoot. I just did! I’m keeping track on celebrity merch base! I can’t wait until that’s a community database! I gotta ask a certain someone for help! Or offer them a damn good idea. So then I got my hair done and we went outside.

I like that I wore those shoes. Even with that red backpack. See there’s even still more pictures from out there, and we were right by a Gucci. So another Gucci reference! Like the bracelet! Like the bodysuit era! 2017? Either way, this was actually kind of fun. These are the Wanna Betta Butt jeans that I probably have in storage or something. Other than that that’s a Dolls Kill belt. You’d never believe how much hell I went through with that star necklace. Then yesterday my friend took me to body jewelry plus and I got a new star belly ring! That’s a recent update. I did a really cool merch shoot of the shirt I was wearing too. I’m not even afraid of my frequency of how or often that I write.

And then I tip-toed home! Yay! Wow these turned out better than I kept thinking. Glad I did it. I also found a better tank top that goes with this crop top so let me show you – not only did I do this mini shoot in October 2020 but it’s mainly at this point to show how pretty my hair is from all those washes out of red dye. I used to have someone (Kylie!) dye my hair red then I last used Lime Crime in Rehab which was September of last year (one of the main reasons I stopped blogging soon enough) (and a reason why I still have old really good shoots to post that I’ve either sampled with people or just waited on until I had motivation to write) so now I’m here then and my hair is really pretty blonde grow out and my mom loves me and I live here! Again! This same house again! And my hair hasn’t been red – but I have a blonde photoshoot from last year and a couple bright red photoshoots left so again, I actually really love these combinations. This is getting fun. It’s just fun. I can’t wait until I’m up to date on photoshoots.

I got rid of both those pairs of jeans, fun fact. I’m finally settling on that fun fact. Teehee. One day I’ll have really cool jeans. I like these pictures I took of my room here. The magazine rack is new and that’s almost up to date. Eventually I’m going to have a bunch of rad pictures of the same poster in a different place from moving rooms so much, like I’ve had my Xtina collage in 3 different rooms in my life. Liberation was one of the first shoots I struggled with with posting. But I have all that here. You’ll see more. I think my Celebrity Merch blog is super cool if you check my Concert Almanac I’m not even up to date on concerts yet but I got merch from sooo many of those concerts! I get to post all of that eventually! Celebrity Merch Style or Merch Style on instagram or whatever! @merchstyle! But do you prefer the site? We’ll see. Coming up. I’m only going to link like one of those anyway.

As for my site header still being brown hair (search How To) I’m not changing that header for a long time because I am behind! Just behind! At least I can put up a tripod for 3 pictures or a shoot outside that I eventually have to re-do some for. So many different types of pants. But about where I got this T-Shirt I don’t even get to remember and why I cropped it like that just see the lingerie-lamp shoot with Totally Rad and understand that I can’t keep a shirt unless I can wear it best so I’ve had fads of myself where I was just wearing down my closet… But it’s fun actually. This has been fun. I like the overlay of CMB. That’s it. Love you all! No Tears Left! Cropped top. You’re welcome and thanks for reading.

My Current Room @ My Mom’s House