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What a crazy morning so far, how’s everyone? Today I have another really fun look. I call this Winging It, for a lot of reasons. First of all, I really wasn’t sure what to put with this bodysuit. I tried jeans, I tried various skirts, and some pants, but really was pretty stumped. In the beginning Ally was like “What about those one chained leggings?” But I was like nah bodysuits don’t usually look good with leggings. BUT, I found some random belt, and tried the leggings on with it, and it actually worked really well! So props to Ally. So yeah that was definitely me winging it…I had to try on 80 things before finding something that worked haha. Also, this is like my new FAVE pair of lashes by Velour Lashes, and they’re called #WINGING. Love it!

The look, featuring white bodysuit by Lavish Alice (purchased on nastygal.com) retails for I think like $68? So this bodysuit is pretty cool and I really like the flare of the sleeves! This is an XS and it fits me perfectly. It’s really comfy too and I love everything about Lavish Alice and their contemporary designs. This was another thing I got on Nasty Gal’s huge sale. And also in the outfit:

  • Leggings – brand is See You Monday and I got these in like 2013 and I’m not entirely sure where I ordered them from! I think it was pinkice.com. Fun fact, these are my FAVORITE ever pair of leggings. Like of all time. They’re so cool! They’re comfy black leggings but with the little rips and chains. I should’ve gotten a better picture of them but I really failed at that with this shoot. The only thing is, after only a year of having these, like 4 of the chains got disconnected. No problem though because we reattached them, but lol over the years they’ll detach again and sometimes like chunks of the chain will fall off. So that’s pretty tedious, but I still love these. I even love how they look with loose chains!
  • Belt – Funny story, in 2013 I ordered some stuff from Boohoo (which is funny because they’re the site that I think just bought Nasty Gal or something) and it was planned for that September as my first couple of outfits for school. I thought I was so cool on the first day of school going to my French class with this belt that says Bonjour, lol! Funny thing is this actually came on this really pretty black dress of mine. It came, like, attached to the dress, but I took it off and wore it with something weird. It was meant to be a waist belt but it’s not adjustable so it only works for me on my hips (it’s too wide). Let me see if I can find a picture of the dress it originally went to…
New Years Eve 2016 (3)

NYE 2016

See! That’s from New Year’s Eve 2016. Where that rhinestone belt thingy is is where the Bonjour belt originally went. Hmm. Fun stuff. Moving on. More pics from this shoot…

  • Shoes – Ehh I rarely ever even take full body shots so you can never see my shoes, but it’s just boring old black booties again.
  • Makeup – Now this is the part I’m actually so excited for! Okay so my lashes are Velour Lashes in #WINGING like I said, along with a little bit of the Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter from the Balm and a little Marc Jacobs concealer (but no foundation).
  • And my favorite part…Lips! I totally took my time on this. So this is the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit in Vixen, from the 2016 holiday collection. I love it so much. Plus if y’all know my username, darkvixen, it’s cool to be twinning with that. But anyway I LOVE this lipstick and I love how it looks on me and I love how it looks with the lashes! I use the liner to line my lips and then filled them in with the liner, topping it with one smooth coat of the liquid lipstick.

I really need to get back into being more creative with my outfits… I have this really cool dramatic accessory but I don’t have many ideas of what I could wear it with! Hmm…maybe I’ll find a theme for my next shoot and build the bold look off of that. I guess we’ll see. Thanks for reading! What is your favorite part of this look?

Song of the Shoot – I’m Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rexha. Lol this is a pretty intense song, but it’s relatable! The vibe of this song is fun and just ask Ally, my girlfriend, I am pretty crazy. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, despite the negative connotation of the word. I’m fun, I’m smart, and sometimes a liiiittle unstable – but hey, she loves me anyway!

P.S. – I’m seeing Bebe Rexha live in Seattle on Tuesday (March 14th, 2017)!