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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, it’s a day of love again! I love Valentine’s Day sometimes, because I love dressing in reds and pinks every year. This Valentine’s Day I have this cute red midi dress shoot to show you, I think the outfit turned out awesome. I liked the makeup I did with it too, I even wore cute falsies again finally – I’ve been meaning to do that! Don’t forget to check out my look from last year in the blog post Valentine that I did when I was still with my ex. I love how everything has been going for me these days too. A lot of the same things going on again, but I love hanging out with my friend and going to the club every weekend now – I finally went to the club with him the other night a couple weeks ago for the first time! I really loved that scene so I’m going to keep going back to it. That would be awesome, I’ve been wearing a bunch of long dresses of mine there and stuff there so that’s been awesome. I also have been loving doing my nails these days, I got my toes perfect for V-Day & for February! You might be able to see them in some of the pics, but who knows. They’re pink with 3 pink hearts on my toes. My nails turned out good too, I had 4 big jewels that I put on them with a baby pink color, including a big light pink sparkly bow & 3 fuchsia hearts. You might also be able to see my nails in any of the pictures, but maybe not – they’re very cute and pink though, I love doing my nails all the time now! I’ve been keeping up on that for like a long time now, like in the last year. I love doing that every week, it makes me so happy. Let’s finally get into this cute blog post next!

Valentine’s Day 2023 Photoshoot: Red Midi Dress Outfit

Valentine’s Day is always pretty cool because I liked themes & stuff. I might not really be doing much this year, but I love that I’m writing this blog post! I’m excited about finally doing this red dress too, because I’ve been meaning to shoot this one. I still have a bunch of dresses that I need to shoot, I’m hoping to do a bunch of them this year finally. It would be cool to catch up on shooting all of those! We’ll see though, I have a bunch of ideas for blog shoots this year for what’s next & whatev. It kind of depends on a couple things, but I am excited to see what I’m going to do next. I love getting to blog every month twice a month for whatever I’m doing, that’s always awesome. Let’s see the first collage!

Outfit Details for my ‘Valentine’s Day’ Photoshoot 2023:

  • Red midi dress from No Boundaries, I was surprised at what brand this dress was! It fits me really well and I got it from my stepmom in like 2020, but it’s actually a pretty nice perfect dress on me.
  • Call Me Faux Fur Heel $46 from Nasty Gal back in June 2017. I love these, I also wore them in July 2017’s Mid-July & Doin’ What I Wanna Do, plus 2019’s MISS UNDERSTOOD & Starlight in 2022!
  • Long silver pink heart necklace made by my stepmom with her BossKty brand, as well as a silver and pink heart bracelet that she made for me as well. I was wearing a silver heart anklet she gave me too.
  • Silver pink Hello Kitty necklace & earrings set that my stepmom put together for me, I love this set it’s so cute! I thought it was perfect to pair this light pink set with the red dress and everything too.
  • Silver stud earrings from Kohl’s in my second holes, these are cute & came with a set of 3 earrings. Also, the industrial I have in is this cool screw-looking industrial I got from a smoke shop in 2019 too.
  • A bright red lips statement ring on my right hand that I also wore & love from Trish’s Treasure Chest as well. I wore this in my 2022 photoshoots Butterfly Tattoo & Not All Those Who Wander as well.
  • A silver heart wings ring on my left hand on my thumb that I love & that goes with my heart tattoo! Plus, two clay pink flower hair clips that my friend made for me back in 2018! I got a bunch from her.
  • Desert Rose light pink nail polish by Deborah Lippmann with 3 pink hearts & a pink bow jewel on my nails. Also, OPI‘s Pink Friday (Nicki Minaj 2012 Collection) nail polish with 6 pink hearts on my toes.
  • Pink heart shaped sunglasses (pictured below) that I love for Valentine’s Day. I had to feature them in a few pics, I loved them with the red. I pictured them briefly in 2016’s Victoria’s Valentine as well!

Makeup Details for ‘Valentine’s Day’ on February 13th, 2023:

  • Rodial Soft Focus Glow Booster Drops $60 that I used as a primer, it’s an ‘illuminating ultimate glow primer’ that I got from Ipsy last year. This is not a bad one, I do totally like glow products!
  • Jecca Blac Liquid Concealer $12 in the shade 2.0 which is their light basically. I like this concealer a bunch too, it has a pretty good coverage to it as well. I got this one from Ipsy like last year as well.
  • Yensa Beauty Skin On Skin BC Foundation SPF 40* $42 in the shade Light Neutral that I got this month in my February Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! It’s a pretty good foundation, I like how neutral it is!
  • V Kosmetik Loose Powder $22 in the shade N02 Cool Neutral, which is a pretty good shade of a powder. This is one of my favorite powders, it’s also from Ipsy, & I like the texture of this one too.
  • Basic Beauty Bronzy AF Palette $30 in the third shade, which is the darkest. This is a pretty good bronzer palette overall! This is also from Ipsy, from like last year I think too, and I love this one.
  • Shades of Shan The Blush Palette $36 in the shade Peach, which I thought looked really good with this look this time. I got this palette from Ipsy recently and I love how pigmented the shades are!
  • Luna by Luna Baked Highlighter $23 in the shade Electra that I got a really long time ago from Ipsy! This is a shimmery pink color that I thought looked like a pretty good glow with this look.
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion $27 in the shade Original which is basically one of the only eyeshadow primers I use and have right now, but it’s an awesome one as always. It’s my favorite.
  • Āether Beauty Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette $48 which is pretty much the old one that I got from Sephora in 2019, they might’ve redone it a little! I always love this pink palette though.
  • Qveen Studio Dragon Duo Eyeliners* $28 which includes two black liners, one a wax and one is a liquid liner. These are pretty good, I just got them in my February Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month.
  • House of Lashes Iconic False Lashes $12 that I have had for a really long time, probably since when they came out! I used these ones with the Duo Brush On Striplash Adhesive in White/Clear also.
  • Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara* $24 in Cuz I’m Black that I got from my February Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month too. I wore it mostly on my bottom lashes though, haha!
  • Treslúce Beauty Hello, Brows! Dual-Ended Micro Brow Pencil $18 in the shade Auburn that I got in an Ipsy bag like last year. I used the thicker side of it this time, I love the color of this brow pencil.
  • Floss Beauty My New Favorite Lipgloss $16 in the shade Yul. I got this from Ipsy a couple years ago too, this is a really good lipgloss! It’s also one of my go-tos. (It’s usually kinda clearer though, lol!)
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is my favorite setting spray of all-time and the only one I use, every single time. I love this one and it’s perfect for me for sure.
  • Dior Miss Dior Eau De Parfum 5ml/0.17oz mini dabber size that I got from Sephora recently, and also Ouai‘s Volume Spray $26 in my hair (that I always use by itself, just in my hair when it’s wet!).
  • Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner Valentine’s Lip Balm Set $29 which is 3 limited edition V-Day collection flavored lip balms. I used ‘Strawberry’ that day & there’s ‘Candy Heart’ & ‘Cherry’ too! (belowVV)
My February 2023 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus $28/month

I loved my Ipsy glam bag plus this month, my favorite might be that mascara or something. I love Rihanna’s makeup brand, Fenty Beauty! I got 5 things like usual this month, and they’re all pretty good. The first two products I got they picked out for me, the first one being Kate Somerville‘s Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment which is awesome because I was needing/hoping for another exfoliator for sometime soon. It’s pretty good, it’s not that gritty but it is stimulating which is pretty cool, I think I like it. The second product they picked out for me was the mascara, Fenty Beauty‘s Full Frontal Mascara that I mentioned in my makeup list, and its a pretty good mascara! I like that it’s both volumizing and curling, too, it seems like a good one – plus Fenty Beauty is usually always really good. The next three products I got to pick out, which is always pretty cool with Ipsy! The first one I picked is from Yensa Beauty, it’s the Skin On Skin BC Foundation I mentioned first in my makeup list. Like I said, it’s very neutral and I love that, it looks pretty good on me! I like the texture and everything too, I wanted the foundation the most out of all the options – I’m totally fine with having this much foundation now, haha! The next product I chose I’m excited about, it’s from Dew of the Gods and it’s the Filla PWRNAP Retinol Eye Mask that I totally ended up loving, I’m glad I got this one out of all of them. It is very cooling when you put it on too, it’s awesome so far. I love retinol in products as well so I wanted to get this one for sure. The last product I picked was this eyeliner duo by Qveen Studio and it’s the Dragon Duo that I also used and mentioned last in my makeup list. It’s two black eyeliners, one is a wax eyeliner and the other is a liquid liner, and I like the wax liner the best. These are pretty good quality, too, I was surprised by them! I needed more liquid liner which is why I picked this duo, but now I have too many black pencil liners so I have to use up all my eyeliner as best as I can! That’s all good though, I’m glad I got all these 5 products. I used all 5 of them yesterday, which is when I did the shoot, and I love them they work great. Ipsy is always so awesome every month, I’m so glad about it every time. That’s all for Ipsy this month though, and we’ll see about my next bag next month too! Also, sign up to get your Ipsy Glam Bag subscription with my referral here!

I’m happy about how this photoshoot turned out! I take a lot of pics around my room, I’ve been doing this for years! They turn out good though, and it’s mainly all about the different outfits anyways. I liked that I got a bunch of those full-length pictures this time, too, it’s hard to get those sometimes in heels in my room! But those turned out totally good, and then usually the pictures in my vanity chair turn out the best with that leopard/cheetah blanket that I love. And then I also take pictures on my bed sometimes, and those turned out pretty cute with those white heels as well. I love those shoes, they’re so cute. But yeah I took a bunch of pictures this time and loved the lighting, but I was really trying to capture this dress! I sure love this dress, and I’m glad about how this outfit turned out with all the light pink & everything. The makeup look went pretty well with it too. Let’s see the last collage!

I love those Kylie Skin Valentine’s Lip Balms that I got this month so much! Like I mentioned when I mentioned the product, I included the lip balm set in a few pictures in the last two collages. They were in the first row of the second-to-last collage, and also featured in the last two pics of the last collage too! They’re to the right of me in that cute box, and I totally love that I got these! They went so perfectly with this Valentine’s Day shoot, a good accessory to the photoshoot. I used the ‘Strawberry’ one that day, before the photoshoot, and then I used the ‘Cherry’ one today on Valentine’s Day, before I ended up writing this. The ‘Cherry’ one is my favorite flavor of the three, I love it! They’re pretty good lip balms, too, like pretty glossy but also work well and I love both. I thought it would be a cute idea getting these and it totally was. I thought these would be my favorite out of any other type of lip balms I could think of, because they’re Kylie & adorable, and I love them so far. Awesome how that went, and also awesome how everything is going – plus I’m glad I finally wore falsies again! This was a good photoshoot and everything overall, I loved it. My Valentine’s Day went/and is going pretty well too. I love this year so far, everything is going really awesome with my everyday life and I love it, I’m excited about all of it these days. A lot of good so far and to look forward to, I think. Plus, I can’t wait to see what I’m going to do for my next shoot! That’ll be awesome too, stay turned on that. Thanks so much for reading and checking me out, I’ll see you with the next post! + Happy Valentine’s Day again.

Song of the photoshoot: Red Hot Kinda Love by Christina Aguilera