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While keeping to myself and not bothering too much with a social life, I have a lot of time to think. A lot of self-reflecting to do, finding things I would appreciate by myself. Blogging is one of those things that I just need for myself. And even though I bought this outfit in January 2020 (and am just now getting around to posting it) from Dolls Kill I think it’s still a pretty cool thing to be posting finally. I have a bunch of clothes from that order that I still need to shoot. I’ll get around to all of it eventually. I have multiple Dolls Kill orders in my life that I still need to shoot. Remember in 2017 when I was really on it with Nasty Gal and all my orders from there? That ended with my last yellow jumper from the store to red hair and a Dolls Kill outfit. I’ve pretty much fully switched which online shop I use, thank goodness I already shot the rest of those outfits from Nasty Gal. My closet is up to date with all those old orders. One day I’ll go back to that store but for now I need to catch up on shooting the rest of my Dolls Kill orders. And now that I’m caught up on photoshoots and a little behind on outfits I’ve got a good idea on what to do next. Posting OFFLINE is one of the very first steps with catching up. I’ve just got to keep going with the photoshoots, squeezing in as much as I can. So this post is kind of about all that. It’s a small shoot so there shouldn’t be too much of that confusing stuff I mentioned earlier – I’m pretty much done with mentioning my old posts in new posts. I’ll just refrain for that for now. So let’s get into it. It’s a two-piece matching set from Current Mood that I’m wearing in this post.

When I’m offline I try to think like a style blogger. My outfits are sometimes dragging and lacking, and then I’ll get ready for a photoshoot and it feels rusty. The whole thing is is I need to dress more like a style blogger, more often. Outfits like this are perfect for that. I mentioned a lot in my last posts that I’ve been working on my skin and I have been, but my next step or task would be to work on my outfits. I have so much from Dolls Kill I just really need to post. I had this one era of my life in the fall where I was dressing really good with different jewelry and eyeshadow and stuff where I took a bunch of selfies & videos, but then I lost a lot of that inspiration in the winter. I even got to wearing lipstick all the time. Oh well, I’m waiting for a few packages before I can step forward well enough. Those tools will definitely help me reclaim that crown that I usually have set aside for myself.

I’m wearing cute chain earrings and also my black booties from Steve Madden. My makeup, believe it or not, is the same makeup from the last photoshoot I did (the last blog post too) because I did them both on the same day. I was afraid I’d never get around to this if I didn’t do it immediately that day, so then I did. And I waited for nighttime before I did this, so the makeup and the setting all match the theme of offline. When I’m online working on my makeup it turns out fine. But I need more ambition, more drive for something like that. I know I can be a good worker even if this is all I do myself. Hopefully I make it one day. I can get really good at these shoots. I already did another shoot since, but it’s just old clothes, nothing too spectacular. I’ll get to the spectacular part once it’s warmer outside. I have so many good ideas lined up on my whiteboard for when it’s even the littlest bit warmer.

One of my favorite things in the world is body oil. I have Kora Organics’ Noni Body Oil and also Herbivore’s Jasmine Body Oil. I alternate with them every time I shower. The Herbivore one I got from Inscape, one of my other kinds of favorite online stores of all time. They have a lot of really cool things there, like my favorite body wash; Ashwaganda & Ginger Energy. Since I had talked so much about taking care of my skin in the past I thought I’d mention a few products. I get a lot of cool skincare products from Ipsy too, the subscription service. I’m still waiting on my bag this month, it’s been delayed once in a while. But I’m super excited about the products I got in it. Between Kora & Ipsy I have plenty of skincare to last me my whole life. My skin’s getting better enough, but it’s still kind of struggling. Oh well! Instead of listing my makeup I just made a good skincare list. What’s next.

I know how to explain what’s next. What I’m working towards or what I’m feeling up to is usually related to my blog. The next move is usually something I know. I have a big closet full of things to shoot and I’m getting older by the day. Maturing up a little bit. I’m not sure how well it shows but ever since I turned 22 I’ve wanted to keep up with myself as fast as possible. Things like how I used to write used to get to me, it grabbed on and wouldn’t let go. I lost my flow for a while but I still wrote. And every time I log off I think of something else I could’ve done better. That part gets a little annoying. But it’s for always showing improvement! I think in the ways I showed improvement with this post is how much I’ve been editing it. I keep editing what I write, usually with good flow I didn’t have to. But now going back with this one and fixing it over again I feel maintained. Like I’m probably doing something right. I know a lot of where this is coming from, it’s like a wave this time that I’m riding on. That’s a good piece of it.

The most important aspect of my life is how I feel or how I’m doing. I take ashwaganda every day of my life and it helps more than most things. It can help with focus or with comfort and things like that. So it actually matters how I’m feeling first of all, but today I’d even consider it a lazy day because I’m blogging in pajamas. I should’ve gotten up and got ready but that sort of drive isn’t always more important than the inspiration I have right now to be writing. So what’s more important? What I’m up to or how I am? I think that’s a clever question to be answering. My favorite things to do are usually getting ready for the day or making myself food. A weird thing is I never thought I’d be into making food like I am. But every time I eat my anxiety goes away so I guess I’m caring for the right type of anxiety. I don’t know, the next thing I really need to do is exfoliate but I keep waiting for the mail to come. That’s a nice hobby too. And my music is my most favorite thing ever. Listening to music helps a ton with just about everything I’ve got. Right now I’m listening to my Fear of Missing Out playlist. It’s a pretty good one. Concerts are one thing I miss more than ever. So many were canceled and I missed a bunch of them that I had tickets to when I was in rehab and stuff. So music is one of the most exciting things of my life, I’m excited for the albums coming out this year. There’s a bunch of them. And a few spring concerts. I have this cool Concert Almanac page on my blog, it’s a page not a post; check it out to see what concerts I’ve been to. That’s a better mention than my other blog posts! Let’s stick with that. So that’s everything, thanks so much for reading OFFLINE.