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It snowed here in February and I was really inspired. There was a lot of snow to wake up to. So I got dressed and I went outside with my camera. I’m not usually so easily inspired but I was this time. I had a good flow to me. I’m excited to show this to you! My makeup was pretty great. There’s a few key things about my writing that I need to work on so this is definitely a post to practice on. But in this shoot, you could hardly tell I was wearing a silver key necklace. Oh well, I got an iPhone picture of the necklaces. The cool thing about the Ashley Tisdale shirt I was wearing is I used to have two of them, one I cut myself and sent to my friend, and the other I never cut and wore for this photoshoot. I love distressing shirts. I think soon I’ll be doing a bunch of Dolls Kill photoshoots so I’ll be keeping up on that, but after that I’ll be back to merch again. I love that I do so many merch photoshoots like this. I know the shirt isn’t the central focus of the photoshoot this time but newer photoshoots will focus better! I love this idea I have. Gear up because I have two really good photoshoot ideas for this month. We’ll see how they go. In the meantime I’ll plug in the song Snow Shovels because I thought it went perfectly with the necklaces I’m wearing. It’s from that Gouldian Finch 3 album. Listen to the song through that link. And let me get into this.

My hair looked pretty good with this hood on. This furry coat is actually from a friend from church, she gave me a big bag of clothes to get rid of and this jacket was part of it. There’s not too much of it that I can shoot but it was a generous bag. I thought it was perfect for this outfit. And the jeans! They’re (already) the same pair of jeans as Emotional Support which was my first post of the year, and now it’s March and they’re back but with snow boots. I thought this worked pretty well, haha. That was posted in January but was from before I cut my hair. But now my hair is cut and I’m just waiting for it to grow. Then I can dye it again and have fun with that. Oh well, I was compelled to do this snow shoot. There was even snow falling past the camera in the pictures.

Such good lighting in those pictures. On my nails is Mary by Julep. It’s a pretty silver color, compliments this shoot pretty well. So what have I been up to since then? I just started working out again actually. I’ve been slacking on the being social thing still but I’ll eventually get back to it, back to friends. Just hangin’ out. Maybe there will be more shoots done with Matt this year, like how Moodswings was our last photoshoot we did together, there might be more since we’re making up with each other. Could even be some Seattle shoots like I’ve done before. That would count as being social, doing some more shoots with people. I’ve done most of these on my own anyway, you should really see what I’ve posted this year. My first page on Shop For Days is iconic right now. Oh well, I’ll keep getting better or try to. And we’ll see how things go with friends. I’m not necessarily a finished product but check out what’s next. I’m getting really good at getting my shoots done. I have this one shoot that I attempted to do a long time ago with Matt but never actually did it, and I’m finally doing it this month/year. It was an old idea but I’m finally going to requiem it.

Already almost done with this shoot. It’s been a pretty good one. I should stop judging myself so much. Let me tell ya, I also went off nicotine for the most part. I used to have the gum and patches and I went through them like it was nothing. That helped my flow a bit but going off the nicotine sucked! I even switched to just vaping CBD. Now I don’t do much except lay around in my bed all day and wait for more time to pass so I can blog. No wonder I do it so frequently. I barely even drink caffeine anymore, I just had one cup of coffee today and nothing yesterday, and that’s my flow these days. I also kind of quit smoking weed. That’s interesting for me to talk about. Oh well, I don’t need any of these substances. Why I used to go out 5 times a day to vape, but now I rarely ever hit the thing. That used to be my cycling. Rapid cycling. I’ve gotten a lot better at that by now. Now I’m just Abby in bed most the time. One day I’ll have a desktop computer I sit at while I blog and that’ll be a seismic change.

So maybe one more paragraph and then I’ll show you the picture of necklaces and the first three badly-lit photos from the shoot. Wow what a mouth-full. Huh. I’m glad I can post as often as I do, like twice a month every month. Given it’s already March, or maybe it’s only March. So much progress to be made. So many ideas to plug into my blogs. The front page of my blog is almost perfect by now. I’m definitely proud of myself. A goal for this year is to finish shooting an entire order of clothes from one of my favorite sites. There’s two different sites I have clothes left to shoot from. Another way to word it is I have a bunch of clothes I ordered online that I haven’t done a photoshoot for that I need to. Stuff that I’ve never got pictures of. So I’ll get around to that. I’m not even going to mention which sites there are, I’ll show you when I get them going. So that’s pretty cool. I think I need more goals for my blog. The posting twice a month thing works. I’ll keep working on it. Here’s the last set of pictures.

Those ones were sort of badly-lit but actually better than I expected. They’re not so bad. Granted, you can’t see the snow fall as much with those, but they’re still good pictures. I can’t believe I couldn’t see the key in any of those pictures. It is an important silver key that I got from my friend, he probably didn’t even notice that it was in there/that he gave that to me. But oh well! Create sentiment in things that you have. I even just got an iPhone case of a picture of my necklaces. It’s a picture I took similar to that last one. I just had to add that in, to show the key that I wore. And that’s about it. Just wait up for later this month and I’ll post my next one, this one should be good too. I’m excited for it! I’ll just wrap this up now and sign off. Check out my other posts if you liked this one, and let me know how you like my shoots. It’ll be a good year for me. Happy almost spring time, good end to the winter!