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The coolest thing about me is how universal I can be. Not only is my closet full of urban & glam but it’s also full of merchandise. Graphic tees for days. There’s so many ways to can wear them. Every once in a while I just take pictures of me wearing merch. I know the amount of white tees I’ve blogged about has bound to be a lot but I like the fact that I keep doing the same thing some different way. Makes me feel versatile. Today was a Post Malone tee in the kind Hollywood’s Bleeding, one of my favorite sized shirts. Not to mention one of my favorite white shirts. I’m glad it’s already February because I’ve got a lot lined up for this year. Remember in Solved the Problem when I listed a bunch of nonsense about which posts I was working on? And remember how long it took me to catch up on old photoshoots I was accumulating from the year that I didn’t get around to posting them? Well now that it’s a new year I get to make up for all the blog posts I didn’t get around to doing. There’s still some Dolls Kill clothes I’ve never posted or done a shoot for, when am I going to get around to shooting them? It’ll be this year! It will finally be all of them! So that will be pretty cool, catching up on that now. I’m definitely 100% caught up on photoshoots now too so check out some of my old posts (even just to see those shoots!) to see what I’ve been working on for the past year. This year will be a good one for sure actually. I’m glad I’m doing a post called Hollywood’s Bleeding in the meantime. This is a good shirt to do.

The thing about Hollywood’s Bleeding being a 2019 thing is that I definitely started loving the album early on but didn’t get to the merch until early 2020. That’s when I got this shirt. I’m not questioning why I also got the double vinyl (I don’t necessarily have many vinyls) but I definitely have more CDs going than most people. I also covered the vinyl in Post Malone stickers that I got. I thought that was kind of unique. I love it. I have the Circles sticker on my laptop. But anyway, everyone knows that I collect merch (shirts). I have an Instagram for it called @merchstyle. I just rarely update it. Let’s vote on something for me to update more, Instagram? Which of my instagrams? I have a bunch of them. One of these days they’ll be active but I’m working on my blog more before anything else. So here’s a post today then, fancy! Let me show you how I roll!

The song Wow. is one of my favorite Post Malone songs. Wow. instrumental is one of my favorite things too. If I could relate to any song on the album it would already be that one. If I could listen to this entire album over more than one time, I did the day that I shot this. And if I had any one thing to relate to it would be my shirt. Like on any average day – something I would do more is match my perfume to it. There’s never too much to deal with in terms of influence. Now about influence though, I would love to take my music and describe it in detail to you. I would love to word out a song to someone and tell them something a concert would say to me. Is that too far fetched? Influencing like a concert would? I love live music. I love hearing what people have to say about things. I guess that’s why I love the instrumentals of this album so much. And that’s what I’ll say.

I actually originally just called this post Wow! but then changed my mind and named it after the album. So I guess it’s just Hollywood’s Bleeding. The photoshoot itself I think works either way. Also, I think it doesn’t matter all too much. Oh well! These boots are my long john Dr. Marten’s by the way. And this silver key necklace is one of my very many silver key pieces of jewelry that I have. One day I’ll get all of them into a photoshoot. PS – I also have 3 more Post Malone stickers and I’m not sure what to do with them! If anyone has an idea then let me know, because I genuinely think I might get a conscious comment someday about this and then I’ll understand everything better. Otherwise I’ll change that part in the blog post, you know?

I’m not even going to list my makeup but I did want to mention that my blush is definitely PERFECT in this post! The amount of times I say post – and I’m rarely talking about shipping. I think this blog post is simple but accurate. Not sure what else to say about these things so I kept talking about merch. Like I’m not going to do anything with those stickers for a while. I believe in myself, I really do, but my photoshoots need some work. I feel like this is too predictable. I keep rotating instead of cycling, too. Oh well! I’ll get the hang of things. And my merch blogshoots will get the hang of themselves. No worries on that end. Now here’s the back of the shirt.

I actually did two blogshoots in a day this day. The next one is called Offline, that’s up next. I did them both on the same day! Same makeup even. Just wait for that post. For now I just want to say how excited I am for the future. This year will be something big. I’ve been working on my vision journals and even though I started the first one off rough, it ended up being the coolest vision journal I have near the end of it. It just impressed me. Now I have two other vision journals that I work on and they both started off pretty good actually. I have this fun sparkly one for 2021 and then the other one will be for next year. I just want to mention 2022 – that’s when I’ll be at my best again! I’ll even be buying clothes again. For now I need to catch up on my Dolls Kill. There will be the perfect time to do that coming up here shortly. For now here’s more Hollywood’s Bleeding.

The key says Moon on it. I can’t wait to get better with shooting jewelry. I hated the fact that the word on the key never focused on my camera. But despite how old my camera is I’ll get better at photographing jewelry. There’s only one more set of pictures left and then I’m done for with this photoshoot – I wonder what merch I’ll be photoshooting next. I have like 4 non-merch shoots lined up for after February and then to fill in the time I’ll also need to do some shoots of merchandise. I think I know the perfect set of shirts to do next!

Then I took off my pants and got some more pictures of the shirt. It’s super comfy. I just had to get a picture of the grey stripe that’s underneath the shirt. Oh well, the sun has been doing some really cool things here lately. I’m excited to see how things go. One of my favorite things to do is to shoot an outfit, and I have so much from last year left to style, so I’m sure I’ll start getting better. I just have to improve. Become a better style blogger. It’s not that impossible. So I’m excited for what’s next, this is no downtown shoot in the city but it’s something. I guess I’m just staying warmed up for the seasons. Let’s see how they change. It’s all a part of a cycle. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for something more, love you all! Tell you more with the next one.