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To start off this blog post I’m just going to say I’ve been wanting a sweatsuit like this for years. Interestingly enough, in 2019 I bought a pair of green Playboy sweatpants from MissGuided and I didn’t get any hoodie to match, but I did get a Playboy shirt also and it was white, which I put in this blog post here. Other than a couple other things, that’s what I got from MissGuided back then. But then came this year, in 2021, when I finally got the opportunity to order from them again, and I got a full-on pink Playboy sweatsuit finally! A matching crop top to the sweatpants, of course. I love it with all my heart, I wear it at all the right times. Then comes Playboy Style, where I get to show off the set as well as my new Gucci glasses that I also adore. I’m excited about this, I know it’s not the most unique photoshoot but it is one that I did and I’m proud of, and am ready to display. I haven’t worn the green sweatpants in over a year or so because they’re probably left in a buried box in storage, but eventually I’ll get those out and I’ll have those in addition to my other lounge clothes (like a collection), but for now I just have this set to wear. Glad I got that order, got a few things that time and I’ve shot some of it but the rest I’ll do later, I’m excited for June’s blog posts already and I know I’ve got things that are good so I’ll get those in line and in order soon, so we’ll see how that turns out. For now I’m almost done catching up with my photoshoots, got them all posted and I’m waiting to do more until the rest from the last couple of months are done and up on the blog. I know exactly what shoots I’m going to do next, but for now let me get to this good one! I love my Playboy style and always will, I hope to get even more someday to post about. Now here we go!

I did this photoshoot last month, pretty simply with no makeup on. Since then I’ve been taking my break from doing any other shoot, just letting time pass before I can finally post this one. I did a collaborative photoshoot this month that I’m excited to post next, but other than that that’s all I have queued for now. Like I’ve said, I have other things in mind to get to for my next things to blog, but one thing at a time, and I’ll finally be caught up with it all! This is simple, but I love it with all my heart, of course I had to do this in a shoot to show another set that I have that I am excited about. What a collection of clothes from MissGuided, I was so glad this was still available in my size. I hope this is going to be a good one, I as always am proud of what I do for my blog and I’m glad I finally get to do this one.

The slides I’m wearing here are from Shoedazzle, back from 2019 when I was boarding my plane for rehab. Got them sent to the place directly while I was there, and as I’ve said before in Elephants there was three different pairs that I got. I though Pretty Mess was perfect with this sweatsuit, a lighter pink but it still compliments the outfit. And let’s talk about the CD collection, I’ve been adding more to it lately. Still plenty of room for me to keep collecting, and I love how it’s been turning out these days. There’s always pictures by the shelf, that’s just one spot in my room that I include in a bunch of different shoots. I also love these glasses, I got them recently and finally and they are Gucci actually. I also have some other pairs of glasses that I’ll eventually get lenses for, but I thought this worked perfectly in my shoot with the sweat set. Effortless, something to wear without trying. A couple different outfits of mine are effortless but I just used to be so much better with finding jewelry to go with things, I wish I had that ability back! It’ll come back with time, it used to be a cool kind of layering, and I’ve worn a couple different outfits with that back in the day, and I’m sure eventually I’ll be back to doing it. That’s like my 2019 thing, actually.

There’s a longer collage, I got plenty of pictures for this shoot but not as much to say as some of the other ones. I’ll just keep talking about what this reminds me of, because back in the day I was different than how I typically am now. It could partially be my transition with moving back in with my mom, there were so many years that I lived here and so many shoots in this room, until the 2019 era with the photoshoots at the apartment. They’re all up and posted, but it took me until the next year to even get them up, even though they’re dated back the year before. I try with things like that, I really took a break from blogging like two times in my life and that’s how I came up with some of the dual-shoot posts that I have back in my pages of the blog, but these days I usually only do one shoot per post. It makes sense, and I get plenty of pictures, but lazy things like this for me are harder because there’s less to explain with how I put it together. Makes sense though, and I’m glad I do things like this, there won’t always be a trend with how I do things.

My stud earrings were perfect here, but I have no idea where I got like any of my earrings, honestly. I have this cool box for stud earrings with a bunch of holes on the top which they all sit on, but I don’t have as many studs as I used to. I’ve cycled through my jewelry a few times in my life, but I still believe I have more somewhere, maybe in one of those boxes from storage. I just believe that I have more, but going through my jewelry isn’t as common for me as it should be. There’s a lot of pieces that I wear too much or haven’t worn in a while, but it suits me sometimes with how I do cycle through (or with) what I have, like a particular reason that I’m wearing something. Sentimental value is something I really believe in, and I give it to all that I’ve got in order to make things matter to me. It’s not that difficult, but I do love it, and I’m excited to move forward with my life and get back to layering it all up and then you’ll see why this is what I do, because of all the jewelry I have and have gotten (from my stepmom Jessie, for example). For now I kept it simple here, of course, but again this is something I do love to talk about. There’s something to it, and I want it back.

This isn’t even the outfit for jewelry, yet that’s still what I’m writing about. At least these pictures worked out for what I was trying to get across, haha, which was the colors and style of this outfit. If it’s even really an outfit, or a substitute for a day that I don’t have to do something cool. I’ll get to better outfits, but I love this kind of thing too. I even know what I have and still sometimes lose that drive to create something cool, but I’ll always have the same or something similar to mimic when I’m working on what to wear. There I find some of my favorite outcomes, outfits that don’t try too hard but look like they’re busy. Like I’ve really got something going on here. Well there’s lots to write about, at least I’ll always have that drive, even if I steer away from the center for a second. It’s easy to work on things like this for me, and I’ll always have something better coming up too. I even have a bunch of things going on next month so I’ll be able to throw it back in motion, and find a way to create another meaning. Like with this shoot, I really mean it when I say I love this set, even if the only other sets I have are usually with skirts (something I rarely ever wear anymore). That’s an okay thing, because I do get to my sets and rock them, but for now I like that this one is easy for me!

I’m still working on healing my skin, it’s sometimes a mess even through makeup. It reacted badly this January to a product switch that I did (with salicylic acid) and started flaring up, all the way until now it reacted. So that’s a little hard on me, but it turned out fine in this photoshoot. It’s something I’ll probably get chemically peeled for next month, but for now I just keep hoping it’ll go the other way and start rapidly healing instead of reacting badly again to what I’m doing with it. I go easy on myself, because I know it’ll heal up well eventually, but it’s kind of hard on me sometimes when I’m doing shoots, which is why I was taking a break after last month (other than the one shoot I did this month, might be up next month). I was just letting it do it’s thing and was taking a break from my camera, of which I love with all my heart, but it wasn’t getting any better with my active and daily drive with my blog and all that comes with it. So now I let it rest, and do my best to keep up with it. I love who I am, and I know things got harder, but I’ll be back and better than ever in no time with how many ideas I’ve got in my head for up and coming. It gets better, don’t forget!

Then comes the shots on my bed, and next to the bed with my hood up. I’m glad with how this turned out, I think I really did it right, too. And now that I’ve posted this, I’ve got the whole front page of my blog with just 2021 shoots and posts, finally getting the last post of 2020 off the front and onto page two, with all my work from this year on the front. That means I’ve finally posted enough this year to make up for the last two years, which included a couple breaks like I’ve mentioned. I’m so active this year, it’s perfect! I don’t know what else I’d do for myself other than blog, and I’ll make up for all of them with the next few posts. I’m getting good, although my facial expressions could’ve been a bit better for this one – something I’m still working on. I got really good with my face in 2016-2018, and 2019 was effortless for that. 2020 was the last year my face was great, and somehow I need more practice or something. Could just be that this is the sweatsuit, and all the pictures kind of came out the same with the central focus being the set, but I know I can get better with upcoming posts. For example, I did good in my next one, a lot better than before. Practice helps, but somehow I lost that piece when my skin started acting up. Maybe those things are related, and once I heal I’ll get better with my placement and facial focus. I know I’ve got this good coming up, and I hope this was a post you enjoyed today, I’ll keep up and keep actively working on my blog, towards the future. Maybe I can do some more vision journal stuff, I’ve seen a lot relate to my vision journals since the last one I finished off! I’ll keep at it, thanks for reading! Check and see if there’s anything left for Playboy Style at MissGuided right here, the collaboration!