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Today is a good day for another blog post, I love how consistent I’ve been with it. Two or so posts a month works well. I haven’t been doing too much these days, but my outfits are getting better. I’ve been fixing more jewelry with my stepmom, so I have more to wear these days. The jewelry for this outfit is interesting, it’s just one pretty heart and then a tiny choker-like chain that I got from Goodwill. This shirt I got from Toney and cut it in half. He gave me like 5 shirts in our time together so that was pretty rad, I’ve blogged about most of them. This one was for my birthday, as well as the Angel Like Me shirt that I did this year. This is the second shirt, and then the third one I still have to do. (In terms of the birthday ones he gave me.) Pretty rad, actually, I’m glad I got those. This is obviously an MTV shirt, plus I have another one I’m going to do this year. That one was actually a gift too. Anyway, I’m excited for this shoot, it was a good outfit with my classic dollar sign ($) chain. I’ve used that in a bunch of different shoots, search for chains. I’ve had multiple chains, too, so that’s pretty cool. I just have one right now though and it’s this one. Haha, I’m even wearing it today with some other outfit. I’ve got a good page going on the front of my blog, this year has been productive. I just have one more photoshoot to post and then I’m all caught up with writing, so that’s a good thing. We’ll see how the rest of the year goes, I mean it’s only May, not even halfway through the year yet, but almost. Okay let’s get into it! Oh how I love styling different graphic tees. I’ll get back to shooting merchandise in the summertime probably.

Graphic tees I crop pretty often, the amount of graphic tee crop tops that I have is a good collection. I cut them myself most the time, like this one. I’m good at it too, I’ve only ruined a few shirts actually, haha. Either way I’m doing good this year! Back to smoking a million cigarettes but I’m doing good. It’s been nearly a month since I did this photoshoot so you see in what ways I’m behind? Eventually, after taking a break from photoshooting, I’ll be able to do the shoots in the same month as the posts. So that’ll be a good thing, excited to blog that one other shirt from Toney eventually. I’ll get around to that! Not much else to do except wait for time to pass. That’s an interesting feeling. I’ll get past that and then I’ll be just blogging all the time. Merchandise will get me back to that, once I start doing my collection again.

The first four of those were from the beginning of the photoshoot, and then the last two were the last two pictures I got with the photoshoot. Beginning and end of a photoshoot in one collage, interesting how my face changes. Anyway these boots are from Dolls Kill, I got them in January 2020 and am just now getting them into a photoshoot. Wow! How time passes. 2020 was kind of my break year at first, or maybe early 2019 too. I didn’t post much at all during those times, but at least I’m active these days. Wish I could’ve gotten to these sooner, but oh well! My dad even had to glue them back together at one point because they broke. Oh well, there’s a couple more things to blog about from that particular order, so I’ll post those later this year too. Offline was also from this order, so check out that post too!

I even wore my Gucci bracelet with this outfit. Looks good here, for sure! These grey jeans on the other hand don’t even fit me without a chain. I don’t need to mention where these are from, they’re just some pair of jeans to me. Interesting that they barely fit, I wonder if I’m going to do another shoot with them someday before I get rid of them. That’s definitely a possibility. Anyway, I don’t really have the right type of bracelets for shoots, my options are limited. But this one is a classic that will always work for me, and I should wear it more. But rings and bracelets are some things that I’ve had the same ones of them for forever, so I don’t really wear them as much anymore. That’s okay for now! I’ll get back to it eventually, I’m sure.

And it’s back to the boots, and then a good close-up of MTV. Interesting lighting there, but you can see my dolphin belly ring perfectly. I got that from my friend Robby back in 2019 actually, still have it these days. It’s a good belly ring! My nails were again Skin&Earth nail polish, the purple one from Lights’ nail polish merch sets, and I’ll eventually get that up on celebritymerchbase.com but not until I get hand pictures modeling the nail polish in full set. That’s still my merchandise collection website, and I update it from time to time. Usually just old photoshoots though, either way there’s a good perfume collection post on there. Not including any of my non-merch perfume though. Maybe one day I’ll do a full perfume collection for Shop For Days, but not until I get a few more of them or something. I keep running out of celebrity ones, which I’ve mentioned in previous posts of mine. Ran out of most designer ones before that.

Interesting eyebrows of mine, in that top row! The very last picture is my favorite one. I just love it, it was a good idea to point. And of course my hair is just up for this photoshoot, I can’t wait for it to grow out more. It will of course! And I’m also getting it done next month, so that’ll be good for the other half of the year I’ve got here. A good change for sure, like cutting it was. Kind of miss the long hair, with that blonde balayage grow-out like in Emotional Support (my last post before I cut my hair, but it was in a ponytail) but it’s good like this too. I just have one more thing to do before I get my hair done again. So that’s my plan, next month should go well too! I have one more photoshoot to post for this month (and I did it last month, actually) since my photoshoot break, but I’ve got plans for this month & next so there shouldn’t be any pause in my release of those posts. I’ll do them well, like I always do. I’m excited! New changes coming up, for now I’ll see you in the next post!