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A good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day of 2022 is with a good outfit and photoshoot! I’m excited about this one, it turned out really good. I have the red hair going with this red skirt that I’ve wanted to shoot for such a long time, and I finally got around to it! These pink earrings are very similar to these red ones I used to have in 2018, in like this blog post with the leather dress, but they’re of course light pink instead of the red. I think the look turned out really perfect this year, I’m glad to do another holiday post finally. I wore this outfit to go hangout with my boyfriend on Monday, and we went out to dinner and everything. I’m glad I got to see him this day, it worked out pretty well! This year is going pretty well for me so far, I like how my shoots have been turning out and everything. Still most of my photoshoots will be in this same room but I keep finding really good angles for it this time around, and I’m pretty proud of how it has all turned out. I also really think my makeup turned out well for this photoshoot as well, I love my eyes in it with all my heart. I used Redrum by Jeffree Star Cosmetics for the lipstick, and Pillar Box Red by Butter London on my nails with a shimmer top coat (Desiree) from Julep over top of it. So pretty much red everything with the pink earrings and these nude pumps. I even put on my fluffy coat I got from my friend at the end and got some pictures of my outfit in that, which turned out pretty good. This is just a festive shoot I did next to my magazine rack and I love how it turned out. It’s been a while since I’ve got any pictures in pumps, too, like so many years, but I finally put on a pair of them for another shoot this time around! I have so many shoes in my closet that I need to wear more for photoshoots, but I do pretty well with alternating through them and getting different pairs in my shoots and posts throughout each year so I’m proud of how I’ve been doing with that. Hopefully I can keep up with that consistency as I go, I really like how things turn out with keeping things like that. I should never over-shoot any piece of clothing again, but I’m getting good at being aware of that so I’ll just keep going. Thanks so much for checking out this blog post and my blog, continue reading to see some more!

Valentine’s Day 2022

I went to a meeting with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, and it was Narcotic’s Anonymous. I have to go to two of these meetings a week for my IOP treatment, but I was glad he was willing to take me! There wasn’t a lot of people there really, which is what he was predicting, but I still like that he went with me. I even got that long silver necklace (the longest of the ones I’m wearing) from my friend Robert from one of those meetings on last Friday because he was doing a jewelry sale and I came to the club to check it out for him. That went pretty well, and this is a stainless steel necklace (with an eye of protection) that he gave me and I love it. The club is awesome, and I love going to meetings there, it brings me a lot of joy. So I’m glad I ended up just doing that this Valentine’s Day, it turned out pretty well with my boyfriend and everything. We didn’t really end up sharing but we totally shared the last couple of times we went together so we just came to listen to this one. I’m really glad at the progress I’ve been making for sobriety, I think I’m doing very well and so does my boyfriend! Let’s check out more of this photoshoot.

Finally to my outfit details, I’m pretty excited about that! This skirt is bright red denim, and I’ve had it since like 2019 from Missguided. I’m pretty sure I got some other things that time, like this Playboy shirt I had and everything, but finally I’m able to get this skirt into a photoshoot! I have like one more thing I can think of that I will eventually get pictures of from that haul I got from there that year, but for now here’s just this shoot with the skirt. The lace tank top/camisole that I’m wearing is from a brand called Smart & Sexy, which I thought was interesting! Never heard of it before, I’m pretty sure I got this shirt for free from a friend or something most likely. The second necklace I’m wearing, after the longest one, is a heart lock necklace (all blinged out) that I got from my boyfriend for my birthday last November! I thought it was going to be so perfect for Valentine’s Day. Then I have one more delicate necklace on that I got from my brother, and then the quartz choker I got from my stepmom way back in the day. Later on you’ll see the basic nude pumps which I just got from some store in the mall one time, love them! The earrings like I said were made by my stepmom like last year or the year before or something, and then I’m also wearing stud earrings that went with the heart lock necklace! My bracelet is from when I was like 16 or so, from Kohl’s in-store back then! I’m also wearing a few rings that I love with all my heart.

My makeup turned out pretty good this time, I totally like how it looks. I already mentioned my lipstick and also nail polish color, but I’ll mention a few more details about my makeup! I first used my Purlisse Silk Glow BB Base Primer on my skin, which is my favorite makeup primer! I used to have 3 other products (4 including this one) from this brand, but I used all of them up already and now the only one I have left is the primer. Next I also used Laura Geller’s Quench-n-Tint hydrating foundation in the shade light, which fits me perfectly and is my best foundation right now. I used also my Flesh Boost powder all over my face, which I think is supposed to just be a highlighting powder but I’ve always preferred it as a setting powder! For blush, I used a Playtint Lip & Cheek Stain sample I got from Birchbox, from the brand Benefit Cosmetics in Pink Lemonade, on my cheeks. I finished my face off with a Luna Highlighter, which is a baked highlighter, in the shade ‘Electra‘ which is pink and perfect for Valentine’s Day with this outfit. For eyeliner, I used my awesome Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliner in Black Ink 1, and a few other products for my eyes that I also loved. The last thing would be this Complex Culture brow gel that I got from Ipsy last year or so, which is this Full Out Brow Gel (tinted volumizing brow gel) in the shade Soft Brunette. A really good look this time, I love it so much.

I’m excited to see how I make further progress this year. In fact, my hair is getting longer, and I no longer have to deal with all the short looks I had last year around this time, but I get to keep having my hair grow – I might get it to be long hair finally by sometime next year which will be good! I love that I’m making sober progress too, as I go. From the harder drugs that really rocked me I have 9 months sober, but from like alcohol and whatever I’ve got like 7 months clean, but that’s still pretty good! We’ll see how things are for me on the blog once I get to a year, that’ll be interesting creatively. I really like the different angles of my room I’ve got going on this year, I’ve done really well for my past 2 photoshoots (just from January) and hopefully I’ll do another one again this month, but we’ll see! This shoot is good to me though, I really ended up liking it, and I really got some good pictures in for some of these items that I’ve never shot before! We’ll see how the rest of this month and next month go, but I’m really liking this shoot as we go through it. My hair was in a perfect colored state for this outfit and shoot too, I think it’s looking good and everything. I have some ideas for the next couple of photoshoots I could do, but we’ll see!

This would be one of my favorite collages of the shoot, I just love how this turned out. The lighting was interesting this time, but I think it was pretty perfect for a lot of the pictures. The red colors sure do pop for this shoot though, I even love how my hair pops but my skirt sure popped the best. I think this shoot was perfect for it’s time, after the last couple of shoots I ended up doing. It’ll be good to get some more shoots done in a matter of time, but we’ll see what ends up happening! I have some concerts and things coming up soon, so that’ll be really good. I almost wanted to do another concert post or something, but for the timing of the concerts I may or may not end up doing that. I have two concerts to go to for the month of February, and I’m going to both of them alone! That might also be the case for March, but we’ll see how that goes from here. I got these tickets a while ago, one of the concerts is on Thursday though but it’s VIP so make sure to checkout my Concert Almanac page next week to see if I’ve written about it yet! I always keep that page updated, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m excited about the next two for sure.

The last collage of pictures right there! I really love this coat with all my heart, it’s one of my favorites. I got it in like 2020 from my friend, along with that red and black owl blanket underneath my heels on my chair. The coat is a little big on me but I still wear it whenever, it’s such a great article of clothing. I’m so glad I had remembered to grab it and got some pictures at the end of this photoshoot, I almost forgot! I love how it looks with those heels too, I think this was such a good look overall. I’m grateful I got to go hangout with my boyfriend on that day, I think everything worked out pretty well. My legs weren’t even cold either, in this coat, which was awesome. I’m excited to see what happens next, and I’m glad about everything I have. Everything keeps getting better sometimes and I love making progress with all of it. I’m pretty sure it’ll all keep pressing forward, and I just know this year is going to be good, for many reasons. I know it’s just the start of the year, and it’s also still winter, but hopefully I’ll be able to do another good photoshoot outside or something within the first few months or more with my boyfriend. That’s one good sign, because I want to do something more outside, but I’m still doing so good with the rest of my photoshoots. Thanks so much for reading this blog post, I think it turned out well. We’ll see what comes next, see you all later!