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So I’ve been pretty glad about how most things have been going these days, I think I really see things better nowadays than before. It’s July already, and that’s so crazy! This month is my one-year sober month from alcohol & whatever else, at the least. I’m pretty proud about that, as I’ve mentioned a bunch of times before I’m in an outpatient program and I go to meetings all the time. I pretty much just had to do this for court, but I ended up totally loving it and seeing some actual progress from myself from all of it, and I’m pretty thankful. I do better with a lot of aspects in my life these days, and I feel sooo much less lost than I used to last year before I went into this. It didn’t seem like that big of a deal for me, but it might as well have been a big change for me and everything. I’m excited I finally got around to this outfit I shot this week too, I bought this bralette in 2019 for a photoshoot and got around to it this week finally! That’s pretty cool, I accomplish a lot with my consistencies of blogging and all that these days. I mark so many outfit pieces and ideas off my big long whiteboard list and I do it in great timing and everything. Outfits like this are fun sometimes too, I have some other cool things coming up too. I am proud of everything though, I see why I love everything going on so much. It’s been a long year and sometimes I wear really cute outfits to meetings and stuff and it’s awesome to have something to do every week and to get to be so consistent with my makeup and everything, treating it all like an opportunity to do all that for myself. I really love getting to do that, I always keep up on doing my makeup now because it is sometimes my favorite thing to do! I use all my products, too, and I’m getting better at cycling through them. I see progress in everything with me, I think it’s so good I got to this point in life and I’m really doing well for myself. I wonder what’ll happen next, it’s good that it’s July though, but this year went by pretty fast. That’s crazy since I was completely sober, I thought it would take longer but I just flew through the year and did so well in most of my aspects. I’m so excited to keep moving forward and do more with my time, read more!

Illumination photoshoot with a bright orange bralette from Missguided (2019)

I totally love this bralette, it’s super cute. I know it took me years to finally get it into an outfit, but this is perfect for me this month, the perfect next thing after my last shoot. I think I did pretty well with the whole outfit and photoshoot as well! This is pretty much one of my only decorative bralettes, I only usually have like basic ones and then one lacy one and that’s about it. Cute like a crop top though, and I totally wore this out (just to a meeting though). I sometimes go to meetings dressed like a style blogger, and it’s pretty cool. I love the environment usually, and I know people there usually! The meetings I go to every week (twice a week) are called The New Fix – which is a pretty good name for Narcotic’s Anonymous. That is my usual scene, I love my styles I usually wear to there. I, of course, planned this outfit for the photoshoot, but it always works out that way that it looks good wherever I take it to. I forgot my hat when I went on Wednesday though, which totally sucked! So instead I decided to wear the hat backwards again to another meeting I went to on Thursday, with a blue outfit and it looked totally good. So then, I decided to wear that hat again on Friday (today) when I went to an appointment, so this hat was a pretty good thing this week. It looked totally good with all three outfits, and I love how it turned out in this shoot. Today I wore black & gold with it so that was pretty cool. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll wear this Kesha hat, from the Rainbow Tour 2017, but it’s my favorite hat for right now. I usually only wear one hat at a time for some reason, but I love doing that. I have a bunch of merch hats that I occasionally wear. Let’s get into this photoshoot!

Outfit Details for my ‘Illumination’ Photoshoot:

  • Orange One-Shoulder Ring Detail Bralette $12 XS from Missguided online in March of 2019, which we put a new black string in the back to cinch it closed. I really love this bright orange bralette!
  • Black leather Prime Pants $112 X-Small from The Ragged Priest brand from Dolls Kill online in April 2019, one of my favorite pairs of pants of all time. I also wore them in my Genie Atrapado shoot.
  • Rainbow Tour 2017 Adjustable Hat $25 from Kesha’s tour 2017 which was the first time I saw her live. Check out Kesha’s online store for more merch! I wore this hat in Kesha’s Spaceship in 2017 also.
  • Big gold dangly circle earrings that I’ve had since I was like 16 or something, but I can’t remember where exactly I bought them! One of my biggest pairs of earrings that I have, they look good here.
  • Gold butterfly dainty necklace which I got from Rocksbox in 2018, one of my favorite gold necklaces I have. I wore it for this photoshoot in July of 2018 in Idaho as well, that I called Missy Understood.
  • Gold chain square bracelet that I got from like Goodwill or something in 2019 most likely. I don’t have that many different gold bracelets but this one is cute. I love doing gold once in a while too.
  • Tiger’s Eye unique gold ring that fits me perfectly that I got from my friend in 2019 also. One of my favorite rings of all time, really good quality too! I wore it in my Coca-Cola x2 photoshoot as well.
  • ‘Bikini So Teeny’ blue nail polish $10 by Essie which was one of my favorite nail polishes back when I got it in like 2015. It’s been a while since I wore any of my Essies, but this is perfect for summer!
  • Pink floral summery wedge heels by Beau+Ashe from Shoedazzle most likely, that I got when I was like 16 or something from my mom. These shoes are crazy, I put them on later in the shoot below.
  • Miss Dior Eau De Toilette perfume 0.6 oz $41 by Dior that I got for Christmas of 2021 from my dad and stepmom. This perfume totally went well with my outfit, I really loved them together as well.

I named this post Illumination because I have this playlist on my phone that I really love & wanted to do more with. It’s, of course, the playlist I started last fall of 2021 that I called Convenience Fee, right around when I did this photoshoot & blog post with the same name. I have 240 songs on the playlist by now, the summer of 2022, but one of the songs on there was named ‘Illumination’ and I thought that would look cool with this bright orange photoshoot that I did, because it looks like it makes sense! This was the second most significant playlist I’ve ever made, the concept and theme of the whole thing is so perfect for me. It’s my best playlist these days and I still listen to it a lot. I decided, after looking through it, that it would be cool to name a few photoshoots after songs from the playlist. I love naming my photoshoots after songs and I totally do it a lot, too. I also really love the song I named this shoot after, it’s by the artist Daktyl from 2020 and it’s a good one. That whole album, ‘Unreality’, is pretty good I think. I really love getting to do photoshoots with unique outfit pieces and stuff like that, and I really love that I can make these connections with the outfit and how the shoot turns out with my music and things like that. I think this outfit is perfect with the hat and braids, I love braiding my hair these days too. I also love the attitude I put into this. Plus, this bralette looked like a good color in some of those pictures! It was a little bit in & out with getting the colors right in every picture, but I did pretty well with what I got of it! I think this is a pretty good look too.

Makeup Details for ‘Illumination’ on July 6th, 2022:

  • Tynt Beauty Dew Balm $28 that I use for a primer under makeup. It’s very lightweight, I really like that about it. I got this in my Ipsy bag last year in 2021, I get plenty of enough primers there too.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer $30 in 20B Light which is my favorite concealer from the past year at least, I love it a lot. I’ve tried a few shades of it but this one is the best one I’ve tried.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Glow Wand $29 in the shade Alight that I use over concealer, kind of as a highlight but under foundation. I got a sample of this like last month & I think it’s pretty good!
  • Laura Geller Quench-N-Tint Hydrating Foundation $34 in the shade Light which is sometimes my favorite foundation, I love it and it fits me perfectly. I got this from Ipsy last year of course also.
  • Too Faced Peach Blur Translucent Smoothing Finishing Powder $30 discontinued powder that is pink, which is cool. I’ve had this since February 2019 from Sephora, it’s a pretty good product too.
  • Kylie Cosmetics Koko Kollection Pressed Powder Face Palette $40 from June of 2017. I used all 4 shades ; Rodeo Drive blush, Troop Beverly Hills & 90210 highlights, and Hollywood Blvd bronzer.
  • Mary Kay Eye Primer $12 which is the only eyeshadow primer I have. I got it from my mom in like 2020 when I saw that I had no other primer. This one works pretty well, I think it’s pretty decent!
  • Ulta + Jenny Fox Miss Fabulous Eyeshadow Palette $20 that’s from 2016 from one of my favorite YouTubers. I totally love it & used it in a photoshoot I put at the end of this Glory post in 2017.
  • Doucce Ultra Precision Eyeliner $23 in the shade black which is my best pencil eyeliner right now, that I got from Ipsy last year probably. It’s pretty good on my waterline, mostly. I love this one.
  • il Makiage Black Card Liquid Eyeliner $23 which is my current favorite liquid liner, that I got from Ipsy last year probably. It’s very black, I love it a lot. I’ll eventually try another liquid eyeliner, too!
  • R.E.M. Beauty Flourishing Volumizing Mascara $15 in the shade Midnight Black from Ariana Grande’s new makeup line. This is not too bad either, just tried it! I got it at Ulta last weekend.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer $23 in Auburn which is for red hair with a dark undertone, so basically my red hair with darker roots. I got this shade recently too, I used to use a different one.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer $16 which is the only lip primer I have and use. There’s not that many different lip primers at Sephora these days, I wonder why! I still of course use it everyday.
  • Kylie Cosmetics Apricot Lip Kit $29 that I got in April 2017, back when I was buying a lot of Kylies. I have so many Kylie lip products & kits, a full bottom drawer of my acrylic lip product organizer!
  • Urban Decay Allnighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is as always, my favorite setting spray of all time but it was discontinued last year! I still have a couple of them though.

I can’t believe this year is already a little over halfway over, it seems like it went by so fast. I do love the summertime though, I can’t wait to get more into summer fashion as I go. One thing about this year going by so quickly though is I feel like I’ve had enough time to blog, definitely, but I need to work on my journaling more! I do my vision journaling like once a month and it’s awesome, but I really want to write more in my regular journals. That’s probably the next thing to focus on once I’m done with this post, prioritize my journaling so I can get into it more often. I see that a lot of what I write about is my personal progress, but it used to be lists and things that I would put together and I really love that journal. I love my writing on here, though, and mostly I’m glad I do it as often as I do with my photoshoots. I think it’s the perfect thing for me, getting to blog twice a month, as I go through my life. I’m pretty proud about how things have been turning out with it, it’s mostly just my own creative outlet but I really appreciate all the work I put into it and how well it’s been ending up looking with everything. I’m really glad about the timing with my makeup and everything, too, because that’s a passion that fits pretty perfectly in with my blogging and it just makes more sense these days with all that I’ve been doing with those two things. I’m excited to see what I’ll do next with my makeup, and maybe eventually I can buy more clothes later down the line after I cross more off my list of shoots. Those are things to look forward to in my life. I love my passions like that. Let’s see the next collage!

I think shoes like that are totally fun. I have a bunch of pairs of sandals and summer shoes that aren’t wedges but heels, and then I have these and they’re all from about the same time. I don’t wear them that often, but last year I wore them a couple times because I remember that I had them! I hope I have more opportunities this summer to wear my shoes like that. I’m a little out of practice with walking in these ones, but I can still probably wear them out again sometime soon! I have like three different racks in my closet and they’re all different, but they all have shoes on them. I have like, one for half my boots and everything, and then one for booties and sneakers and finally a tall one for summer shoes. I should really go through and wear all of my summer sandals at least once this summer. It’s been a while since I’ve done that! Sometimes it’s just an interesting warm outside where I’m not prepared to wear a dress or shorts, so I end up planning for jeans, but if I can just plan ahead a little bit better than I can remember to wear my dresses and summer clothes more. I figured it was still June weather, and maybe it’ll get better as we get further into July. August for sure will be perfect for that, but I’m excited about this because I remembered today how many pairs of shoes I have like that. It’ll be good to see how that turns out, we’ll see what I end up shooting next with the weather!

That’s all for this blog post, thanks so much for reading! I loved that orange color on me, I have nothing like that bralette & this outfit came together really well. Maybe I could get some more things like it eventually, or something else that’s different from what I usually have, but for now I’m just doing well marking things off my list. I think I’m making a lot of progress with my closet and everything, and even with how I style things. I know I’m getting better with most of the things I’ve been working on this year, and I’m excited to see what else I end up doing later on. I think the backwards hat and braids was perfect for this too, I’m liking that sort of style more lately too! My usual, everyday style is usually always Urban Glam which I came up with, and it’s super awesome. This outfit is also an example of that sort of style, and you can tell with the urban of the pants and the glam of the bralette. I have loved this whole week though, I got my outfits pretty well for this week. I’ve been pretty busy too, Sunday was my only off day this week and I did something every other day this week! I also have something to do tomorrow, so that’ll be good. Another day I get to do my makeup this weekend, I usually have not much to do on the weekends. This week is a good sign though, I love how things have been going in most aspects of my life. Thank you all again for reading!