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In the many years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve had a lot to say. Now that it’s 2021 and I’ve cut my hair I’ve been excited to come back with a story. In 2015 I started blogging with a graphic tee shoot and money leggings. I still have both of those to this day and I’m now 22! I was 16 for that. I even got a few new graphic tees to do more shoots with eventually, starting with this rad blue angel one from my friend. There’s a new Coca-Cola shoot coming eventually too. It’s a different one than that OG one (I called that post Original Gangstress). I’m almost done doing graphic tees for a while too, but for now here’s Angel Like Me. Loosely inspired by a Miley Cyrus song, Angel Like You. I can’t wait to show you more this year. With the first thing I posted now near the end of the year, Emotional Support, I was just finishing up on the rest of the 2020 photoshoots I had left in stock. Now, after the last haircut that I got, I’m finally prepared to do more photoshoots, so hopefully this year can be abundant. I’m excited to see how it goes. My goal for this year is at least 10 good posts. This is basically the first of the year, in terms of a blog post. Like I said, eventually it won’t be just graphic tees but I have so many that I’m excited to do them. And for my hair, once it starts growing again I’m going to dye it to match a set of extensions. So that’s all coming up, we’ll see how long it really takes me to get there. I’ve got not much going on but blogging ahead!

In this light blue baby tee I finally got down with these blue jeans. I’ve had these jeans for a bit but never shot them yet. So first time for these jeans. I even actually have all my makeup lined up since I did this shoot all in one go. Since it’s early enough I actually remember all the details. This will be a good one. One thing about me is when I’m not blogging I kind of, have been sort of, dressing in just comfy clothes all the time. It’s lame. One thing good about that is I’ve been super comfortable. I’ve been adjusting to my new life at my mom’s again just relaxing, instead of hanging out with friends all the time doing nothing productive. I’ve been giving myself a lot trying to heal. Trying to isn’t the same as just letting yourself heal though. I guess it depends on which way you go about it. I’m trying to vape less but vaping is one of my only outlets. And posts like this used to not be a favorite but I still have a full page of posts I’m proud of on my homepage. Let’s get into the shoot finally. First I started on my bed. 2021 will be different…

So this shirt is just from my friend Toney, I got it for my birthday in November. This necklace and charm bracelet both were made by my stepmom Jessie and her BossKty jewelry brand. She makes a lot of really cool stuff. The sparkly necklace pendant came from a pair of sterling silver earrings I had from Kohl’s a bunch of years back, but I lost one of the earrings so my stepmom turned this one into a necklace. Check out this blog post here, It’s Britney, Bitch! the second photoshoot, where I wore the earrings together when I still had them back in 2016. After the next collage will be my makeup details. I also wore my chain around my waist but I forget where I even got it, it’s the $ sign chain. And as for my posters, I don’t think I’ll get to worn out in my room. After all there’s always the outside posts like Snowblind or Emotional Support. (which was my last post). I have a really good idea in mind for next month. I remember this one 2016 post too where my posters were super cool. Same room as this one. But dang, 5 years ago! Scroll down that one. I don’t think I’ll ever stop blogging, actually. Who knows how my adult life will actually go.

  • Laura Geller Quench ‘n Tint Hydrating Foundation in Light
  • True + Luscious Invisible Setting Camera Powder
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Paaarty
  • Space Case Seen From Space 1A Highlighter
  • Trestique Define, Sculpt & Set Brow Pencil
  • Tarte’s Tartiest Mascara
  • Wander Beauty Lip Retreat lip oil

By the vanity and then back to the bed! I really like how this shoot turned out actually. I have more creative things to post, I’ve got a Dolls Kill order from a million years ago lined up to post this year. So that’ll be fun. Man I’m getting this up quick. But anyway I love where I’m at mentally. CBD has been helping me cope a lot with just being home all the time. You’d think I’d be doing more. Like linking 4 blog posts into one blog post to so obviously voice that I don’t have much to say, but I’ve had worse. Or that I’ve had better to say. Either way. I’m just proud to still be me and to still be doing the same thing that has brought me joy for so many years.

I really liked this necklace with this shirt. It used to be a pair of earrings but now it’s just a necklace. The earrings both big and small were from my mom, she got rid of a ton of jewelry recently. I like the little leafs. Anyway I almost forgot to mention that these jeans are from Marshell’s. Pretty cool pair of jeans I guess. I don’t have that many pairs of jeans so a lot of times I just repeat them in photoshoots. I liked this two angels shirt I actually used to have 3 angels on my walls from my Grandma plus 3 ceramic angels on my display shelf but now I just have 2 on my walls, I broke one last year. Okay so maybe I don’t have the most to say about it but at least I’m getting this post up, right? I’ll have all that and more to say coming up quickly. For now I’m just going to be nice to myself and keep doing what I do. The inspiration comes, the time goes by and eventually I find myself in a pretty comfortable place. It’s all about time eventually, maybe I’m just too young to see why not. Maybe it’s moving in one place and hoping you’re already in heaven. If not, what’s it take to get there?

I was sitting on my little pink thing for this. Like this really good collage on That Almost Bitch. Yes another mention of another post, but I love this pink piece of furniture. I can’t wait until my hair gets to be like that again. My cousin’s family friend Kylie actually cut my hair this time. We cut off all the blonde. Oh well, I’ve been trying my best with nicotine these days and it just does not suit me. I’m addicted to vaping. It’s not that bad but it’s vaping. 6 mg of nicotine. I kind of recently switched to vaping CBD so at least there’s that but the cycling, the rapid cycling, that comes with it is interesting. At least this week I get to go back to the gym finally. I worked out a ton in 2017 and I’ll finally be back to this month. It’ll be Planet Fitness now though. I still have tons of Demi’s Fabletics outfits left, too. Maybe one day I’ll have a rocking body and I’ll get to re-do some of those photoshoots. Or just shoot the rest of them that I have leftover and call it a new era. I love eras. I create a lot for myself. There’s a lot of things I think about pertaining to my blog all the time and I just love it, live in it. Let it speak for itself. And for the heck of it I’ll just say my favorite blog post of all 2020 was Solved the Problem. So if you’re looking for more to read and didn’t click on all those links leading up to this then I suggest reading that one. And now one more collage, and close. I put on white shoes for this.

I’m thinking of selling some of my clothes on Depop. I’ve already got rid of so much though. These shoes would definitely be on that list to get rid of, they’re a half size too big for me. These cool basketball court white sneakers. Oh well at least white shoes are coming back for the seasons. Oh well we’ll see how this winter will suit me. I can’t wat for spring though. It’ll be good. I can do 10 good posts this year. Maybe a whole ‘nother page of blog posts. To wrap things up I’m grateful for the new year and what it’ll hand me verses what I get to dig up on my own. Either way I usually find what wants me. Why pass that up? Why change for anything else but to change for? I would love to change, I would love to mature, I can’t wait to grow up and I’m still a woman. That never concerned me, I was always good at it. Just take 2016 for example. I’ll be blogging for a long time. That’s just me, I think, I think it suits me. Still the same camera I’ve used for all my photoshoots. Now when my dad gets a new position I think I’ll even be back to buying clothes. Not that I need to, I got this year all lined up for me. But if I do buy new clothes I might definitely sell a bunch of old ones. We’ll see how my life goes. Thanks so much for reading, have such a good day! Find what suits you, chase whatever fleeting freeing thing there is for you. And just let yourself be.