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I love when it gets to be near to the middle of the year, time is really cool to be sitting in sometimes. Making a lot of progress on myself and my blog, I do really well for myself getting to even better places as I go through everything through the year. This year specifically has been a great one for me so far, with going to all my meetings and all regularly! I’m pretty excited about this blog post and photoshoot finally too, this is a DKNY sweat-dress I’ve had for like 6 or 7 years probably! I used to have two of them, with one being black & white and the other this one (grey & black) but I got rid of the other one years ago and I totally regret that! It hasn’t happened to me a lot that I regretted much that I’ve gotten rid of in terms of clothes over the past long time, but it was crazy that I didn’t just keep both for my blog! Finally, since like 2015 when I first had this, I finally get it into a blog post with pictures of it. I did a full face of red and orange-ish colors including products from my new Ipsy bag this month, and I love how it all ended up looking for sure. It’s been since last summer that I had to stop getting Ipsy for a while, but I finally was able to resubscribe this month and I’m so glad! I had so many products and it was good to have taken a break but I really love Ipsy so it’s great to be back with it finally. I’ll include a review in with this post for sure! And this is of course a casual dress, perfect for lazy days, but I do love it so much. I’ve been waiting so long to do the photoshoot but now that I finally have, I can wear it more often. Although, it’s the end of May so it was getting kind of hot outside recently, but I just had to pick this dress out for the second post of the month so I could have ended up shooting it this year for sure! I like how it all turned out and thanks so much for checking out this blog post. Let me know what you think and there will be more coming up next month, it’ll be good to finally get to the summertime again!

DKNY grey sweat-dress photoshoot

There’s so much in my closet that I have left to shoot, and I love when I finally get to a key article of clothing that means something to me. It’s great when I’m going through each month getting things done, and I love how that goes with all my heart. There’s always a piece of clothing I think to put into a shoot soon or up next, and then I build my outfits around that and stuff. DKNY is a dress that I already said I have had for a long time, but it’s also such a unique piece of clothing in my wardrobe. I’ve noticed this month that I really need to work on shooting dresses and stuff more though, since I still have so many of them I have left to shoot these days. This dress is one of them though, and I think I did it enough justice with this photoshoot! I’ll see what I end up doing next, I saved a few things for the summertime and that’ll be perfect to finally get to. I love all the clothes I have now and it’ll be some time before I go all out and get anything new again though, but for now I just love that I’m rediscovering some things but also getting things done as I get to my photoshoots a couple times a month. It’s pretty cool to be doing that and I do it well and it’s pretty organized and stuff. I’m totally into makeup and stuff too still though so I love doing that all the time, but yeah that’s a couple cool things for this blog post. Keep reading, here’s the collages up next!

Outfit Details for my ‘DKNY’ Photoshoot:

  • DKNY grey & black sweatshirt dress from like 2015 or earlier, check-out DKNY’s online site!
  • Snake wrap-around ring from Pandora from like 2016 or so. Check-out the discontinued ring on their online site! This is my favorite & signature ring, but the head of the snake was broken off!
  • Pave circle stud earrings & mis-matched smaller stud earrings that I’ve just had lying around for a long time. The pave studs are my favorite pair, and most-worn sometimes as well.
  • ‘Shooting star’ 3-star cluster industrial bar in my ear from Body Jewelry Plus from the Tukwila mall & wherever else in my area, the only other jewelry piece on me (other than smaller piercings).
  • Gold metallic nail polish in the shade ‘Bree’ on my nails and ‘Mia’ on my toenails by Julep who discontinued their line of nail polish. I still have a lot of Julep though, they’re my favorite brand!
  • Black short UGG boots that I put on later in the photoshoot (below). I’ve had these UGGs since like 2016 or something and I love them! I’ve worn them in Babes and also Year 2017 too.

I think I do enough in my life to keep moving forward. I think about that sometimes like about where I’m at and how a lot of things happen that I might not have accounted for, but I’m really good at still for some reason being able to make progress and stay ahead of everything. Or at least be moving with all of it on time, and it is very rare that it ever gets ahead of me. Like having a lot to do and making sure I get everything done that I need to, and thinking I rarely have to make certain sacrifices but when I do they’re just things I forgot about briefly and it’s never the harder stuff. It’s always something I can handle most likely, I’m pretty good at moving with all my own currents of life and keeping up with everything I need to. I also love doing that with all my heart, I have all these lists and things to keep track of and I do different combinations of the same things all the time but I really love everything in my life a lot. I give myself credit for everything every day and I love spending any of my time appreciating anything that I have, and I’m pretty good at that. Sometimes things aren’t perfect but I just really do love how things are sometimes and I do well with myself and the things in my life. I also think I do well with the people I have close to me and I think I do well with communicating all the time. My relationships are pretty awesome, it’s just my family and my boyfriend, but they can all tell I’ve done really well in the past year and I’d say they’re all pretty proud. I don’t really need people as much as I used to, I think I’ve done a bunch of growing with my time and sobriety at the very least in the past amount of time. My family fills in every other part of my life and I really love how everything is with them, so I’m totally glad about how that’s been. I really appreciate where I’m at in life these days and I know I’ll keep continuing to do better!

Makeup Details for ‘DKNY’ on May 27th, 2022:

  • Rodial Soft Focus Glow Drops $60 illuminating ultimate glow primer that I just got in my new Ipsy bag for the month of May! I’m finally resubscribed again and I got this new primer.*
  • Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer $30 in the shade 22N Light Neutral but I’m returning this shade to get the other one I usually get! I thought this one sounded good but the other’s better.
  • Complex Culture All The Angles Brush Duo $48 this is a pretty good brand from Ipsy. Another product I just got this month, the concealer brush in it is a good size too!*
  • Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation $54 in the shade B40 Sand (SPF 20) which is the new foundation I got from Sephora this month, I love it! I had tried it before in sample form.
  • True + Luscious Camera Powder Invisible Setting Powder which is a great basic powder that I have and love to use for photoshoots. I got this from Ipsy a while back ago, like last year or earlier!
  • Yensa Silk Bronzing Base in Sunlit Glow $38 I was finally just trying this out as a ‘bronzing base’ instead of just a bronzer by itself. It looked pretty good with both!
  • Basic Beauty Bronzy AF Bronzer Palette $30 using the third shade over that bronzer base. I got this from Ipsy in my second-to-last bag last year in July. It’s a pretty good set of bronzers.
  • Mary Kay Eye Primer $12 which I use every time I do my makeup for my eyeshadow. I love doing eyeshadow these days, and this is a good enough primer!
  • TANAÏS Matí Earth Tones Eye & Face Palette $35 which is an eyeshadow and face palette I got this month in my Ipsy bag. It’s pretty decent, I love it a lot! There’s pictures above and below.*
  • R.E.M. Beauty At The Borderline Kohl Eyeliner Pencil $17 in Midnight Black which I got in-store at Ulta. This is a great basic pencil from Ariana Grande’s new makeup collection from this year!
  • Tarte Cosmetics Maneater Mascara $24 in black which I got as a sample with my last order of concealer from Tarte online! It came with Shape Tape eye cream & glow wand samples as well.
  • Rare Beauty Brow Harmony Pencil & Gel $22 that I repurchased recently, I love this eyebrow definer duo from Selena Gomez’s makeup line, I got it in-store at Sephora!
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer $16 that I use every single time I wear lipstick. This is my only lip primer as of these days but it’s great.
  • MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in ‘Spice’ $19 one of my many MAC lip liners from years ago, it’s great.
  • Lovecraft Beauty ‘Fausta’ Lipstick $22 from Ipsy back in the day a couple years or so ago. I love when I get lipstick from Ipsy, this is a nude brown-ish color that I liked with these colors!
  • Urban Decay Allnighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is my [discontinued] favorite setting spray of all time, I love it so much!
  • Kenra Volume Dry Shampoo $18 that I got in a set of dry shampoos through Birchbox at one point. I love their kits, they’re pretty cool! I used this in my ponytail.
My Ipsy May 2022 Glam Bag Plus

*Including the glow drops (makeup primer), brush duo (for concealer & powder) and the face & eye palette I mentioned above! The other two products I got that I didn’t use for this photoshoot were two things. First a black peel-off purifying face mask that I tried yesterday that was not bad, for one! (It peeled off alright though, but not the best mask I’ve gotten from there.) Second, a caffeine eye cream that I just tried today, and it’s pretty great actually! I am glad I got this, I was running low on a couple eye creams for a while. That’s it for my Ipsy bag, it’s only $28 to get all of this put together but different every month! Click here to subscribe for monthly makeup also, it’s basically my favorite way to get makeup most of the time too. PS. – Since I resubscribed on the 4th, they sent me the Ipsy bag from July, not the May bag which was purple for this month. So I have two of the same drawstring makeup bag now, but oh well!

That’s pretty much everything for this post, thanks so much for checking it out! It’ll be something cool for next month, I already have some ideas for my next few outfits that I’ll shoot. I’m so glad about how well I’ve been doing with my makeup and stuff every week, I at least get of the house 3-4 days every week and it’s one of my favorite things to do these days with everything. Going to meetings used to be the best because I get to get out of the house but it’s even better that I’ve been focusing more on doing things like my makeup with that too, because it just is more for me to look forward to with each day and everything. I can’t wait to do better with photoshoots and everything soon too, because that is sometimes my favorite thing to do but only in certain moods every few or so months when I hit a wind or something! I love working towards all my goals and doing things creatively through each week, like getting ready for my days and getting ideas from what I’m doing and everything, it’s just awesome. I’m really doing well with at least some aspect of all of it every month as I go and I always have something to work on as I go. So we’ll see what happens within the next month, I’m glad I keep doing better as I go with everything and I know I have more to look forward to. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you guys next month!