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I think I’m always doing really good as I go with every day, making progress with everything I love. I’ve always been really driven and ambitious for who I am, and I love getting to step up and do something with my time or life when I get the chance. Blogging to me is always something I have done for myself since I was like 16, and I made sure to know it as a passion and everything so I could continue putting myself and my energy into it. I used to want to get up and take pictures of myself all the time, and I always had this love for style and makeup, so I ended up doing a bunch of really cool things of myself since I started as the years went on. I love that I still do this for myself, and I know I’ll get better and better sometimes too which is fun to work towards. I totally see progress even in this shoot itself, I think I did really good with the red and white colors together! Also, this was my last photoshoot I did with my faded hair again (which is like blonde) so we’ll see it re-dyed in the next photoshoot, but I loved the contrast I did with the coloring of this outfit to my hair. I think it all turned out great, and I finally got pictures of this Lana Del Rey shirt that I got near the end of May (or early June) last year in 2021. It’s a pretty white t-shirt that says, in red writing, “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost – LDR” which is from a song from her 2021 album ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club’ which is pretty awesome. I even also have a Chemtrails iPhone case that I love, but I didn’t include it in the photoshoot! Such a great album though, I love Lana Del Rey with all my heart. She’s one of my overall favorites most of the time which is awesome. This year has been going great so far with my creativity and doing my best to fuel it, it all comes together pretty well and I’m glad about that. I’ve also been pretty busy this month as well, in the last week of mine I went to my 2022 family reunion the day after I did this photoshoot! It was totally cool, we all went camping together and I loved it. Next I had a concert on Thursday (which was Halsey, #74 that you can find on this page!) and then a meeting Friday etc., but I’m finally done with everything and just writing this today. This week should be pretty good too, just more of the usual of like meetings and stuff. I’m totally glad about everything though, I think things are ending up in a good place most of the time and I really love how I keep moving forward all the time. Continuing reading for more next up, collages & more as well!

‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost – LDR’ White Merch T-Shirt from 2021

I love how things seem to work out sometimes when I’m not too sure of what to do next. It always seems like things work out a little better eventually when I reach a certain point of my life, and it is sometimes surprising as well. I loved this idea for this photoshoot, it came a little later in the month than I was hoping but I came up with the idea last week and it worked itself out pretty well. I wanted to wear these white leggings since I have them and it has been since this shoot with Jenna that I had worn any in a photoshoot (and those white leggings weren’t even mine!), so I thought it would be a good idea. This would be the first outfit I’ve worn these with on my blog then basically. Then, I decided to wear them with the white shirt, and ended up picking this Lana t-shirt of mine to go with it because I also wanted to wear red lipstick for another shoot before I dyed my hair again. Those three things went together pretty well so I was pretty glad about that, and this cropped flannel I’ve had since I was 15 worked pretty well for it too! On my whiteboard I have this long list of all these things I need to put into a photoshoot soon, but a lot of it I have to wait for it to get hotter outside before I can wear them! I do pretty well with that list though, I love putting new or unique things into my photoshoots that I haven’t yet gotten pictures of and everything. I’m pretty good at cycling through my wardrobe, and I sure love it when it’s merchandise too. I have so much of that in my collection, and I will eventually get through a lot of it! You can check out Celebrity Merch Base online for my blog of collection for all of the merchandise I’ve gotten pictures of, or at least a lot of it so far. Also, check out this link (or search for Lana Del Rey) on that blog to see what I’ve posted from my Lana collection so far! I think I have like 3 different colored Lana shirts total, but I’ll get around to doing better photoshoots of the other two one day. I’m glad I finally got this one done though, it turned out totally good. The other thing I got from Lana was this cool box that is included on my blog, and I got that around the same time last year. It’s merchandise from the same album as this! A perfect thing for me to have included on my other blog. Anyway, let’s get into the photo collages next!

Outfit Details for my ‘Not All Those Who Wander’ Photoshoot:

  • ‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost – LDR’ White Merchandise Graphic T-shirt by Lana Del Rey from 2021 (from her ‘Chemtrails’ album of that year) still for sale on her online shop for $30 right now!
  • Regular white leggings from the brand Eye Candy which you could find online or at some stores. I’ve had these since like 2019 or so probably, as a gift or from Goodwill or something like that!
  • Cropped red plaid flannel shirt that I’ve had since I was like 15. I got it from Goodwill (and cut it). I also wore it (uncut) in three photoshoots of 2016. The first was in February, then July and October.
  • Sparkly slip-on sneakers from JustFab (or probably Shoedazzle too) that I got for Christmas in like 2020 from my mom. I also wore these in August of last year, 2021, in the photoshoot Care Label.
  • Rainbow Moonstone & peach moonstone handmade wire-wrap pendant necklace made by OxanaCrafts who I found on Instagram. I bought this in May of 2019, one of two necklaces I have from her. I think I also wore the dangly peach charm by itself in my It’s Not U photoshoot in 2019 as well.
  • Red sparkly ‘lips’ ring from ‘Trisha’s Treasure Chest’ by Trisha Paytas in like 2014 when I was like 15. I have three of these rings in different colors, including this one, a light pink one and a dark silver one. I also wore the red one in my Butterfly Tattoo shoot and the red & pink ones here as well.
  • Silver sterling ‘Python’ or snake ring from Pandora which is now discontinued. I bought this when I was like 16 or so, but the head has broken off of it! I’ve worn it in a bunch of posts, starting with like this one from 2016, search for it on my blog. It’s the ring I wear the most often, my favorite.
  • Red and gold beaded two-layer bracelet made by my stepmom and her BossKty brand, I love this one.
  • Sparkly medium sized hoop earrings that I think my mom gave me at some point last year. They’re my go-to earrings sometimes! Also LC Lauren Conrad stud earrings from Kohl’s in my second holes.
  • Purple nail polish by Julep in the shade London. Julep ended up discontinuing their line of nail polish, but they’re still my favorite nail polish brand and I have so many different polishes from them!

I’m pretty glad about how I’ve been evolving in the last year or so with sobriety and all of my other changes. In the last two years (and a half) I’ve been through so much it’s crazy, living with my mom and everything that I’ve been doing. I love that I can see myself mature through some things some of the times, while I actually end up learning from my own experiences and things. A good example is my family reunion from last week that I went to, I actually had way more fun at that one than I thought I would! The last one before this was in 2018, where I was struggling a little bit with stability, but I have grown so much since then and I finally really loved that family environment from the three days I was there. I’m also so glad that after everything I still get to go to a bunch of concerts, I go to one at least every month pretty much! I finally was able to go to concerts again last August, and it had been a while since I had been to one. It’s crazy though that on Thursday I was finishing up at the reunion and then came home to immediately get ready for the Halsey concert, and I barely had enough time to fully get ready for that before I had to go. Plus it was a longer show than I’m used to, but I had the energy and everything for all of that all day and I was so impressed with myself! It’s not often that I get to push myself like that really, so I’m glad about how that turned out with everything and about all of my experiences that day (or week) in general. I’m doing really good with progressing and pushing myself like I always say, and I just know I’m going to do even better as I go, always trying to know more about myself and how I handle situations as I go and everything. I’m usually pretty proud of myself these days. I’m so glad to see how everything ends up working out as I go too!

Makeup Details for ‘Not All Those Who Wander’ on June 13th, 2022:

  • Purlisse Silk Glow BB Base Primer $28 which is my favorite face primer, I love this brand. This is the only product I have left from them though, I’ve ran out of 3 other products, all 4 from Ipsy.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer $30 in the shade 20B Light that I got for Christmas 2021 in a small size. I repurchased the full size of this shade of Shape Tape, my third one of the concealer!
  • Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Glow Wand $29 in the shade Alight that I put over my concealer after I blended it in. I got this as a sample with my last Shape Tape, it’s a pretty good product I think too.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Foundation $39 (for the 16-hour version) in the shade Light Neutral. I’ve had this foundation since like 2017 or so and haven’t run out of it, but I love it.
  • Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder $58 in the shade No.1 Mousseline Pastel which is color correcting in shades green, blue, purple and pink. I’ve had this for so long & am almost out of it!
  • TheBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer $20 which is a pretty good bronzer. I have only a small sample size of it is all, but I put it in with the rest of my bronzers so I can remember to use this one more.
  • MAC Cosmetics LE Guo Pei Powder Blush $40 in the shade Lotus Blossom which is from a limited edition MAC collection from 2015 that I bought on time. MAC used to be my favorite brand of all.
  • REALHER Confidence in my Glow Highlighter which I got from Ipsy one year, it’s a pretty good smaller size highlight. Mostly a darker champagne color, or a little more tan than that I think.
  • Mary Kay Eye Primer $12 that I got from my mom who sells Mary Kay makeup. I needed more eyeshadow primer one day so I asked for this one, one of my only Mary Kay makeup items now.
  • Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette $54 the original version, which they finally discontinued for some reason. That’s pretty crazy, but I’ve had this palette since like 2016 & it’s one of my bests.
  • Arrow Enhance Waterproof Eye Brightener $10 which is one of my favorite eyeliner pencils that I have, it’s a pink-ish white color that I put on my waterline a lot. It’s such a good one sometimes.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Sex Kitten Liquid Liner $20 which is one of my two liquid eyeliners that I have and use. It’s not a bad one either, I sure do love Tarte all of the time. It might be running out though!
  • BeautyForReal Hi-Def Mascara $22 in JustBlack, one of my favorite mascaras in the last year. I will totally keep repurchasing this one as I go. I only have like 2 full-size mascaras that I repurchase.
  • Rare Beauty Brow Harmony Pencil & Gel $22 in the shade Warm Brown from Selena Gomez’s makeup line! This is typically my favorite brow product that I have, I totally love it with my hair.
  • Indi Beauty Buttercream Antioxidant Lip Scrub I got from Ipsy way back in the day. This is one of my favorite tasting lip scrubs, I love it. Definitely one of my favorites of the 4 that I have overall.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer $16 which is the only lip primer I have at the moment, but it’s definitely my favorite too. I use it every time I use lipstick, and I just ran out of my first one too!
  • MAC Cosmetics LE Lip Pencil in the shade ‘Redd’ $19 but mine is from the Magic of the Night LE 2014 Collection that I bought on-time along with two lipsticks, all in shiny purple packaging too.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Per Couture Lipstick $38 in the shade 01 that I got in a boxset of the Black Opium perfume with this lipstick & an eyeliner (but I ran out of the perfume & eyeliner already).
  • Urban Decay Allnighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is my favorite setting spray of all time, however they discontinued it last year which sucks. I have a couple of them though!
  • Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It Hair Styler $31 for fine hair, one of my favorite hair products. I used to love it the most with longer hair, it’s for not blow-drying your hair but styling without it.

I’m so glad about how I’ve still been doing with makeup this year so far. I wanted to go through all of my lip products and everything to start using them all again and to get better at picking the right shade, so I went through all of them in a line and started using them every day. (Or at least 3-4 days a week which is how often I wear lipstick usually). I so far have finished using like half of my lip products again, like at least every lipstick in my clear acrylic holder. Next, after just 3 more MAC ones, I get to empty my lipgloss drawer in my three-drawer acrylic lip product holder, and then I get to go through all my Kylies as well (and there are three rows of Kylies in my last drawer of that stack, so quite a few of them). So far I really loved going through allll my other products, like 3 different sections of lipsticks and then 4 including the big main holder, and I love every one that I have basically. I also did something similar with eyeshadow, I’ve already obviously used every palette this year of course, at least a few times, but I only have like 9 or so palettes to go through. I love going through all my makeup because then I get better at coordinating all of it and everything, and getting the colors right finally. I know I’ll eventually one day finish another lip product, but it is hard for some reason because I have so many of them. I love using them though, it’s always awesome to wear lipstick this often again, and eyeshadow every single time as well. I’m so grateful for all of the makeup that I have and Ipsy is awesome to get every month, I love how that ends up working out! I’m so into it right now and I love it, and I know it’ll keep going well too because I’m totally getting better at it all the time. So we’ll see how things end up going as I go, I also only have a few more eyeshadow palettes to do photoshoots of left until I’ve done all of them (at least once) recently too!

I’m doing pretty good with all those who are in my life these days. I got to see my dad in the last three days which was cool, so I ended up talking to him a bunch yesterday when I was over at his place and I had a bunch to say it seems. It’s crazy because I don’t usually get to talk that much, like I live with my mom and sometimes have conversations with her or my brother but my dad I don’t get to see as often, but he used to be the main person in my life with how we were close. I totally appreciate getting to talk to him too, because I don’t really say a lot at meetings or anything either. It’s different usually what I have to say, and I get why it’s not necessarily my scene to be a avid talker at meetings with how much I usually have in me to do with my life and being sober. Plus, I only occasionally have much to say to my boyfriend either, but I need more time for myself and everything too these days anyways – I’ve been taking more time to myself away from talking to him and everything too. That’s actually one of the things I was even talking to my dad about too, how things have been going with him & I, and that helped too. I’m doing pretty good other than that, I see why I can write the way I do but eventually I’ll want to write on my other blog again! That one is definitely good for talking more in-depth about how I feel about my life and everything, but I’ve been focusing on Shop For Days more in this last half of a year anyways. I’m doing so good with my consistency of photoshoots and everything too! I’m really glad about how I’ve been doing this, I always have this to myself when I want to do something creatively with my time and it always turns out pretty good and it helps me push myself forward with everything too. I’m pretty glad about how I’ve been spending my time recently and I see that I have this good in my life (and even more good in my life) that I get to focus on and appreciate. I know I’ll keep doing better with everything and I love how I’m doing. I totally appreciate my focus and all the good that has come from my effort and everything like that. Thanks so much for reading this post, I’ll see you guys with one more this month and that’ll be awesome too.

P.S. – Check out Lana’s 7th track from her ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ album, the song ‘Not All Who Wander Are Lost’ she released in February of 2021. I really loved this era of hers so much.