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I think I’ve been doing things right recently, with my normal pacing of everything I have to do and what I focus myself on. I even have been doing better about giving myself time for things too, and preparing for other things to come and making sure I do everything I need to do from here on out. I’ve spent a bunch of time and energy thinking about that, and I’m just glad about where I’ve gotten to with all of my efforts. Everything I have in life is enough for me, and I still always find more ways to fill my cup and acknowledge & appreciate everything on my path and around me. I’m pretty grateful for all that I have and I love the way I’ve been breaking out of myself sometimes to find other things to focus my time and thought on, and I just really appreciate the way things have been working out for me. I know I’m going to continue making progress with everything that I do, and I also love how I’ve been looking at everything a little differently in this past month as I go. I appreciate my boyfriend being in my life as well, and I’m so glad we finally went out and did half a photoshoot together for this post! I got all dressed and ready to do a photoshoot on Monday and spontaneously asked him to take some pictures of me in town, and I was glad he was totally up for that. It’s been a while since we’ve done any pictures together, the last time we got any was downtown in Seattle after a concert for my Euphoria blog post! So that’s pretty cool that him and I finally got to do that again together. I love my pink dress outfit that I did for this post, I got the dress for my birthday last year in November from a small store in the mall called Canal St.! I loved doing pink makeup this time as well, pink makeup is sometimes one of my favorites for sure. Anyway, a lot in my life is usually the same consistently by the time I have another photoshoot, but my outlook keeps changing and I keep appreciating things differently and it’s amazing. Thanks for checking out this blog post, read more!

‘Enough For Me’ Blog Post Featured Photo, Taken by My Boyfriend Matt

Sometimes I end up naming my photoshoots after songs, which I love with all my heart, but this time I came up with Enough For Me after thinking enough about ‘All I Do‘ which was my last blog post. That post was so perfectly titled with how things are for me every month full of meetings and everything that I do, and I do it all the time, especially with all my photoshoots and blog posts as well. I’m satisfied with how my life is going so far being this sober, I really appreciate it! I am just really glad how far I’ve made it, this month it’s finally one year off both hard drugs and like 10 months off of alcohol & everything else! That’s such progress and I’m so glad about it, it’s awesome that I made it so far. I really like my life these days but I’m also excited to see what I get to do next…I really think all that I have has taught me so much but there’s so much more to life once you make another transition or two and actually try to initiate this change in your life. I want that change once in a while and I think it is totally possible to change your life and your habits and your mind (with your brain and it’s chemistry! With using the right substances of recovery, like ashwaganda and medication and finding things in life that release adrenaline) because that is so possible. I love that kind of stuff and I love positive reminders and good habits and other people in life sometimes too. I really love blogging and my life and everything in it. I do so well with going to concerts as my outing (like at least once a month) and hanging out with my boyfriend and doing cool things like that other than just my photoshoots and the things I write about. I’m doing so well with everything and I can’t wait to see what else I’ll get to do. Here’s the collages up next!

Outfit Details for ‘Enough For Me’:

  • Pale pink dress from ‘Canal St.’ at the mall with tie-up sides on it. The brand is called ‘beivy’. I love this pink dress, it’s super cute! I got it for my birthday in November of 2021 with another thing.
  • Brown ‘Litas’ from Jeffrey Campbell on eBay in like 2017 or something for like $70. I first blogged about these booties that year, in Just So Abby and also my friend wore them in Babes as well.
  • Necklace & Earrings set, with this reflective yellow colored plastic crystals. I’m not sure where this matching set came from, it might’ve been from my stepmom back in the day or something!
  • Stud earrings most likely from Kohl’s in store, which came in a set from LC Lauren Conrad at the store in 2021. We also took pictures outside the store a year later, and those pictures will be later!
  • Crystal bracelets from a Boutique in another mall from like 2013 & one from Kohl’s (the one lower on my wrist) from like Easter of 2014 or something. One is silver and the other is like crystals!
  • Snake ring from Pandora that I got in like 2015, which is always my favorite ring of all time. It was like $90 or something. The head of the snake broke off but I think it’s a cool metaphor anyway!
  • Turquoise glitter nail polish called ‘Gone Gonzo!’ from OPI that I got in 2011 or something. I tried out this polish earlier this week because it’s been awhile. I used three coats of the glitter polish!
  • Beige jacket (that I wore in later pictures) from the brand Mudd, in a size L. I guess this would be a big-ish jacket on me, but I still like it a lot with the boots. Scroll down to find the pictures of it!

I used to love getting out of the house even just to go for a drive sometimes. Even until recently, it was hard for me to stay home an entire day and I really appreciated getting out. After starting my outpatient program and going to meetings all the time, I’ve created this consistency and it’s really cool in life. I still, even with only two meetings a week, get to get out of the house all the time with my boyfriend or family and I feel like I’m always in motion. I do have downtime days that I get a little antsy with, but I totally finally kicked my nicotine addiction in February so now I don’t feel like I’m spinning at home as much anymore. So now I think is a perfect time in my life and I’m really glad about everything these days. I somehow found a way to keep up with everything better and blogging twice a month is the perfect amount for me to have more to do for myself all the time. Finally after like a year I’ve balanced my life a lot better and now it’s just one day to the next and I love getting up early for once, things like that I do appreciate more these days. I’m really glad about making progress on everything I have and do and I am getting pretty dang good at it. I still love car rides with all my heart but I do it enough and I get out almost every day sometimes so I’m a bit more chill when I’m relaxing now. I’m glad I am always ‘going’ and never having an issue with ‘stopping’ much ever anymore! That I’ve also always loved about myself. Here’s the last collage I did at my house, and then the rest of the pictures I took out with Matt.

Makeup Details for ‘Enough For Me’ on May 9th, 2022:

  • Georgette Klinger Marula Primer sample that I have, full size is $32. I think this is a pretty good primer, I love it as a sample! I got it from ordering my toner from them that I always love.
  • Complex Culture Letup Concealer in the shade L200 $25 which I got from Ipsy last year. This is a pretty good concealer, it’s lightweight and I definitely love it.
  • Laura Geller Quench-N-Tint Hydrating Foundation in the shade Light $34 that I also got from Ipsy last year, and it’s one of my favorite foundations of all. It fits me so well!
  • Givenchy Prisme Libre Setting & Finishing Loose Powder in the shade 1 Mousseline Pastel $58 which is green, blue, pink & purple colors that help even out your skintone colors!
  • Trestique Bronzer Stick in Brazillian Bronze $28 that is also from Ipsy. I actually love this bronzer, it looks really good once you have it on. I’m not sure if mine is even the refillable but that’s cool!
  • Ciaté London Glow To Illuminating Blush in Date Night from Ipsy. I can’t find it on their site but it was for sure from Ipsy and I really loved this blush this time. I’m glad I have this one too!
  • Nomad Kiss of Sun Highlighter in Balmoral Beach $17 which is a bright pink shade that I also, of course, got from Ipsy. Most of these products I definitely did, Ipsy is such a great use of money.
  • Mary Kay Eye Primer $12 which is my only eye primer and one of my only things left from Mary Kay. My mom sells their makeup still, and I conveniently needed eye primer one time.
  • Āether Beauty Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette $48 that I got from Sephora in 2019, which used to be my definite favorite eyeshadow palette. The main shade I used was ‘Heart Stone’.
  • Arrow Enhance Waterproof Eye Brightener $10 from Birchbox, because Arrow is one of their brands. I love using this eyeliner on my waterline with liquid liner, it’s awesome.
  • il Makiage Black Card Liquid Eyeliner $23 that I also ended up getting from Ipsy. This is a great liquid liner and I love it a lot.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Surfer Curl Volumizing Mascara $24 that I got from Sephora for 100 points as a beauty reward. Not a bad mascara, I needed a mini one!
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Soft Brown $23 which is one of my typical favorite brow pencils. It’s a great one and I love the color a lot.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Pout Prep Lip Exfoliant $16 which used to be my favorite lip exfoliator. I even use to have a mini sample size but I lost it somehow and now I just have the full size, oh well!
  • Benefit Posie Balm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm $18 which might be discontinued, but it’s a great tinted lip balm! I love it and wished I wore it better, or more often or something.
  • Urban Decay Allnighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is also discontinued, but I bought an extra one recently. This is my favorite setting spray of all time, of course.
  • Dior Miss Dior Eau De Toilette Perfume $39 that I have in a roll-on size which I got for Christmas last year from my dad and stepmom! This perfume matched my outfit perfectly, I loved it.
  • Ouai Volume Spray $26 in my hair which was my only hair product I had in. I use it when my hair is damp and don’t blow dry it, but it works well I’m sure!

I used to totally love creating a better understanding of myself in any way that I could. It used to be that I had this way of self-expression through my different writings online and stuff, and I love that sort of creative outlet but also structure to help me learn more about myself. On Shop For Days I always got to do the visual expressions during the time I kept learning about myself, and I loved the way I would evolve myself better through all the photoshoots. I love getting to finally take pictures with Matt too, that’s always fun, and through my outfits and everything I can really put something together that represents me pretty well. I love getting to do something like this for myself, and I always put the work into it as much as I can. Overall I think I’m pretty good at expressing something visually, and I hope I get better with my writing to go with it because I really have this passion I want to express. I’m passionate with a lot of things, and sometimes it’s even just with talking, and I love when that happens! I can’t wait to have more to say and do as I go, because I can tell by my writing that I have more in me sometimes more than others and I love timing it right with an opportunity or something. I’m so grateful I’ve been doing this writing and my photoshoots for so many years, 7 in fact, and I always love where I’m going with things. I know how things are going and I know there’s more up next I can always count on too!

I always have something to look forward to these days. It’s weird that for the past couple of days I’ve randomly woken up at like 7 AM and 8 AM after a couple dreams. It used to be that I didn’t like waking up too early because I would have too much time throughout the day to lay around and do nothing, but this week has been busy for me enough that I’ve got a pace going. So now, with this to do today along with other things, I was glad I was up early. I sometimes wake up and then countdown to when I have the time to get ready to go to my meetings, and that is something to look forward to from the morning (or afternoon when I wake up late). Not too mention the once in a while things I have to do like my photoshoots or again, concerts of course (that I brought up before) and that works for me pretty well. I also get to spend enough time with my boyfriend every week, and it worked out well this week, and I’m pretty glad about all that overall. I love how it’s going with him as well, sadly he got kind of bad news about the future but it’s like when he lost his wallet (but he found it!) and I’m sure it’ll be fine. I really love going for walks with him, living our lives sober for almost a year now, talking on those walks about everything we need to express or whatever and it works so well. I really appreciate being with him and I’m glad he’s in my life for sure. There will be more for us to do sometime in the future and I’m excited for it, so that’ll be awesome too. You can see a bunch of the photoshoots we did together under the catagory ‘by Matt’.

The third picture from that collage looks pretty good, it’s one of my favorites. We got really good lighting on a couple of those and they turned out pretty great. I loved doing this mini shoot, and it was even totally raining on and off outside but we stood under this covered area and got all these pictures! I’m excited about getting my hair done again this month, and I’m also totally happy about my hair continuing to grow. I had like natural colored hair that was shorter last year but I love the transformation every time I get it done, and I’m excited that it’s gotten longer for sure. That’ll be good again, I really love my hair and I know I will eventually do more with it but I just love it how it usually is on my shoulders. Like I usually say these days, makeup is usually my favorite. I didn’t mention it as much for this post but I really do have this passion for it and I love doing it every single day that I get out of the house (for a meeting or whatever) and I love everything I have and I love to use my products. Finally I became better with eyeshadow wear it every single time I do my makeup! So now I’m better with using my palettes and everything and I love makeup with all my heart these days. I’m glad I have that in my life, it’s pretty cool that I’m finally this excited about it. It even looked really good in like 4 pictures or so, I got some really good angles of my makeup with lighting in a couple of them and I think it looked perfect those times. Thanks so much for reading this post, I’m totally ready to wrap it up now finally. I appreciate everything a lot and I’m glad about where I’m at and where I’m going to go, thanks so much for checking this out!