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I’m excited about how today went! It’s the 15th of November today which was my 24th birthday, and I’m happy I made it to this part of the year again finally. One of the things I got for my birthday this year was from my dad, and it was this yellow plaid dress I was wearing below for my photoshoot. It’s from Avril Lavigne’s second drop & collection with the brand Killstar and it’s super rad. I really love it, it comes with a black mesh shirt that goes under it! I wore it with my red hair redyed and my extensions + red lipstick that I got recently from Kesha’s beauty line, Kesha Rose Beauty – it’s called the Raising Hell lipstick! I love this one too. Overall I love how the day went and I got a couple more presents from my family! I’ll eventually blog about the other fashion item I got from my mom and then that was pretty much it. I think my look turned out pretty rad and I’m excited to finally be 24. It’ll be a pretty good year for me I’m sure, and I can’t wait to see how it goes in 2023. For now, let’s get into my birthday post! I mainly spent this one with my family, but I appreciate where I’m at in life.

I did a photoshoot of my outfit at the mall with my mom for this year. This whole year turned out even better than last year & last year’s birthday, but here’s to another one! I was wearing my white boots with my yellow plaid dress and I thought it was good contrast for this outfit, with some silver jewelry and everything. The lighting wasn’t too bad at the mall, I think the pictures turned out pretty good! I also took some pictures at home though, in my room, just because I wanted both. Overall not too bad of a photoshoot and I’m glad about it. This year was probably one of my favorite years I’ve had so far, but that makes me pretty excited for a new year! Let’s get into the photoshoot next as well.

Outfit Details for my ‘Killstar (24th Birthday)’ Photoshoot:

  • Avril Lavigne x Killstar Heartache Skater Dress $75 from Killstar & Avril Lavigne’s Collection online. I love this dress, it’s a great one too! I got it this month for my birthday from my dad which is cool.
  • Think Twice Platform Boots $78 from Dolls Kill in January 2020. I always love these boots of mine. They’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes that I have. They looked pretty fun with this dress too!
  • Alison Wonderland ‘AW’ long socks from her ‘Awake’ album pre-order bundle in 2018 that I got with other stuff. I love merchandise socks sometimes! She also has more merchandise available here.
  • My Karl Lagerfeld purse that I got from the Outnet in 2016 for $214. This has been my favorite purse to use since last year! I love this one, and will continue using it. Checkout more of his stuff here.
  • Circle silver jeweled long pendant necklace that my dad helped me fix last week. It was just a spare circle charm that I had that we made into a long necklace. I think this one is pretty rad, as well.
  • Small silver key necklace with fan charm on it & other short silver necklace that I wore with this outfit. These were the perfect length to go with the longer necklace! Not sure where I got them though.
  • Butterfly dangly silver earrings $5 that I got from Guess two months ago plus silver studs I got from like Kohls most likely. I like these earrings, and I’m glad the butterfly ones went with this outfit!
  • Silver bangle bracelet that I got from Rocksbox in like 2018 or earlier most likely. I love this bracelet too, I wear it pretty often. It’s one of my go-to bracelets and I love it, & it looked pretty good here.
  • Snake sterling silver ring from Pandora $80 and silver tiny diamond ring that I got from my stepmom back in the day – my two favorite rings that I have out of all of them! They went well with this too.
  • Eva nail polish by Julep who discontinued all their nail polish years ago. I also used some Oscar gold sparkly polish with it! I chose this pink color for my birthday with big gold nail jewels on my nails.
  • Natalie Eva Marie 22″ TestaRossa Bright Red Hair Extensions $290 from Bellami Hair which I got in 2019. I usually wear my extensions when my hair is red again. I love these extensions so much!

Makeup Details for ‘Killstar (24th Birthday)’ on November 15th, 2022:

  • Rodial Soft Focus Glow Drops Illuminating Glow Primer £50 that I got from Ipsy at one point earlier this year. This is a pretty good primer, it’s of course glow drops and it works pretty well!
  • Complex Culture Letup Concealer $25 in the shade L200 that I also got from Ipsy recently. This is one of three concealers I have right now, and it’s a pretty good one as well. I like this concealer.
  • Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation $56 in the shade B 40 Sand which is currently my favorite foundation. YSL is a pretty good brand, one of my favorites probably. I love this shade on me too.
  • Reina Rebelde On Your Face Finishing Powder* $23 in the shade Almendra. I just got this in my November Ipsy bag for this month, not a bad powder! I love Ipsy every month, it’s so amazing.
  • Iconic London Blaze Chaser Face Palette* $55 from Ipsy this month too, using three of the shades. I’m glad I picked this palette I guess, it’s not bad! It’s cool that we get to pick our products now.
  • Mary Kay Eye Primer $12 for eyeshadow. I’m finally almost done with this product! I got it from my mom because I needed an eyeshadow primer. I have a different one though, for when I’m out!
  • Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette $50 that is now discontinued, but this was the original! Urban Decay usually discontinues things, they’re known for that. This is a basic nude eye palette.
  • Doucce Ultra Precision Eyeliner $23 in the shade black which is a basic black eye pencil that I got from Ipsy & used on my waterline this time. It’s not a bad eyeliner overall, but I need a new one!
  • Il Makiage Black Card Liquid Eyeliner $23 that I also got from Ipsy. This is one of my favorite liquid eyeliners that I’ve tried, it’s a pretty good shade of black! I might get another one one day.
  • Beauty For Real Hi-Def Mascara $22 which I tried a year or two ago from Ipsy and will always repurchase. It’s one of my favorite (& blackest) mascaras I’ve ever tried! I sure love this mascara.
  • Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel $24 in the shade 3.5 Warm auburn Brown which has been a favorite brow product of mine since 2019, I always love it with my red hair too.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer $16 which is just a basic lip primer. I love this primer, I use it every time I use lipstick! Crazy that there’s not many lip primers left out there anymore either.
  • MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil $21 in the shade Redd from the Limited Edition 2015 ‘Magic of the Night’ collection back in the day. They still sell this shade as a regular lip liner though, which is cool too.
  • Kesha Rose Beauty Raising Hell Lipstick $26 for the duo that includes a lipgloss. I finally got Kesha’s lipstick duo! I love this matte red lipstick a lot, it looks pretty good on me. It’s a pretty good duo!
  • Urban Decay Allnighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is discontinued, but is my favorite setting spray of all time and currently the only setting spray I have! It’s a really good one.

*Ipsy for November was pretty good this month! I included the two makeup products, the setting powder and face palette in my makeup look for this photoshoot which turned out pretty good. I’ve also tried the other three products basically and they’re pretty good. They picked out the moisturizer and mask for me, which is awesome because I need repair and wanted to try something else from Purlisse again (which the mask is from)! So that’s pretty cool, and I love those products. The products I picked out were the face palette, cleanser and setting powder. I had wished I had gotten this cool bronzer palette instead of the face palette they had but better luck next time! Hopefully they have more bronzer again soon, but other than that I’m usually pretty good at picking out all of my own products! I love Ipsy every month, it’s amazing. Definitely sign up with my referral link here for sure.

That’s all for my 24th birthday blog post! I love how this photoshoot turned out too. The first two collage pictures were taken at the mall by my mom, and the last collage was in my room taken by me. Thanks so much for checking out my blog post, I’ll see you all later this month for sure! I really like this last picture below, too, you can see that cool big gem on my thumb nail & the charms that came with this dress, too. I think the whole thing turned out pretty good and I’m excited for my new year!