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It’s finally time for me to do a good Halloween post! I do holiday posts sometimes throughout the years but a Halloween themed photoshoot or blog post I haven’t really done as much as I could’ve until today. The only other Halloween related blog post I’ve done until now is one I called Scorpio Season back in 2017, with a Halloween themed outfit and a Scorpio themed outfit. That one was pretty great, I think it turned out pretty good! This one is pretty much just a cute themed photoshoot with a Seether t-shirt I got for Halloween in 2015 called Mind Control, and it’s a totally awesome t-shirt! I just basically wore that and my chain leggings that I always love, and it was a pretty good outfit. One day I’ll find some sort of costume to do for a that kind of photoshoot, but I rarely ever dress up for Halloween! So I guess it was just cool to shoot down this photoshoot for both blogs of mine, including Celebrity Merch Base where I post things that I collect. I like how this turned out, I did some pictures for both the full-length shirt and the shirt tied up in the back to make it a crop top! I wanted to make sure I got the entire shirt in the picture but also it looked really cute tied up. I also love the picture I used for my featured photo below, I think the eye look looked pretty good with the name of the t-shirt (Mind Control) that matched the look pretty well! Anyway, I love this Seether t-shirt, because I can definitely wear it other times of the year but it definitely was a Halloween t-shirt that they put out so it’s perfect to finally do a photoshoot for for this Halloween. I can’t believe how long I’ve had all my Seether merchandise! I always love it. Let’s get more into the photoshoot now.

I love doing outfits related to the holidays. I’m glad this year I did at least like 2 other posts that were related to the holidays, because it had been a while since I had been blogging with holiday outfits! I started in 2015 doing like 12 days of Christmas and would once in a while do a good post on the holidays, but yeah now we’re finally here doing another merchandise shirt at the same time as a holiday, which works pretty well for me. This year has gone pretty well with blogging twice a month too! Last year it was only once a month, and the year before that I was just catching up on old posts. But then I ramped up with twice a month this year and did it throughout the entire year really well, so I’m totally glad about that. I love how things have been going for me. I also, of course, included 3 products from my October Ipsy Glam Bag Plus in this photoshoot, with a picture of my bag later on too! I love doing that every month, Ipsy is awesome for makeup. Let’s get into the first collage below!

Outfit Details for my ‘Mind Control’ Photoshoot:

  • Mind Control 2015 Seether Limited Edition Halloween T-Shirt in Size Small $19.99 that I bought on October 12th, 2015 from Seether’s official online store, and check it out for new merchandise!
  • Chain leggings that I got when I was 15 from Boohoo online. My dad recently replaced a bunch of the chains that were broken, but then I found a rip in them when I was doing this shoot! Oh well!
  • Black flame boots from 2017 from Nasty Gal, which are one of my most worn pieces on my blog. You can check out Hot On My Heels for more! I also totally love the contrast these boots created here.
  • Aphrodisiac purple & gold jar necklace that I also wore in that 2017 Halloween shoot. I love this for Halloween, it looks pretty good with my outfits! I got this from my stepmom around that time.
  • Dangly skull & charm earrings made by my stepmom and her BossKty jewelry brand. I thought these would look rad with this outfit as well! And they also added some contrast to the outfit too.
  • Two mismatched stud earrings, one from my friend in like 2020, a jeweled square in my right ear and the other is a pearl of the same size that I got from somewhere else. They’re pretty cool studs.
  • Three silver bangle bracelets that are all connected that I got from my stepmom or Goodwill in like 2019. I’ve been wearing these a lot lately, they’re great bracelets! I love them over my butterfly too.
  • Two silver rings, one a big amethyst geode that I love and also a sterling silver snake ring from Pandora which is always my favorite. I wear these two together a lot too, they’re a couple of my best ones!
  • Hillary by Julep gold and orange sparkly nail polish with a slight black base with gold sparkles on them. I also used Rica’s Whiteout nail polish with bones and swords stamps. Check out Julep here.
  • Neon green potleaf belly ring (even though I stopped smoking weed in July 2021) from Bodycandy that I got when I was like 15! I thought this would be perfect for this Halloween and it totally is.

That was the second lot of the pictures I got of the shirt, and those were some pretty good ones too! In the second to last picture you see me tying my shirt up, too, and that was to hint at the next couple of collages because I tied my shirt up into a crop top. Those ones turned out pretty good too, but I had to do both! I really wanted all those pictures of the shirt because that is a pretty awesome graphic t-shirt. I really love that I have this Seether shirt, I think I have like 5 of them. Pretty cool overall, I love doing different merchandise outfits all through the year. Check out Celebrity Merch Base to see all of what I’ve done this year! The homepage looks pretty good, I did all the most recent ones this year of course. I love how creative I can be with my #merchstyle all the time, it’s one of my favorite things to do with my blogging. Anyway, let’s get into the next collage and get into the makeup details next too!

Makeup Details for ‘Mind Control’ on October 27th, 2022:

  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer+ Hydrating Face Primer $42 in a sample size that I got from Sephora for 100 points. I had been wanting to try a new hydrating primer, and this one isn’t bad!
  • Jecca Blac Liquid Concealer $15 in the shade 2.0 which is Light. I got this from Ipsy this year, and it’s one of my favorite concealers by now! It’s really good coverage, and I sure like this one a lot.
  • Kat Von D Lock-It Liquid Foundation $40.50 in the shade 48 Light Neutral. I wanted to get a new foundation recently and this one was on sale at Sephora, so I grabbed this one! It’s pretty good.
  • STUDIOMAKEUP Hyaluronic Acid Translucent Setting Powder* $35 which I got from Ipsy in my October bag! This powder isn’t bad, it’s interesting to get onto the brush but looks pretty good on!
  • TheBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer $20 that I’m almost completely out of! I have like one use left, but I love this shade of bronzer, it looks pretty good on me. I only had the sample size anyway!
  • Bellapierre Mineral Blush $29.99 in the shade Autumn Glow. I got this from Ipsy so many years ago! I broke this blush out for Autumn time. I like this blush, it’s an interesting neutral though.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Peach Nectar Illuminator which seems to now be discontinued, though. I got it in like 2017. It’s a pretty dark highlight, but it totally looked perfect for Halloween this time!
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion $24 in the shade Original. This is usually a pretty good primer, it’s pretty popular and well known! I like it a lot too, I’m glad I got this one again this year.
  • Ulta + Jenny Fox Miss Fabulous Eyeshadow Palette that I got in 2016, which was limited edition. Jenny used to be one of my favorite YouTubers back in the day! I’m so glad she did this palette.
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner $32 in the shade Black Ink. I’ve had this at least since like 2017, and I still have some left! Barely any though, I’m scraping the bottom. I’ll get more though!
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Volumizing Mascara $28 I’m so glad Ipsy gave me a new one of these mascaras a few months ago! I used to love Better Than Sex when it first came out and still love it.
  • Treslúce Beauty Hello, Brows! Dual-Ended Micro Brow Pencil* $18 in the shade Auburn. I also got this in my October Ipsy bag, & I used the pointed side this time! This is from Becky G’s new line.
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub $12 in the flavor Mojito that I got in 2016. They don’t sell this flavor anymore, but they have different ones available! I still have a ton left of this & it works well.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer $16 which is the lip primer I use every time I wear lipstick. It’s a pretty good lip primer, and the only one I have right now. It works perfectly for me though, too!
  • Misho Beauty Lip Liner $17 in the shade Ijama (which is available in the two-piece set on their site). This is a pretty perfect mauve nude color that I got in a pack of two from Ipsy a few months ago!
  • Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint* $26 in the shade Uncuffed which is a totally pretty mauve. I got this as the third thing from my October Glam Bag Plus this month! I always love Rihanna’s brand.
  • Urban Decay Allnighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is the only setting spray I use, and my favorite one of all time! Pollution Protection is always my favorite everything as well.

*I used three of the five products that I got this month for this blog post! They were the three makeup items I got; the setting powder, brow pencil and liquid lipstick. I loved all three! the powder was pretty decent, I totally liked the brow pencil, and finally the lip paint looked pretty good on me. After that, I also totally liked the turmeric face mask & bee propolis serum, I thought those were good fits for me. It’s been awhile of Ipsy’s new setup of people getting to pick three of the five products, but it’s super awesome! The two products they selected for me were the serum and lip paint. I’m happy with that! My fave is the brow pencil most likely. You can sign up for Ipsy with my referral code here.

That’s my post for now! Thanks so much for checking out my blog & reading this post. I’ll be back with more next month of course, I turn 24 next month too which will be cool. I’m glad about how this whole thing turned out, the last collage is definitely one of my favorites. Seether is definitely my favorite band, too, and I only have a few more shirts to do photoshoots for to get all of them done! You can check out my other ones for sure. Two of the first Seether shirts I ever shot, I got in a mystery bundle x2 also in 2015, but in December, and did a duo blog post for here, named Seether Mystery Bundle in January 2016. Then, in January of this year I did Stoke The Fire, which was the last Seether shirt I ended up getting in 2018 from their Poison the Parish tour! This would be the 4th Seether shirt I’ve shot so far, and I like how all of them have turned out so far. I still have like 2 more left to do and then I’m caught up with Seether shirts. There’s 5 of them up on Celebrity Merch Base though! Anyway, thanks again so much for reading, I’ll see all of you guys next time in November!