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Here’s my second post of being 24 finally! I’m finally getting around to my second post of November this year, as I always do two posts every month. This is the also the second blog post I’ve done so far of being 24, and I love how the photoshoot turned out. I have my faded red hair for this blog post and I’m getting better at my lighting for setting my tripod on my bed. It’s a pretty good angle and I wanted to take more pictures around my room of course! So I’m finding ways to make those different and everything. There’s a bunch that I love about this photoshoot this time, too. I included my long silver circle pendant necklace with this outfit just like I included it for my last post, called Killstar, that you can check out with that link. I love picking certain necklaces and then wearing them with multiple outfits all the time, it’s fun and signature and I love it. Also included is two of my other favorite necklaces that I have, one being this dangly heart & heart key silver necklace with a charm from my old Christina Aguilera Royal Desire perfume that I had a while ago! I still of course kept the charm because it’s really pretty, it’s a fan and has a lobster clasp on it that I use to put it on this necklace. The third necklace I was wearing is my new FAVORITE choker that I got from my stepmom this month, which is a sideways sparkly cross on a pink collar type choker! This is one of my fave jewelry finds in a long time, I’m so glad she found this for me. I got some pretty good pictures of it, too. The other favorite thing I was wearing for this photoshoot was my new Kesha Rose Beauty eyeshadow palette as well as color-changing lipgloss! Looks like Kesha just took her collection down off of Hipdot and it’s not available anymore, so I hurried and got a palette (from Amazon) right after she took down her collection! I couldn’t miss out on that one for some reason, since I’ve missed out on a celeb beauty brand before (Thorne by Bella – I have nothing from it! Where can I find it online?). Anyway, that was all awesome and the outfit includes this pretty purple crop top I found at Plato’s Closet in June! It’s pretty cute and I thought it worked well for my second post of being 24. That day I was also editing my Expression 2.0 playlist that I started in like 2020, so I named the photoshoot VIBEZ after one of the songs (by DaBaby) on that playlist! It turned out awesome, read more below!

So about the playlist I was talking about! I decided to go through all my playlists like last week or the week before, but really started getting into it in the last week! I have 25 playlist right now, basically, and there’s like a few with 16-26 songs, some with 40-60, 70 or 80, and then lastly my longest 3 playlists with 115 songs (Expression 2.0, that this post is from), 158 songs, and finally 236 songs for my favorite playlist of all time Convenience Fee (which you can see with that link!) and that’s all of them pretty much. That’s where they’re at right now basically! I really loved going through all of them and organizing them with all of this time, it’s been super awesome. As of now, almost the last day of November, I have two playlists left basically to go through. I’m almost done with the one I’m working on right now, it’s called Dark Angel Prosperity from 2019, and then after that the last one is At Home Prison Kit from 2020! I kind of stopped making too many playlists recently, but I really love my main playlist and I’ve been listening to that one a bunch in the last year basically. It’s a really good one, but these are good too! I love them, and organizing is my favorite thing to do of all time. Right before I started editing my playlists I went through my whole music library on my computer and organized EVERYTHING so now that is perfect. I really loved doing that, and organizing iTunes with it! It’s one of my favorite things in the world when I have something like that to do. So then I started going through all my playlists, and now I’m almost done them! Who knows if I’ll ever do another photoshoot inspired by this same Expression 2.0 playlist or not, but for now I like that I did this one. That one was my favorite playlist of all time for basically a year before my main one that I came up with in 2021 (Convenience Fee – the one with 236 songs right now!). I’ll always be doing shoots inspired by that playlist, though (you can check that link from earlier in this paragraph for that!) That’s always really cool to do, I really love that one so much. Anyway, let’s get into the photoshoot!

Outfit Details for my ‘VIBEZ’ Photoshoot:

  • Sheer Purple & Black Lace Crop Top size S from Romwe that I got in June at Plato’s Closet for like $7. I love this crop top, it’s super cute on me! I even have something else from Romwe from years ago.
  • Black High-Waisted Cargo Pants size S from Forest Ink that I got online in May of 2019 with a couple other things. The pants were $38 which was cool. I also wore these last year in Butterfly Tattoo!
  • White high top sparkly sneakers in size 7.5 from Shoedazzle last year that my mom got me. These are pretty cute sneakers too, I like them! I also wore them in one of the photoshoots in Euphoria.
  • Black faux fur coat in size S from the brand Ambiance Outerwear that I got from Charlotte Russe in the mall last year for my 23rd birthday. I finally got pictures of this coat a birthday (year) later too!
  • Diamond silver chain (with a silver butterfly keychain on it from Guess) that I got from my stepmom earlier this month. I love chains with all my heart, and I’m so glad she found this at a thrift store!
  • Silver circle necklace + a heart&key necklace with a fan charm on it. I mentioned these earlier! These are two of my fave necklaces right now. The dangly charm is from an Xtina perfume. I love both a lot.
  • Light pink sideways sparkly cross collar choker that is my new favorite choker of all time! I got it from my stepmom Jessie this year and absolutely love it. It looked good in all of these pictures as well!
  • Purple flower charm dangly earrings + mismatched stud earrings that I found. I think I got the dangly earrings from like Goodwill or something at some point. They looked pretty good with this too.
  • Pink silver heart bracelet that says ‘Love Daughter Forever’ on it and a purple lava stone amethyst bracelet that my stepmom made that I wore together, both from her. The pink one came with the choker!
  • Sterling silver leaf ring that I got from my ex from Pandora when I was like 18 or so, plus a dark purple amethyst geode type silver ring from a rock store or something around the same time or later.
  • Lula by Julep nail polish from before they discontinued their nail polish line! It was from like 2016 I think. I’ve been going through my Julep polishes hella recently a bunch too which I love doing!

Makeup Details for ‘VIBEZ’ on November 28th, 2022:

  • Tynt Beauty Dew Balm $28 which I use all over my face as a lightweight primer! It looks pretty good under foundation. I got this from Ipsy like last year and it’s a pretty good product overall.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer $31 in the shade 20B Light. This is sometimes one of my favorite concealers, everyone knows it’s a pretty great one! It’s a really good amount of coverage.
  • Laura Geller Quench-N-Tint Hydrating Foundation $34 in the shade Light that I got from Ipsy last year. I definitely like this foundation too, it’s more sheer but I love having this one as an option!
  • Too Faced Peach Blur Translucent Smoothing Finishing Powder $30 that I got in like 2019 from Sephora but it is now discontinued. I’ve always loved this powder, it has a pretty finish to it too.
  • Complex Culture Sun Bath Baked Bronzer $25 in the shade Play that I got this year from Ipsy. I definitely like this bronzer, it’s one of my favorites that I have out of a bunch of them right now.
  • Lime Crime Softwear Blush $22 in the shade Dark Web that I got from Dolls Kill in January of 2020. I like this cream blush, it’s a berry purpleish shade! It’s a pretty one and I love it on me.
  • Kora Organics Amethyst Luminizer $29 which is a cream highlight that is made with amethyst which I love. I got this a few years ago and also have it in another shade too! This one is purple.
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion $24 in the shade Original. This is my favorite eyeshadow primer, and it’s about to be the only one I have left soon! But that’s okay, I love this one enough.
  • Kesha Rose Beauty FTW Eyeshadow Palette $36 from Hipdot online but I got it from Amazon right after they look Kesha Rose Beauty off the site. It seems like they’re discontinuing it but I got it!
  • REM Beauty At The Borderline Kohl Eyeliner Pencil $17 in the shade Midnight Black that I used on my waterline. This isn’t a bad eyeliner from Ariana Grande’s makeup line, I like it enough for sure.
  • Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner $23 in the shade Intense Black. Not a bad liquid eyeliner, I’m usually pretty good with this one. I’m getting better with liquid liner as well!
  • Item Beauty Lash Snack Lengthening Mascara $15 in the shade Midnight Mood that I within the last few months from Ipsy. This is a pretty good mascara overall, I like that it’s a lengthening one.
  • Rare Beauty Brow Harmony Pencil & Gel $22 in the shade Warm Auburn. This is the only product I’ve tried so far from Selena Gomez’s makeup brand but I totally want to try more eventually too.
  • Kesha Rose Beauty PH Balance Plumping ‘That B*tch’ Lipgloss $26 for the duo that also comes with the lipstick that I wore earlier this month for my Killstar shoot. It settles into a hot pink shade!
  • Urban Decay Allnighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is, as usual, my favorite setting spray of all time because it’s pollution protection! I love this one but it’s discontinued too.

That’s it for this blog post, I’m so glad about this one! I ended up being really glad I got that Kesha palette right before they took it down off the site and everything though, because that is gone now. I used mostly the pink shades and purple-ish colors. I think my favorite shade so far is this hot pink color Cannibal, but it’s weird because the shade looked like it was red on their site and that’s one of the reasons I set out to buy the palette since I didn’t have red eyeshadow! So that was crazy when I realized it was hot pink, but I swear the picture was just off or something. That’s okay though because I’m so glad I ended up getting it anyway! All the shades are really cool and named after Kesha songs which I love, like Tik Tok and Honey (the glitter highlight colors) and that’s awesome. I’m glad I was able to use that palette with the lipgloss and everything too for this shoot so quickly! That turned out great too, and I’m glad I used the lipstick in my previous post before this. The lipstick & lipgloss duo is pretty cool as well, I got that a month or two ago. So that’s all pretty cool and I’m so glad about that. Thanks so much for reading, I’ll see all you guys in December for my last two posts of this year!