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Good afternoon to everyone checking out this blog post whenever you are, I hope your day is going good! I’ve been doing well these days, and I’m really glad I’ve finally picked up my speed with blogging a bit with another post out again. I think everything is going really well for this year, and I’m glad I’m finishing February up with this particular post, I think the photoshoot and everything turned out really great for it. For this blog post, I was able to get the shoot done yesterday and now I’m writing it today, so that’s great time to be getting it up already. For the photoshoot, I decided to shoot this cute Tokyo shirt that I got with my boyfriend from Goodwill some amount of months ago, and the tag it has on it says it’s from Forever21 actually. I think it’s an awesome long-sleeve shirt of mine, also technically a crop-top, and I’m so excited that I found it there and finally got the shoot done for it! It’s yet another one I ended up doing around my room, but I like the angles and shots I got a lot so it really works here as well. Soon enough I’ll get out and do another photoshoot with Matt again, like a few we did last year, but I’m not entirely sure when. I just like what I’ve been getting done around here, I’m pretty proud of everything in the last couple of months. I’m excited for it to finally be spring next month though! I’ve had a good winter and everything, and a good start to my new year and everything. With the momentum I’ve had going on so far this year, I’m excited to see how things will further unfold as I go, because everything’s looking like it’s heading in a good direction so far with all of the context clues and everything. I love the outfits I wear on a typical day sometimes too, so that’s something that will help me with some photoshoots later on and all. I’m pretty glad about how I’ve been doing with that too, getting out of the house and everything enough with it! Now let’s checkout this new shoot I was working on next.

‘Tokyo’ Photoshoot Featured Image for February

I’ll start it off with whatever’s on my mind. So lately, I’ve been doing really good with my makeup in the last few months especially, now that I have such a good feel for everything that I have and all that finally. I started going to meetings and all that in July of last year, and that’s when I finally started getting out of the house all the time again and wearing makeup with all my cool outfits and heels, so since then I’ve worn it very consistently every week (at least 3 times a week I end up leaving the house with makeup on!). I just rarely had anywhere to go all the months before that last year, so I rarely ever ended up doing it, really. After I realized all the makeup that I had though, after the summertime, and got more familiar with it through the fall and finally into winter, I’m doing really good with utilizing all of my products. I even ended up with these two foundations that I’ve had since at least 2017, that ended up not fitting me perfectly years later, because I had gotten them when I was like 18 but these are significant to me, plus this third foundation I had gotten from Ipsy last year.* One of the foundations I have is this MAC Cosmetics ‘Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation’ (discontinued), that I ended up using for this photoshoot, and it’s a little light on me but it looks good with one of the powders that I have (or even just set with bronzer sometimes). This foundation, I found last year in my drawer after having forgot about it for SO long, and have used most of it up since! It only has like 1/4th of it left so it’s awesome that I’ve seriously put it to use these days. It Then I have another foundation, that I used for this blog post (and ended up talking about both of those two foundations!) that is just a little darker on me, but it looks good with another powder or two I have. Finally, I have one more foundation that isn’t as full-coverage but it looks perfect on me! I have so many more cool makeup things that I would love to talk about, but once I can finally empty one of these foundations I’ve had for so many years that’ll be an awesome accomplishment. I’m just seriously so glad I use all that I have as well as I do, I rotate all my products pretty well. Anyway, let’s get into the photoshoot finally!

*I took a break from Ipsy in September, my last bag being the month before, while I use up my products as much as I can because at that time I had had 7 moisturizers on hand, so I wanted to narrow it down as much as I could! I now, in the month of February, only have 4 moisturizers on hand, but need to use even more of them up before I can risk ending up with another one! That’s not it though, because I also had a bunch of other products as well, like a bunch of face primers and everything, but I’m almost out of one of those that I’ve had for 3+ years so that’ll be good. I just see why I ended up stocking up with so many of everything, but I’m really glad I can use all of what I have in the meantime before I go out for any new products again! I’m doing good with everything, finally using up all my eyeshadow palettes and getting better at matching everything too. Now to gravitate more towards the photoshoot, I’m really happy with how this turned out! My bright red hair is already fading so fast, but at least it’s still considered red right now. The most perfect blush for this photoshoot also looked awesome though, and that was of course Instain by theBalm in the shade Swiss Dot which matched my hair perfectly this time. I was so glad about how this looked, even just in the mirror but also on camera of course! Next I ended up using another one of my Jeffree Star velour liquid lipsticks in the shade I’m Nude with it. I love this lipstick a lot, but I’ve had it since October 2015 apparently, so this ended up being one of my final uses of the products! Liquid lipsticks sometimes can dry up on you, before you even empty them, so some of my Jeffree’s have dried up to the point where they’re done for. I see why actually, but I was sad to notice that, but at least I got it into the photoshoot though! The only other place for those liquid lipsticks on my blog (at least this one, I’m Nude) is in this post, so check that out to see some selfies of my Jeffree Star lipsticks at least, from so long ago! The last thing I’ll mention here is my bronzer, which is the one I use the most by far, by Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls from way back. It’s called Bitten + Bronzed & it’s a matte bronzer that I love with all my heart. Anyway, I’m really glad for how this look turned out, so let’s see the next collage!

This outfit surprised me a little bit when I was putting it together, because it sure has been a long time since I’ve worn these black booties (which are JLo/Jennifer Lopez brand from like Kohl’s way back in the day!) and also these low-waisted black pants. It wasn’t at all last year that I had worn either of these but years before that, like these black pants I ended up wearing in this yellow-colored photoshoot from this blog post in May of 2018, that being the last time they were in a photoshoot. Then, for these heeled booties, it’s been since August of 2017 that I had done a blog post featuring them, and in this case it was in the first outfit that I did, featuring Zoey as a duet with me. Other than that I’ve worn these two items so many times, them being staples that I love with all my heart, but I’m glad I finally got to weave them into a blog post again yesterday when I was doing this photoshoot! I really love this one too, I’m so glad about it. The last three things I’m going to mention here are my nails, which are Julep’s Iris (an electric aqua blue color) nail polish that I thought popped really well with the outfit, and then my belly ring and choker next. The belly ring is just this black heart with silver chain wire and a crown across & above it, which you can see pretty well in some of the pictures I took, and I got it from Body Jewelry Plus in store at the mall! I got it in like January for a Christmas present from like my boyfriend and/or mom and everything (as well as another one too). Finally, my choker I got from StitchFix in like January of 2018, that I included in a couple other blog posts of mine. The brand I believe was Nakamol Chicago, and I wore it here first in this blog post with my friend Jenna in January and also in this blog post in February, both of 2018. I love those ones too!

I thought those poses looked awesome with the sleeves of my shirt, my three rings and bracelet popped out pretty well in that collage! I think the very last detail I’ll mention from the look/outfit is this eyeshadow palette that I used, it ended up being more purple than I had thought but it still looked pretty dang good in most of the pictures. It was a small Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette called ‘Mauve Obsessions‘, which I got as an add-on from Ipsy in the last year or two or so. I have been re-discovering all my eyeshadow lately and I might not be that familiar with all of it, but I’ll reintroduce myself! I finally love eyeshadow way more than I thought I would after finding some of my palettes again, so that’s a good thing for recently. I’ve only hit pan on an eyeshadow palette once and it was last year, and it was such an awesome feeling. I just want to use my palettes more, as much as I can these days, so I’ll make sure to work towards that! If I can just finally hit pan on one of my older palettes I’ll get it, but I for some reason have gotten so close on like three different palettes but just haven’t used them up enough to hit pan finally. I’m excited though, to be using eyeshadow everyday again (or just all the days I wear makeup of course) so we’ll see how things go, I only have like two more palettes of mine to try again this year and then I’ll have used them all at least once so far this year! That’ll help me get more familiar with them so I can use them more properly, for sure, and I’ll definitely see which one ends up being my next most used as I rotate all my eyeshadows and see how it goes! I was actually really surprised at one of my super old palettes today that I tried out, it looked ‘bomb’. I’ll have to include that one in a photoshoot eventually, but who knows when I’ll be able to coordinate that in! I’m glad I’ve finally circled back around to eyeshadow again, we’ll see how it goes from here!

So the rest of my life is all pretty much the same as usual, just more meetings and everything like usual. I’m glad I do more work with photoshoots and everything for my blog, as well as more work on my at-home journals & vision journals as I go. I found this old journal of mine, with only like 30 pages left in it, everything else ripped out, that I started writing a bunch in these days. It’s different than my main journal or my artsy smaller journal, or even the miniature journal I use for notes of what to buy. This one had useful pages of a bunch of stuff I had lost here and there, and I kept track of it pretty well in here. It’s just a way of organizing the rest of what I remember having and the best I can do to find it all again. So I’ve been finding ways to utilize this and we’ll see when I can finally finish it up and work on some of my other ones I have hidden away or whatever! I just have so many more journals than the three that I use (now four including this one). I’m excited to see what I’ll do next with writing all that I have down, I’m not in the best mindsets these days for creative writing but I’m doing so good at my visuals and vision journals as well! I even wrote about how I was doing with everything on my other blog right here, but it was just two paragraphs about what’s been up, because I don’t have as much to say these days, but I think I’m doing really well on what I was talking about in that post and everything! I called that post ‘Productivity’ just because I definitely have more things to do these days in my room, I’ve been keeping up with one thing to the next to fill up my time. I’m surprised but really glad about how that’s been going these days! Today I had a couple things to do this morning but I’m glad I’m finishing up this blog post already, because I have more to do later on today but I got this post up so quick! Everything’s working out totally fine and I’m making progress with all of it.

So that’s the last collage, this photoshoot was so awesome! That’s about all I have to say too, except to wrap up with how I named this blog post and everything. I named the shoot itself ‘Tokyo’ after what’s written all over the shirt, but I named the post ‘Tokyo Smoke’ after some Cage the Elephant song that I love with all my heart. Not to mention this is the week I’ve finally decided to quit cigarettes and all of nicotine in general, and I’m so glad to finally be to this point. So the ‘smoke’ was a nice touch and that’s a great song, but I’m finally moving past all of that and I’ll be finally done with smoking altogether coming up here shortly so I’m really proud of that finally. We’ll see what I end up with next, I’ll continue with my meetings and everything, I’ll be done with all of that in the summertime at some point, but for now I love doing all of that. I’ll keep pushing forward and working on everything I have at hand, I’m really making some progress with some things and everything just comes together really well some how and I just know I’m headed in the right direction, regardless of how far out I am from the point. From the point in progress though I’ll keep doing what I have been, and it all makes a lot of sense. I’m grateful for all that’s in my life like the people and all of that, and I know there’s a lot more coming from the universe and those people that matter to me in what we’re all going to see happen next. I know I see myself very well and I’m glad I have found more to do and everything, I think I’m doing most of everything right and I just know there’s so much good coming still. I can just see it in the potential that I have and in what I work on or towards every day, and I love where I’m at already anyway. I also see my limits but I know what to do next in my life so I’ve got a pretty good idea of everything. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you next time, hope you liked this blog post!