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I’m so proud of how far I’ve gotten with everything I have this year, always keeping up with everything I want to be doing. So far I’m a little busier than I was expecting myself to be, making sure I keep pushing forward and keeping track of everything I have as I go. It’s still a lot of the same stuff as I normally have been doing with my life, but I still love so much that I have to show for recently, like my photoshoots with how I’ve been going with them. I’m definitely keeping up with a couple posts this month all month, and I still have so many ideas of what to do with what’s next and upcoming for future posts and outfits. This outfit is all black and white but mostly black, and it consists of a few key outfit pieces I had that I wanted to get into a photoshoot, and I ended up putting all of them together! I love when I have multiple pieces of clothing written down and can get like 2+ of them in an outfit successfully to get more done at once. I’m sure that eventually I’ll get outside and go do more to shoot somewhere new or do something else that’s cool with my life, but I still love all the things I do with my time and I’m always moving forward with all of it, or at least something. Meetings are still an awesome place to go to show off an outfit, at least a couple times a week, but that’s still the main thing I leave the house to do! Other than that I get to get out with my boyfriend once or twice a week, and eventually him and I will get to do more together too but it’s one thing at a time sometimes these days. I’m still totally grateful for everything I have though, and I love what I’ve been doing. This has been a good season so far, I can’t believe it’s already about to be May. Things should be so cool coming up to the summertime and up until then, we’ll see which outfits I end up putting together! Also, I really love that I ended up naming this shoot and blog post after a song, it was a good idea for one. It’s called All I Do, (which I’ll mention more about later) and all I do is blog and do my meetings + work on things around my room. I talk about that enough for sure, but yeah it is pretty perfect for me right now! I can’t wait to see what’s next, I’m really doing good with everything as I go.

All I Do photoshoot featured image

This outfit was cool to put together, it started with me really wanting to get pictures of that black crop top. I’ll add details in the next paragraph about where everything I’m wearing is from, but for now I’ll just talk about putting the outfit together! I love the style of this black crop top, it’s one of the nicer crop tops I have I think. I got it a couple years ago, and wanted also to get pictures of this grey plaid skirt that I still had for some reason. The kimono was also on my list of things to get into a photoshoot, because I never have included any of those three in a photoshoot yet! They all went well together though so I was able to get those three into one outfit and it turned out awesome. Doing my makeup is always amazing as usual too, and I like how it turned out with this outfit, I think it goes well with it. I do my makeup similarly every time I do it, and I always use eyeshadow every time now and it’s awesome. I finally do my makeup in full with my usual face and eye makeup, and I love it every time. I can’t believe I went so long without doing the full looks as often as I can. I’ll also of course have a makeup list later in the blog post too, but I’m just glad as to how things have been going with all of that every week. Definitely keep reading and I’ll start my collages and everything next, scroll down to see more!

Outfit Details for ‘All I Do’ in 2022:

  • ‘Midnight Brat Pack Lace Up Tee’ Size XS $32 from the brand Poster Girl that I got in January 2020 from Dolls Kill online. I love this top, I’m glad I finally got to put it in a shoot a couple years later!
  • Grey plaid black & white skirt in Size S from Forever 21. In 2019 I found a bunch of clothes leftover at my current boyfriend’s old apartment, so that’s where I found this skirt and the kimono!
  • Black lace kimono with no tags or anything on it, so I have no idea where it’s from. I found it at the same place I got the skirt from too, pretty cool actually! I’m glad I’m finally shooting this too.
  • Black fishnet tights from Dolls Kill most likely, probably the ones I got online in April 2019.
  • Black spike heels from a UK site in like 2015ish, from the brand called OMG. These were featured in my first ever blog post, Original Gangstress! I’m glad I finally did another photoshoot with them.
  • ‘Live’ purple anklet made by my stepmom with her jewelry brand BKTY, along with a purple amethyst beaded bracelet with a heart charm that was also made by my stepmom!
  • Black leather bracelet up my arm that I got from my stepmom (probably from Goodwill) in 2019.
  • Silver tree of life necklace from my friend Toney back in like 2020, and also a crescent moon necklace from Rocksbox that I got in 2018 (one of my favorite necklaces). I wore the moon one here too!
  • Black jeweled choker necklace, my current favorite choker that I have. It’s such a good one! I have no idea where it’s from, but my stepmom gave it to me in like 2019 or something.
  • Amethyst purple jeweled ring that I wore for the shoot, as well as a heart and angel wings silver ring.
  • Black balled earrings that drop down that my mom gave me like last year when she was cleaning out her jewelry collection! Pretty cool earrings, I totally like them. I also was wearing silver studs too.
  • ‘Shari’ light pink nail polish from Julep, who sadly discontinued their nail polish! They are still my favorite nail polish brand of all time though, I have so many Julep nail polishes. Like 30+ I’m sure.

I love going through my clothes to pick something out for a photoshoot. I try my best to keep track of all the clothes I have that I still haven’t posted on Shop For Days, writing some of them on my whiteboard or whatever. I always try to pick pieces of clothing out that I love and want to get pictures of, and I always feel like I’m getting things done when I do that right. It used to be that I ordered clothes online once in a while so I’d try to go down the list and get everything into a shoot, and I still totally do that from time to time with my Dolls Kill orders. When it’s not that though, there’s still a lot in my closet that I haven’t shot yet, so that’s what I try to aim to do next. The goal is to get a photoshoot done with everything in my closet to have everything shot, which is totally fun to keep track of. It’s not a literal goal but it is definitely what I keep in mind when I’m planning another photoshoot, because I have so many clothes I would love to finally get pictures of for my blog! Some of it is older, it’s really just a mixture and depends. This year I’m glad about skirts though, I’ve been wearing them frequently enough and was able to finally get this one into the photoshoot! I only have a couple of skirts left to photoshoot eventually, but I need to catch up on dresses eventually. So far this year I’ve worn many of my skirts, which is good because I focused more on other things last year and didn’t wear them enough. Considering it’s April though I’m a lot more caught up on them though, now I’m just waiting for it to be a little warmer outside and that’ll be perfect for a couple of the other ones. I love keeping track of my closet and wearing things enough and getting shoots done for things and everything, I’m just so glad about how everything works itself out! This is a good spring so far, I’m excited to see how the next couple of months will go though!

Makeup Details for this shoot on April 25th, 2022:

I can’t wait to get back into certain things with my life. For this month I did pretty well on like my vision journals for one, actually getting like 6 pages done and ordering some more pictures to fix a couple pages, and I’m pretty excited about how that is going so far. I’ve really done a good one with one of those journals, I did well considering 90% of my pictures I ordered in 2019! Vision journaling is totally fun and is a good thing to keep you going creatively with this evidence you can look back at. I love doing pages with my blog pictures and everything, but I also do like celebrity pages and selfie pages for some reason, but lots of things like that. I see where I’m at with everything these days, I’m doing good with all my visual aids and working on things like that, and taking a small break from journaling about my life as much – I see what I can lean on while I work on getting my other writing flows back. Other than that, I also am excited about how everything else is going. I have more concerts coming up, which is awesome to think about creatively with visuals and everything because I love everything about concerts. I also just spend most of my time listening to music and everything, instead of TV which I haven’t watched in a long time, which is really cool to me with how much I’ve been finding to do around my room. I love when I’m inspired by music, like how I found this perfect song All I Do to name after my photoshoot. That’s the perfect title for this one, because of what I mentioned in the first paragraph! I also ended up getting a t-shirt from G-Rex when I saw him live in November so I will eventually do a photoshoot with that on here, later this year or so. That’ll be awesome, I’m excited about it! So that’s an idea. Anyway, I really love all these things and I’ll eventually write more in my regular journals, but I really love all that I’ve been doing!

The only other thing I do than sit around my room and do things is get out and go do something (one of two things). It’s usually a Narcotic’s Anonymous meeting, which I go to twice a week, but I only have to do that for like 3 more months and then I get to make another change in my life of sorts. The other thing is have my boyfriend come pick me up and we go somewhere for a walk or something to hangout, but that’s the only other thing I get to go do sometimes. I love getting to do that, sometimes we finally get to actually talk and have good conversations when we walk. I don’t even share much in NA still, it’s similar to my little break away from writing in my journals and everything, I just don’t have that much for that these days quite yet again. I love every week though, I’ve been doing the same pattern of things for so long (since both of those things started in June or July) but it’s almost been at least a year, and I see how good I’m doing with all of this. I really see why I’m here and why I started that IOP program and everything, but it’ll be really cool to see where I get to this summer, hopefully moving forward with anything maybe. That’ll be good to see what I end up doing next, but I’m not worried and I love the progress I’m making. Even those it’s basically May, it’ll still be near the end of July for me to finally finish my program, so we’ll see how I do at the next few months of meetings. I think I’m going to do pretty well with all of it as we go, I always do. I’m also excited for it to be warmer outside because I can eventually shoot more of anything with my boyfriend, for this blog. I have a bunch of ideas like I always say….this photoshoot definitely was one of the ideas I mentioned in an earlier post, and it turned out awesome. But whatever, this is all I do and I do love everything in my life!

That’s all I have for this post for now, at the end of April. I love that tree necklace a lot, I’m really glad my friend gave it to me. That moon necklace as well, I wear that often enough because it’s one of my staple necklaces. I’m glad I finally ended up taking pictures of that Dolls Kill crop top, it’s a good one and I’ve been wanting to get that done since I got it! I love how all this ended up turning out, I think it ties itself together pretty well. I am excited to see what I’m going to do next, it’s all going good. I’m glad about where life goes sometimes, I appreciate a lot in my life and I know everything always unfolds really beautifully even if I’m not too sure, but I have a great rhythm I think and I’m glad I can always keep pushing forward for more of my favorite kinds of good in life, and the things I can count on in life with consistency and everything. I still am also capable of surprising myself, so that’s pretty cool too, and I know I never give up on anything so I always just persist and it’s more of the same good that I end up with, so I get creative. I just see why not with rhythm, sometimes I end up waiting for something but I always have patience, and et cetera with everything in life. So I really get how it goes, and I’ve been totally sober off of everything for so long (nearly a year in a couple months) and recently I’ve been off nicotine finally as well. So now I just really get where I’m at and how everything in life works as I go. I really like where everything ends up going after all of that, and it makes a whole lot of sense. I’m grateful and I love my life and I’ll keep making my progress with everything I have. Thanks so much for reading this!