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I’m so excited about how this photoshoot turned out, I finally put together something good like this with my extensions in and everything. I love my red hair with all my heart, it’s been red since 2018 and I’m still not done with it! Especially since I have these red extensions I want to utilize more and more as I go. I am totally good with my hair fading to blonde sometimes, but I do love getting to re-vamp and re-dye my hair back to red sometimes. This time, I ended up using Lime Crime’s red hair dye in the color Valentine. I have dyed my hair with this one before, too, like in my other blog post Solved the Problem which is from August 2019. The color ended up matching my extensions, too, but I didn’t use them as much back then. I love my red extensions, they are TestaRossa ones from Bellami in 22″ that I got that same year, bright red. I use all of them when I use them, and it turns out super rockstar I love it. The last time I ended up using my extensions in a photoshoot was this year, in January, in my photoshoot I called Stoke the Fire. I loved that outfit and everything a lot, and I love when I get to do merch, but it was even more fun putting this ‘Hackney’ outfit together and getting it to work really well in this shoot! I love getting to do more on the glam side types of photoshoots and outfits, that’s always super cool with my ‘urban glam’ style overall. I also ended up doing a slightly longer photoshoot than usual with this one, and ended up getting like 54 pictures! So that’s pretty cool this time, let’s get into the blog post! Read more to see more of the photoshoot and all as well.

‘Hackney’ Two-Piece Set from Dolls Kill (2020) Outfit Photoshoot

Dolls Kill is usually my favorite place to buy clothes online. I have been taking a break recently in the last year or half from buying much new clothes just so I can wear what I have more and catch up on photoshoots, but I do love finding new things on Dolls Kill and will eventually get back to buying more! In the meantime, this outfit is one of my favorite things I have from there. I still have a few other things I have from there and love with all my heart but haven’t done a shoot for yet, but this one was a good one to do next and I really love it. I have most things I want to do a photoshoot for on a list on my whiteboard, and you’ll see with the very last picture I use what that looks like and everything. I really love this ‘Hackney’ two-piece set, it reminds me of like 2013 on Instagram and stuff (with my old Britney Spears IG I called @/britneyobsessed and then gave the account name to my friend) when everyone was referring to Britney as like ‘Godney’ or something! That’s what I was reminded of when I bought this set, I thought it would be a cool reference to that if you know how big I am on celebrities or merchandise or whatever. Either way of whatever it actually means, I think this is a hot two-piece set. I bought it in January of 2020 for some reason, which was a crazy time period for me. I’m glad I saved this set for this photoshoot though, for me in this time – I was really glad about it turned out. I used to want to shoot everything while it was newer but I really value getting around to these photoshoots at my age with all these really cool pieces I still have. A good example was a shoot I attempted to do in 2019 but never took a single picture, and then did the same-ish outfit in March 2021 with my boyfriend called Genie Atrapado. That was a head-to-toe Dolls Kill outfit that I got in like 2019, and it took me so long to get around to it. I, like I said only have like a few things more from there and then I’m caught up on my favorite store! I’m so glad about how everything is eventually turning out too. I’m also glad it’s finally summer, because most of the things I have waiting on my whiteboard are like, summer things or something. Let’s checkout the collages.

Outfit Details for my ‘Hackney’ Photoshoot:

  • Nelle & Kimmy Skirt Set $55 from the brand Motel from Dolls Kill online, that says ‘Hackney’ on a yellow smiley face on the front of the crop top. I got this two-piece set in January of 2020 too.
  • Studded heeled boots from the brand Toi et Moi, which are boots I got from my mom way back in the day. I also ended up wearing these in my other blog post in October, called Convenience Fee.
  • Bright red hair extensions from Bellami, from the Natalie Eva Marie Collection ‘TestaRossa’ in the 22″ length that I got in May of 2019. I wore them for the first time in It’s Not U, It’s Me as well.
  • Bird necklace which is one of my favorites that I have, from the brand Fossil. I have a bunch of different bird jewelry to represent ‘freedom’ and things like that, I love wearing bird jewelry.
  • Crescent moon necklace that I got in like 2018 from Rocksbox, which is a subscription box for jewelry. I wear this necklace sometimes after a night of no sleep too. I also wore it in All I Do.
  • Shamballa crystal bracelet which is black with white crystals and sparkles, I really love this bracelet. I think it went pretty well with this outfit too. I got it a long time ago, in like 2015 or something.
  • Moon and stars ring that says ‘Imagine, Dream, Wish’. One of my favorites rings of all time, from like Goodwill in 2019 but I got it from my stepmom. I also wore it in Hollywood’s Bleeding too.
  • Dangly silver earrings that my stepmom made, she makes jewelry sometimes with her BossKty brand. I found these heart and star charms I wanted her to put on these dangly crystal chains.
  • Small stud earrings that are regular crystal studs, one of my regular matching pairs of small studs in my second holes. They’re the perfect size, I only have like four pairs of studs that size too.
  • ‘Roselyn’ silverish white nail polish from Julep that I got in like 2014 from their subscription boxes, but they have since discontinued their line of nail polish. They’ll always be my favorite though.
  • Leather jacket I eventually put on and included in the last collage & picture of the post. I got this jacket from a family friend of ours’ from my mom’s church in like 2020 with some other stuff too!

I ended up doing the cutest thing with this photoshoot. I might’ve ended up flashing the camera slightly in a few of the pictures, so I copied the ‘Hackney’ logo from one of the pictures and put it over my skirt in a bunch of pictures! Funny and cute, I like the way it ended up looking. It ended up being perfect for the photoshoot and everything. Anyway, I sure love getting to do photoshoots like this. I thought the red hair was perfectly timed to get in my second post of June, and I can’t wait to see what photoshoots I’m going to do for July. It’s been half a year of doing two posts a month and I’m doing pretty good with all of it. I love that the post I did right before this was another blonde-hair, merchandise photoshoot – you can check that out here if you haven’t read it yet! That was a good outfit for June, but so was this. I’m not exactly sure how warm it is out here sometimes but it’s definitely getting a lot warmer. Finally it’s seeming to transition, I think we had a little too cold of a month until more recently. It’ll be cool to see what happens next, in the last week I haven’t done too much but I’m glad I’m already getting up my second blog post for this round. I’m still really into makeup and stuff these past few months, that’ll be good to do next. Finally, glam with false lashes on and everything! My glue was too old and I had to order a new one, and that was the reason why I didn’t wear falsies for my last photoshoot. That’s too bad, but I got them on for this one. I also think it’s crazy that I haven’t gotten my Glam Bag yet this month, but I really hope I will! They let us pick some of our own products this month which was cool – I wanted to include the bag in this photoshoot but it didn’t show up in time, so maybe for the next shoot or something! The details for my makeup look for this shoot are in the next paragraph. I also sure really love the first two pictures in the second row of the collage below, those turned out pretty rad! I love this photoshoot so much.

Makeup Details for ‘Hackney’ on June 23rd, 2022:

  • Ciaté London Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer $28 I have the full size of this from Ipsy, it’s a pretty good primer. I actually have a bunch of primer, all from Ipsy too! This is one of like 5.
  • Complex Culture Letup Concealer $25 in the shade L200 which I also got from Ipsy, like last year probably. I like this concealer for sure, but I only have a couple – another one coming though!
  • Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Glow Wand $29 in the shade Alight that I got as a free sample with my last order of Shape Tape, so that’s pretty cool. I blend it over my concealer as a type of highlight.
  • Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation $54 in the shade B40 Sand which I got from Sephora this year with my mom. YSL is definitely a good reliable brand, I love them. A great foundation too.
  • FLESH Flesh to Flesh Highlighting Powder in the shade Boost which is a highlighter that I use as an all-over setting powder over foundation. It’s perfect for that, and I got it from Ipsy last year.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer $30 in the shade Park Ave Princess. This used to be my favorite bronzer and I have used it in a bunch of photoshoots on my blog too.
  • Phase Zero Cotton Candy Blusher $20 this is a pretty perfect pink blush that I got from Ipsy one year, it’s not too bad either. I thought this kind of pink would balance out the look pretty well.
  • Kora Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer $29 which is a cream highlighter made from crushed rose quartz. I even featured pictures of this product in my 2018 Bouquet of Rose Quartz blog post.
  • Mary Kay Eye Primer $12 for eyeshadow. This is my only eye primer, but I got it from my mom when I noticed I didn’t have any one time. I wear eyeshadow a lot nowadays though which is cool.
  • TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Matte Eyeshadow Palette $42 that I got in 2016 on sale with a couple other things. This is a pretty good eyeshadow palette overall, I definitely do like it here.
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner $28 in the shade Black Ink 1 which is such a good gel liner, and I did it really well this time too. I used this MOTD No Fudge, Just Smudge Brush with it.
  • House of Lashes False Lashes $12 in Starlet I think. I can’t wait to start using falsies more now that I’ve bought more glue again and can use them. The new glue I got is a DUO glue in clear/white.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Surfer Curl Volumizing Mascara $24 on mostly my bottom lashes but both. I got this as a mini from Sephora with Beauty Insider points a few months back, I always love Tarte.
  • Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel $24 in the shade 3.5 Auburn which goes with my bright red hair. I’ve loved this brow gel since like 2019 and just bought more recently.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer $16 that I always use every time, this is my only lip primer that I have or would want, probably. It’s a good one though, and I’m going to repurchase it soon as well!
  • Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Lip Crayon $22 in the shade NB1 Michelle which is light neutral beige, one of my two (favorite) nude lip liners that I have. It’s the perfect nude one for me too.
  • MAC Cosmetics Satin Lipstick $19 in the shade Myth which is a light neutral nude, pretty much my most neutral nude lipstick that I have other than like one of them! I’ve always loved Myth though.
  • Urban Decay Allnighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is always my favorite setting spray of all time. It’s now discontinued though, but I still have a couple of them to last me a while!
  • Ouai Volume Spray $26 that I used in my hair by itself. This is one of only like three hair products I have, I don’t really buy a lot of different product! I do like this one though, but I never blowdry.

I am always evolving slowly as I go through each year, and I really like seeing how things end up. I know I’m doing better for myself more and more, I even have more drive these days and everything. I wasn’t sure how well I was going to do with doing two photoshoots every month, but I even eventually got a few pretty good photoshoots in addition to that many, so it helped my confidence with all the efforts that I’m putting into it with at least the frequency. June so far is like my best month in terms of photoshoots so far this year, I think both of them turned out really good. The summer time might be great, I have some ideas and a few of them might be pretty good also, so maybe July will be nearly as good as June. I know I’m making progress with pretty much everything, and even taking more personal time and space for myself from other people and working on myself more during that time because I needed that time for sure. I do love other people but it’s mostly just my family and I and I’m totally okay with that pretty much all of the time. I learned a lot from the last few years and it just ends up that I’m really good and okay with myself, other than any of the other people I’ve had in and out of my life. I even love going to meetings still, and even when I don’t have much to say I still think I connect pretty well there, and I always look forward to going there every week (twice a week) anyway. I am really glad about how I am with myself and I’m excited I have been better with makeup and even outfits sometimes these days, there’s always more to look forward to. I know things will just get better with time and I’m always moving forward and I love it every day also.

I looked pretty good in that usual area of my room by my vanity, where I do so many of my shoots (it’s one of my favorites places) but I also ended up in a new area of my room finally! It took me long enough to find this spot, all I ended up doing was flipping my camera around so it was up against my mirror. I’ve done a photoshoot in so many different places of my room but this was new, I was surprised I found it. I think the lighting is pretty good in both spots which is cool, I’ve pretty much covered most of the ground in my room I think but there might be some other place. I loved how this turned out and I can’t believe I didn’t think of that spot any sooner! I have seriously done photoshoots by my dresser with like 3 different angles, and also by my mirror in like 2 spots, but never to the side of my bed unless it was closer to the dresser. So after so many photoshoots in this room, since like 2015 until now, I finally find some other place. I’m glad I live here still, it’s pretty cool for staying sober, and I do appreciate that a bunch. I know I’ve lived here for most of my life, like seriously, but who knows when I’m moving out! Anyway, I’m doing pretty good with my photoshoots and everything – it might be hard to get outside photoshoots, but I’m doing so well in my room and I’m actually impressed that I’ve done it this well for so long in the same room. I know things will keep getting better, there’s always something else to work on or focus on or do with my time. Or there’s always something differently creatively that I can work on or improve again or whatever I might do. I’m pretty appreciative of everything in my life and I know I’ll keep getting better all the time also!

I used to want to get out of the house all the time, and I still do. Although, even though I started going to meetings a bunch of times a week last July, I eventually tapered down and went to less meetings every 3 months until now it’s only twice a week. I really see now, though, how busy I can be with things. I used to have so much spare time and I wanted to fill all of it, trying to always have something to do. It’s crazy though, because this entire month I’ve been usually pretty busy. I feel like I get it a little better though, because after getting used to being so busy I just became a little more laid back and didn’t think I had to leave the house every second. I usually have something to do most of the time anyway, and I do pretty well for myself. I wish I journaled more though, because that’s the thing I started doing less with however busy I’ve finally been lately. I usually have really good timing for everything too, I usually get up with the perfect amount of time for everything. I also took a while of a break from my boyfriend but I’ve really needed this me time and I’ve made a lot of personal progress with it. I still have time for all my blogging and vision journaling and concerts and everything too, I’m pretty proud of all of that. I get it though, I really see how I went from spiraling a bit every once in a while to having things to rely on with all my time and things to look forward to and a healthy schedule and cycling and things like that. I used to think it was terrible to cycle through the day on different waves, until I started getting the hang of it with all that I have to do every day. I think everything really works out eventually, the last time I felt like I was doing this well with everything (including my photoshoots and stuff) was like last August (with Death Row). I thought it would take forever for me to end up doing a good one again with how much I liked it! There’s been a few good ones since then but this photoshoot reminds me of that one, and it’s even totally better than that one too. It’s better than a bunch of them, I did good with this one (and my last one from this June too!) But, similar states in life with this one and Death Row, if you can see what I mean! Anyway, you can check that one out too – I’m super proud of everything. I know I’m going to get better in a bunch of different aspects and I always do eventually. I’m glad about where I’m at as I go of course!

Those are my last two pictures from the photoshoot! In the last picture I was crossing ‘Hackney’ off of my whiteboard finally with an orange Expo marker. I’m glad I finally did that outfit! You can kind of see some of my other ideas on the board as well, and like three of them on there were also from Dolls Kill (but there’s like a 4th thing I have from there that I might put in the new spot). I love going through my wardrobe to photoshoot some things, and make progress on shooting everything that I have in my closet. That’s pretty much the goal but the Dolls Kill stuff always ends up being the best outfits because it’s the most creative, like style blogging. Then, of course I have tons of merchandise I still need to shoot, because collecting is always important to me and I want to do more of that too. Then there’s the rest of it, and I’ll get to all of it eventually. I sometimes wear some of the same clothes or outfits but I think I’m getting better nowadays at refreshing myself with everything, because I’m getting less bored of the same & similar. Next month will be rad, I’m excited to see how it ends up. That’s pretty much it for today, thanks so much for reading my post! I’ll see you all next time with whatever I end up doing next. I know I’ll keep doing more and it’s all going pretty good!