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I was pretty excited to see Peekaboo last year in November, with G-Rex as one of the opening acts. It was a totally good show! One of the best songs from Peekaboo is from 2018 called Work of the Devil, and he’s known for similar work as that. Although, other than the duo song from him and G-Rex, I hadn’t heard that much from G-Rex yet, but I ended up totally loving his music. He’s such a great electronic artist! So I also ended up loving the red graphic tee that he had for sale at the show and ended up getting that one there. Finally, now in August I ended up doing a photoshoot with the shirt and it turned out pretty good with my bright red hair again. This will be a good blog post I think! One of my most favorite songs from G-Rex is called ‘Pull Up’, which is what I called this photoshoot, it’s a song on my all-time best playlist Convenience Fee. I love that playlist and I sometimes write posts inspired by the playlist and everything, so I have a category you can look at here called Convenience Fee with all the posts that are coordinated with it on it. I loved G-Rex’s set, too, I think he’s a pretty good one too. He even recently, at the end of last month, did a second duet with Peekaboo on his new EP called ‘Deviant’ and that’s a pretty good one too. I’m so glad I have this shirt, it’s super cool looking too! Also check out my post on my other blog, Celebrity Merch Base, for the solo collection post for this t-shirt. I love how this year has been going, as well. Read more for the rest of the post!

G-Rex concert graphic tee from November 20th, 2021 at a show in Seattle Photoshoot

So as of last week, I’m finally done with my court-required outpatient treatment for addiction! I started that in July of last year and it was supposed to be a year-long and it was. I had to go to meetings at least like 2-3 times a week (even more at first) for it and now I’m finally done. I’m still going to go to meetings (such as Narcotic’s Anonymous) at least twice a week all the time even though it’s finally over, because I’ve learned to totally love doing that and it’s a cool something to do. I can finally end up drinking alcohol again but I’m grateful for my full year sober! I also ended up breaking up with my boyfriend one week last month so a couple big changes for my life and what I’ll be doing with it. I finally get to hangout with friends again and stuff because I wasn’t doing that while I was with my ex and everything. Anyway, I got my hair dyed red again and everything will continue in motion again as I go! I’m excited about where I’m at and what I get to do next so we’ll see what ends up happening. I still at least go to concerts once a month as well, and I also go places with my dad and stuff but adding in friends will also be a fun thing to do again too. Now the photoshoot!

Outfit Details for my ‘Pull Up’ Photoshoot:

  • G-Rex Merchandise Graphic Tee from 2021 Concert in November, he opened for Peekaboo like I mentioned. I love this t-shirt, I got it in a size M because that was the smallest size they had.
  • Black wedge sandals from Shoedazzle back when I was like 16 or something. These are pictured a couple of times throughout the photoshoot but weren’t too prominent. Totally cute, though!
  • Bling Thoughts Sparkly Key Necklace from Dolls Kill in June 2021 for like $12, one of my favorite statement necklaces & keys. I’ve been wearing it more often lately which has been pretty cool.
  • Loop Me In Rhinestone Chain Earrings from Nasty Gal in February of 2017 which I got on sale for like $4 which was pretty awesome. I also wore them in Chain Mail that year and Offline last year too.
  • Crystal Stud Earrings in my second holes that I got in-store at Kohl’s from the brand LC Lauren Conrad, they’re pretty cute I love them. You can check out the brand online through Kohl’s here.
  • Red set of three bangles that I got from like Goodwill or my stepmom in 2019ish, they’re pretty cute. They looked a little pink in the shoot but they’re red bangles and I thought they went well also.
  • Tiny Diamond Ring & Sterling Silver Snake Ring on my right hand. Two of my very favorite rings, one is made with actual diamonds and the other one is from Pandora. They are usually what I wear.
  • TestaRossa bright red 22″ hair extensions from Bellami Hair (& Natalie Eva Marie) that I bought online in 2019. I usually wear these when I re-dye my hair red, like in Hackney & Stoke The Fire.
  • ‘Ghost’ Nail Polish from Deborah Lippmann which is a sheer shimmer clear/white color from the Shades of Cool minis collection, which is a really pretty nail polish color & I love this one too.
  • (Not Really Pictured) black denim shorts that I wore under the long shirt which are from the brand Vans and say Vintage Mini Size 1 on them. These are one of my favorite pairs of shorts also.

I’ve always loved the red hair on me, it’s always good when I get to re-dye my hair. For the most part I’m not done dying it this color yet because I love these extensions with all my heart, so I just get excited about it and I know I’m going to wear these enough times to get my use out of all of it. Red hair does of course fade, but I’m dying it more often now so still some pink haired photoshoots sometimes but less blonde hair ones. I always loved the blonde hair photoshoots too, but oh well for now because the red is more important to me these days! It’s my favorite hair color ever on me sometimes. I even switched out all of my brow pencils and now all of them are auburn colored ones (I have three of them) instead of brown so that’s been looking pretty good. I’m excited to see what I’m going to do next, like this month and in the fall and stuff, that’ll be cool too. For now I love shooting merchandise because I get closer and closer to filling up my other blog and coordinating my collection and getting as many of them done as I can. I only got like 3 concert tee’s last year (and then a couple t-shirts online) but I needed to slow down to catch up on photoshooting them so I’ve only gotten two merch shirts total this entire year. I’ll also eventually do a photoshoot for those two but this one, as I’ve stated is from last year. I just love catching up on my collection and I’m impressed that I always do two photoshoots a month, and have this whole year. I did basically just once a month last year, but I love ramping up though. Let’s get into my makeup details next too, I always love that.

Makeup Details for ‘Pull Up’ on August 1st, 2022:

  • Purlisse Silk Glow BB Base Primer $28 which is usually my favorite makeup primer. I love this one, I hope Ipsy does more Purlisse products soon because I would love to try another one sometime!
  • Complex Culture Letup Concealer $25 in the shade L200 which is basically light. This is a good concealer that I got from Ipsy last year most likely and I think it’s a pretty decent one overall too.
  • Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation $54 in the shade B40 Sand which is the neutral sand shade that they have. YSL is a pretty good brand, and this is one of my favorite foundations as well.
  • V Kosmetik Loose Powder* $22 in the shade N2 Cool Neutral which I got in my Ipsy bag for July, which I finally got at the end of last month. I’ll review that bag below too! I love this powder.
  • Basic Beauty Bronzy AF Bronzer Palette $30 that I got from Ipsy last year, using the first shade on the palette. This is a pretty decent bronzer palette and I love the three shades that it has as well.
  • Complex Culture Good Glow Blush Duo* $30 which is a blush palette with two shades in it, and I used both of them for this shoot. The shades are called So Chill & Glow Rush and it’s from Ipsy!
  • Araceli Beauty Tequila Highlighter* $24 in the shade Blanco which I really like. I got this from my July Ipsy bag also and it’s a really good highlighter. I love the shade of it, it’s pretty universal too.
  • Mary Kay Eye Primer $12 which is the eyeshadow primer I use every single time for all of my photoshoots and each day for my makeup. I always wear eyeshadow. Not a bad primer either.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Don’t Quit Your Daydream Eyeshadow Palette $24 from 2019. It was a limited edition palette and it’s not too bad, either. I used every shade all together for this makeup look.
  • Doucce Ultra Precision Eyeliner $23 which is my favorite kohl eyeliner pencil that I used on my waterline for this shoot. This is a pretty decent product and I like it, I got it from Ipsy last year.
  • il Makiage Black Card Liquid Eyeliner $23 one of my favorite liquid liners as well. It’s very black and I love this one. It goes pretty well with the other one and it’s a pretty good look together.
  • BeautyForReal Hi-Def Mascara $22 in the shade Just Black which is one of my favorite mascaras that I will always repurchase. I originally found this from Ipsy a couple years back and loved it.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer $23 in the shade Auburn which is a pretty good shade. I used to use a brown shade but switched because I dyed my hair red again, & auburn is of course a red.
  • Misho Beauty Lip Liner Set* $25 in the shade Ijama which is a darkish nude pink color but I really love these two liners. They are good quality and also colors too. I got these from Ipsy last time too.
  • Kylie Cosmetics Lip Gloss $15 in the shade Exposed from 2016 which is when I bought it. They discontinued this gloss but they do have other glosses & also the Exposed lip kit on their site too.
  • Urban Decay Allnighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is my favorite setting spray of all time, and it’s perfect for me. I love anything to do with pollution protection which is cool.
My July Ipsy Glam Bag Plus from 2022

*I love getting Ipsy every month. For this photoshoot I was using products from my July bag, since my June & July bags were a little behind and I finally got them done. My next bag should be on time, but anyway I loved this bag this month. All the products are pretty good, that SPF 45 sunscreen is also a moisturizer which I had been wanting, and it’s a pretty decent one. Then, I got that new loose powder and that’s a perfect shade for me, I really love it! Also I wasn’t sure about the blush duo at first but it ended up looking really good together the last time I used it so that was awesome. And the highlighter is also a really good shade so I loved that with all my heart too. It’s also cool that you get to pick 3 of your Ipsy products these days now too, the two they picked out for me this time was the moisturizer & highlighter. The last product I used in this shoot & got from this bag was a set of two lip liners and I used the pink one. They’re really good lip liners, too, I love them. So I pretty much used all of those products for this one. It all turned out pretty great! I can’t wait for my next bag also. You can subscribe to Ipsy through my referral here.

I like how everything is coming together. I’m usually good at that every day. Plus, this week was another week that I got out of the house and did my makeup for every day of the week until now (and including tomorrow as well). I love it when that happens! Tomorrow I’m going to run a couple of errands but I’m really glad this week was full for me because I love getting to do things, especially since my breakup and the end of my IOP treatment. We’ll see what happens next week, it should be a good one too. I’m pretty happy about things most of the time too, I really appreciate the changes I’ve made and how I’ve been able to handle things pretty well. I’m usually not surprised that I have a good attitude about everything and I really like myself as a person most of the time, which is always great. I am glad that I make a lot of progress and that I get through things and always see the light through everything. Past all of that, I’m also pretty glad that this photoshoot is another one I’ve inspired by Convenience Fee. I think that playlist has followed me well since last fall, and I do well with it. I’m glad I use it as a concept that I blog about still and will continue to do that! I’m excited about my life and what’s next and what I’ll end up with further. Here’s one more collage & then my last paragraph.

It’ll be great to see what’s next, I love my red hair these days and I love how everything has been turning out and I’m glad every day that I live these days. I’m a pretty positive person overall so I’m usually doing pretty well but I love that things could be different now too. I am usually totally grateful about how things turn out and everything. That’s finally pretty much it for this post! I’ve been doing some thinking and sleeping and everything past having things to do and I know I can do something even better next time as well. For now I’m finally done here but this post turned out pretty good and I’m glad about it. I always have things I do with my time and my life that bring me joy. Thanks so much for reading and being followers and everything, that’s always rad. See you guys next time, bye!