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This year is going really well so far, I’m really excited about everything that is happening in my life. I’m glad the first two months of this new year have been going so well, I’m really grateful for that! It’s finally the year that I’m 24 and I have some really cool things planned/coming up for the rest of the year, so we’ll see how everything goes. Today’s post is going to be really awesome, I have a pretty cool photoshoot to show you. This shoot could have a few different names, and it means something to me. First off, it’s Convenience Fee (Part Two) basically, because it relates as much to the first one I did, of course called Convenience Fee. That was the post I did the month I first ever started off my major concept playlist of the same name, and got that rolling. That’s significant to me because that’s my favorite playlist I’ve ever done of all time. I did that photoshoot & post the month before I turned 23, as well, and everything has been pretty awesome since then. A lot of why this is a spinoff of that photoshoot is because of the Part Two-like outfit similarities: the original post included a bulky silver 5-lock chain necklace that I love with all my heart, as well as a slightly oversized plain black t-shirt, compared to this sparkly pink lock necklace & long black graphic tee. That’s pretty awesome for the two looks, I love them both and I love how they go together. I was also wearing hot pink (lips) for both, including a really pretty hot pink lipstick in the last post and then a hot pink Super 8 Lip Oil by Yensa called Pink Shine for this look, which looked really good with my hot pink eyeshadow (from the Kesha Rose Beauty FTW eyeshadow palette that I got pictures of/with!) that I totally loved with the pink necklace. Hot pink & black looked really good in these two photoshoots. Definitely check out the original post if you haven’t seen that one yet, I linked it earlier in the paragraph! Anyway, I had to name this shoot As Crazy As It Is, to keep furthering my concept category/playlist photoshoot series also called Convenience Fee. There’s currently 232 songs on the playlist and it’s still such an awesome playlist, and I just loved As Crazy As It Is by Zhu as one of them. So that’s definitely a couple things about/that I could refer to this photoshoot as, I love how that turned out. Finally, one more of the things I thought of is that this could just simply be like the t-shirt, ‘The Mix’ – but it’s not. Lol, that’s what the shirt says, I totally love this shirt. It’s from a bar in Tacoma, but I’m pretty sure we found it at Goodwill and then my stepmom gave it to me. That’s all about this post so far though, I of course just named it after the song but wanted to hit upon all of the cool key points that otherwise went with this blog shoot. Let’s get into this otherwise named Convenience Fee Pt. 2 photoshoot blog post next!

As Crazy As It Is Photoshoot 2023 – AKA Convenience Fee Pt. 2

So I love that I’m finally getting around to this photoshoot & blog post featuring this sparkly hot pink lock necklace that I love with all my heart. I got it in my first ever Dolls Kill order back in April 2019 for $12 and I really love it. It took me forever to finally get it into a shoot, but I did originally put it in this really cute picture I took one time in the same year. It was a significant picture I took for a while, I even got an iPhone 6s case made with the pic at one point! You can check out that picture here on Instagram. I’m glad I’m finally doing the shoot though, because I really love this thing by now! I really love Dolls Kill – not to mention how cool it is that the 5-lock necklace in that original post for Convenience Fee is also from Dolls Kill too, which I got the year after I got the pink one. I love how all of that turned out, I have these two significant lock necklaces, plus two lock necklaces (also from Dolls Kill) that have keys with them, plus one more lock necklace that is a heart I got from my ex for my 23rd birthday and I love all of them! So that’d be 5 total lock necklaces, not to mention how many silver (+1 gold) key necklaces that I have, haha…(a lot!). Anyway, eventually I’m planning on putting together a blog post of all my finished photoshoots for that first ever Dolls Kill order of mine, I just have to do like two more photoshoots until I’m ready for that huge collective post anyway! That’ll be awesome, I’m glad I finally did this necklace so that I can get to doing that post eventually for all of it. There were 7 things in that first box I got, and I’ve got the pictures for most of it so far. I’ve been trying to shoot all of my Dolls Kill stuff, it’s really my all-time favorite place to get my clothes and I love everything I have from there so much. We’ll see how much more of it I accomplish this year and everything! Let’s finally get into the first collage for this photoshoot as well, it turned out pretty good.

For this part of the photoshoot, how I started it off, I just had eyeshadow & eyeliner on so far and wanted to get a bunch of pictures for my new-ish Kesha palette that I got back in November! I’m so glad I was able to get one of these RIGHT before they took everything down & discontinued Kesha’s line Kesha Rose Beauty, with her 3 products (I have 2/3) and everything from HipDot. I really super love this palette, it’s now my favorite eyeshadow palette that I have. I first included it back in my VIBEZ photoshoot & blog post back when I got the palette, in November 2022, and it looked pretty good. For this look, I did something a little similar but with a few different of the colors from the palette. Anyway, in that first collage I was still missing mascara, a brow product & lipgloss, but I put those on a little later in the post and then took more pictures. I just really wanted to do a photoshoot with how beautiful this eyeshadow palette is since I didn’t in the first one I used it in. I love how pretty the palette is – I tried to also get a picture of the names on the palette so you could read them, they’re all named after Kesha songs which I really love about it too! My favorite shade of the entire palette is called Cannibal, and it’s the hot pink shade, and probably the main color in both of those photoshoots as well. The eyeshadows that I used were Tik Tok first, the silver pressed glitter, on my inner corners & brow bone, and then Pagentry which is a light baby pink, the only one named after an unreleased song specifically (I wish I could hear that one someday!), but people know about it. Then I used the orange shade, Boogie Feet, on my lid and my lower lash line, and then of course Cannibal which I mentioned, near the outer area of my lid and then all the way over on my crease towards the center. Finally, I used what I thought was a small amount of the blue shade Blow on the outer corners of my eye, which I thought was pretty abstract, and then finished the look with the sparkly black shade Tonight finally. I think the whole look turned out awesome, I love it. I really love eyeshadow these days, I wore eyeshadow every single time I wore makeup last year and didn’t miss a beat with it once because I love it so much now! So maybe I totally deserved finally getting this palette to end last year, it was a coincidence that I had to get it anyway, since I saw they were taking it all down. It turned out totally awesome though, I really love it! Here’s the next collage and then let’s get into the outfit details finally. I always love putting together looks like this, like black and pink too.

Outfit Details for my ‘As Crazy As It Is’ Photoshoot 2023:

  • Pink Crystal Heart Lock Necklace $15 from Dolls Kill that I got in April 2019 on sale for $12. I really love this sparkly statement lock necklace, plus it’s one of my current favorite necklaces right now.
  • The Mix bar from Tacoma, WA microphone black t-shirt which my stepmom & dad gave me after they found it at Goodwill in 2021 most likely. I totally love this shirt, but it’s from a gay bar actually lol.
  • Black chain leggings from See You Monday that I got when I was, like, 15! My dad fixed them last year because these are my favorite leggings ever. I wore them in Winging It & Mind Control too.
  • High-heeled black booties from Jennifer Lopez’s JLO line from Kohl’s that I got when I was like 16, and these have been my favorite booties since. I wore them in my 2022 post Tokyo Smoke as well.
  • Circus Tour 2009 Britney Spears charm choker necklace that I got on eBay one year with a Circus Tour book, I love it so much! I put it on that choker cord with my stepmom, it’s an awesome necklace.
  • Silver & black long chain necklace that I got from like Goodwill or something in 2019. Plus, I was also wearing these pretty stationary drop silver crystal earrings that my mom gave me in like 2021 as well.
  • Star silver crystal stud earrings in my second holes that I got in a pack of earrings from Kohl’s last year. These are one of my favorite pairs of studs! Also, my screw industrial at a smoke shop in 2019.
  • Circle & pink heart crystal silver bracelet that was from like Walmart that I got in like 2017 or so, and was always one of my favorite bracelets. I love it, I got it from my dad & stepmom or something.
  • Silver druzy arrow bracelet that I love & got from Rocksbox in like 2018. Also this pretty, thick sterling silver band ring on my left hand that I got last year from my stepmom plus a thin one on my thumb.
  • Big black lips ring on my right hand, I love these sparkly rings from Trish’s Treasure Chest, I have three. I got them when I was like 15. I also wore this one in my first blog post Original Gangstress.
  • Fleur black nail polish with blue & green small & hex glitters in it from Julep that I got back in the day before they discontinued all of their nail polishes. I really like this one though – it’s pretty good.
  • Black Opium eau de parfum perfume from Yves Saint Laurent 3 oz that I got for my 24th birthday last year from my dad! I love this perfume, this is my third bottle. I mainly had the other 2 in 2019 too.

Makeup Details for ‘As Crazy As It Is’ on February 20th, 2023:

  • Tynt Beauty Dew Balm $28 which I used as a primer for my makeup like I always do. I got this from Ipsy a couple years ago & now I’m finally running out of it! But it’s a pretty good product.
  • Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Concealer $28 that I got from Ipsy like this year, because I always love Purlisse! They always have good products, and this is now my favorite concealer these days too.
  • Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation $56 in the shade B 40 Sand but I think they changed the names of the shades. This is one of my current foundations, it’s a pretty good one always by YSL.
  • STUDIOMAKEUP Hyaluronic Acid Translucent Setting Powder $35 which is a good loose powder that I got from Ipsy last year. I have a couple loose powders right now, and I like them a lot too!
  • Ace Beauté Bronzed in Paradise Bronzer Palette $35.99 using the 4th shade which is the darkest one! I got this palette late last year after I missed it with Ipsy, but I like it & it’s really pigmented.
  • Wander Beauty Double Date Lip and Cheek $24 in the shade Rendezvous that I used on just my cheeks. I also used a little of another hot pink blush over the top, but I loved the pinks together!
  • Kora Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer $29 which is a cream highlighter from the brand! I got this one in like 2018 or earlier probably, and it’s also made with crushed rose quartz which I love too.
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion $27 in the shade Original which is also currently the only eyeshadow primer that I have and use. I love this one, it’s the first one I ever tried & my favorite.
  • Kesha Rose Beauty FTW Eyeshadow Palette $36 which is currently my favorite eyeshadow palette for sure! I’m so glad I got this before they discontinued the brand – check out the 3rd paragraph.
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner $32 in the shade Black Ink. This is one of my fave eyeliners and I love that it’s a gel liner. This is also my second one ever & I first tried it a long time ago too!
  • Beauty For Real Hi-Def Mascara $24 which I first got from Ipsy a few years ago then repurchased a couple times, because it is totally one of my favorite mascaras. I always love this one, it’s so black.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer $26 in the shade Auburn which is also one of my favorite brow pencils probably, I always repurchase this one. This is a good shade also that I totally love as well!
  • Yensa Beauty Super 8 Lip Oil $29 in the shade Pink Shine. I got it from Ipsy a year or so ago, but it broke in my makeup bag so I had to use it up! That, in that one pic, was my very last use of it too.
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is my favorite setting spray of all time, but they discontinued it. I still found it & repurchased it, so now I have three of them!

That’s it for my blog post, thanks so much for checking me out! I think this one turned out really good, I like how it’s a spinoff of Convenience Fee. I do a bunch of different photoshoots in that part of my room but I really like that it coordinated with that other one, I like that idea. I sometimes do different parts of my room, but I always love photoshoots in that part of my room like, the most. I love that leopard blanket that I got for it, too, that was a good idea to get that blanket because I love that one for photoshoots. We’ll see what shoots I do next, I have some good ideas for what I’m going to do next! Hopefully a few of the ideas end up working out, but we’ll see. I know March is going to be good for some blog posts though. We’ll see what happens next, I still pretty much go to the club Trinity with my friend Kwame like every single Friday night, unless we go to a concert or something instead, but maybe I could do something like this there sometime. It’s really fun to go there, I love doing that these days with all my heart. I also love going to concerts but still! Anyway, we’ll see what ends up happening. I really love my life sometimes, it’s getting to the point where everything is getting a lot better for me in some ways in my life, so that’s sometimes exciting. I really appreciate a lot of things in my life and I love those things and I hope I keep doing what I love and loving it if I can, because I usually do, and we’ll see where everything goes from here. Hopefully this year kinda changes something for me or something in my life, because I’ve felt stuck before doing the same thing in my life but I really got out of it and now I really deserve to progress, I love progression and I know I can get to a really awesome place in my life with what I got going on! I love finally writing about things like that. Maybe I’ll get to do more of that at some point, like on my blog or in my journal again. Or just whatever, I love what I’ve been doing. I’m off to a pretty good start with this year, and it’s going awesome. Thanks so much again, I’ll see all of you next time or whatever anyway!

As crazy as it is, I don’t want to leave ya, I don’t want to go nowhere!