Last week I finally got to do a photoshoot at the downtown Seattle nightclub that I always go to, Trinity! I go there every single Friday with my best friend Kwame pretty much, it’s a really awesome dance club that I love. We’ve been going there every week since the beginning of February which is totally awesome. This time, we ended up going on a Thursday to Trinity for a concert for the EDM artists Jantsen & Dirt Monkey, which is totally awesome to me because I really love Jantsen. I thought that was cool and perfect, we already go to like one or two concerts a month anyway and then Trinity all the rest of the time but we got to see this concert at my favorite nightclub! So that was pretty cool, this also ended up being the day I happened to want to do a photoshoot finally at the club so that was also cool, getting to finally do a shoot at the club but also at a concert for once in my life. I thought that was awesome, I’ve always been really into concerts my whole life basically. You can also checkout my comprehensive concert list that I keep track of on a page on my blog called Concert Almanac. This Jantsen concert was #88 which is totally awesome, I’m glad I also got to do this shoot here too. I loved doing this photoshoot at my favorite nightclub, it turned out pretty good! I ended up wearing this cool comic/pop art type dress that I got from Wet Seal when I was like 15 or something, I’ve always really loved this dress. I can’t believe it took me so long to do a photoshoot with it! I definitely wear a dress every single time I go to Trinity now though so I’ve been wearing my dresses way more often these days which is awesome that I’m finally going through them. Anyway, half of this photoshoot I did in my room & the other half were pictures Kwame took of me while we were at the club/concert. I love how this turned out, I’m so glad I finally got to do a shoot at my favorite place! Plus, concerts are always so fun to go to anyway of course also! Read more after the featured image to see the rest of it.

‘Burn Up The Floor’ Dirt Monkey & Jantsen Concert at Trinity Nightclub shoot that I did with Kwame!

I love that I’ve been finally going through all my dresses these days, I’ve been wearing them so much! I have a bunch of dresses from a bunch of different years of my life, and this year I’ve been doing photoshoots for a lot of them. I love that I’ve been both doing that and also wearing a dress to the club every single week too! It’s awesome to finally be wearing dresses, I love it. I also was planning on getting a new dress or two this month maybe, because that would be awesome and perfect. I only have so many dresses left to shoot now, too! But my goal sometimes is to do photoshoots for ALL of my clothes that I have/haven’t shot yet, so I go through them and put a list on my whiteboard and make sure I shoot things I might’ve missed through the years because that’s my goal and I love doing that. It’s so fun to shoot all my clothes, I’m definitely doing things the right way. It took me so long with this dress which is surprising, but now I’m finally catching up with all my dresses and clothes and everything and putting them all into shoots which I love so much! I’m excited to keep shooting my whole closet and getting everything done that I want to, I’ve really been making progress on my blog this year. I’m so excited about that these days. Scroll down for the first collage of the shoot next!

Outfit Details for my ”Burn Up The Floor” Photoshoot:

  • Comic Book/Pop Art Dress that I got from Wet Seal in the mall when I was like, 15. I’ve always loved this dress, I’ve nearly had it for like 10 years! I can’t believe how long it took me to shoot it though.
  • You Go Girl’ Bright Red Sneakers by the brand Divided that I got from my friend back in 2019. These are my favorite sneakers ever, I also wore them in YOU GO, GIRL. & Solved The Problem in 2019.
  • Pinkish coral colored K Bell socks with the sneakers and a black corded gold & pink crescent moon anklet. This is my other gold anklet, but I may have lost my main favorite gold one recently which sucks!
  • Gold key earrings that I got two years ago in a pack from Buckle at the mall that say ‘Room 520’ & square crystal gold studs in my second holes as well. I got pretty good pics of the key earrings below.
  • Butterfly dainty gold necklace from Rocksbox which is one of my favorite gold necklaces. I also wore it this year in GOLDWING, last year in Illumination & in 2019 in MISSY UNDERSTOOD as well.
  • Blue crystal gold Y-chain necklace that my stepmom made me (with her BossKty jewelry line) with a crystal we got from a rock store, plus a gold square-type chain bracelet & x2 wire gold pearl rings also.
  • Barbara purple small glitter nail polish by Julep which is one of my favorite purple nail polishes that I have. I have so many Julep nail polishes, it totally sucks that they discontinued their line though!
  • Pink Sugar eau de toilette perfume by Aquolina that I got when I was like 15 probably. This is a really sweet perfume, I love it! I thought it would go well with this outfit for sure, and it totally does too.
  • GG Marmont small black leather shoulder bag $2,550 by Gucci which is my favorite purse of all time right now! I got it from my mom for Christmas last year which is awesome, & I love that it’s gold!

Makeup Details for ”Burn Up The Floor” on May 4th, 2023:

  • Purlisse Silk Glow BB Base Primer $28 which is sometimes my favorite primer out of all of what I have right now. I love Purlisse, they’re such a good brand. I like the texture of this primer as well.
  • Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Concealer $28 in the shade Light which is also my favorite concealer too. I love this one a lot, it’s pretty good coverage & the shade is really pretty on me also, which is cool.
  • Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Luminous Matte Foundation $60 in the shade B40 Sand which is one of my fave foundations. I like the name so I sometimes wear it to the club despite the sunscreen!
  • V Kosmetik Loose Powder $22 in the shade N02 Cool Neutral which is a good shade on me, I like it. I got this one from Ipsy like last year & it’s like one of my best powders of the few that I have too.
  • Ace Beauté Bronzed in Paradise Bronzer Palette $35.99 in the third shade. This is always, like, my best bronzer palette to wear to the club, it’s pretty pigmented! It always looks good there as well.
  • Kaleido Cosmetics Skinluminate Superfine Luminous Blush Palette $22 in the third shade, called Silky Peach Pink. This ended up being such a good blush, it looked super perfect on me this time!
  • Kylie Cosmetics Banana Split Kylighter $22 from like 2017 which they don’t make anymore, but it’s a pretty yellow-colored gold highlighting powder! It looked pretty good here as well & I do like it.
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion $27 in the shade Original which is my favorite eyeshadow primer. I’ve been using this one for so long, it’s such a good one though & at least now I have two!
  • Kylie Cosmetics 24k Birthday Collection Pressed Powder Palette $58 her gold palette, in the shades Make A Wish, Love It Here, Such A Gem, Fine Metal, Twenty Four, Shine Baby and Cheers To 24!
  • Kylie Cosmetics Shimmery Gold Kyliner Gel Eyeliner Pencil $16 that I just got in my last Kylie order. This’s a pretty good gold eyeliner, I used it on my waterline! I like it with the palette of course too.
  • F.A.R.A.H 18HR Liquid Eyeliner $20 in the shade Black Velvet that I got like a couple months ago from Ipsy. This is a pretty good liquid eyeliner too, I like it. It’s a pretty good shade I think as well.
  • House of Lashes Starlet False Lashes $12 that I got when I was younger, I’ve had these for so long now! I stopped wearing falsies for a while but now I wear them like every single day pretty much.
  • Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara $24 in the ‘true black’ color called Cuz I’m Black from Rihanna’s makeup line! I got from Ipsy earlier this year & it’s a pretty good mascara.
  • Treslúce Beauty Hello, Brows! Dual-Ended Micro Brow Pencil $18 in the shade Auburn. I also got this from Ipsy earlier this year but I used the last use of it for this photoshoot so I’m out of it now!
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer $16 which is usually the lip primer that I use every time! I also recently got a new lip primer right after I did this as well but I’ll be able to use that one next time.
  • Illamasqua Lust Colouring Lip Pencil $10 which is a hot pink lip pencil that I usually use for all my hot pink lipsticks. This is a pretty decent lip liner and I got it from Ipsy like a really long time ago!
  • MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick $22 which is one of my favorite hot pink lipsticks! This was a Limited Edition Viva Glam Lipstick from like 2015, I love it! I have both the Miley ones.
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is my favorite setting spray of all time, I always love pollution protection products. I have 3 of them but it was discontinued!

That’s the end of the first half of the photoshoot, all three collages of the shoot that I did in my room. Next is three more collages of the same photoshoot & outfit that I did with my friend Kwame at the club! Both halves turned out pretty great, I love how I had the cute colorful bedding on my bed in the last couple of the collages, I thought that would go perfectly with my dress and it did. I also really love that I wore my Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick for this shoot, I have both of the MAC Miley Cyrus lipsticks and I love them so much! I thought this lipstick was really good contrast with the dress and even shoes, it’s a pretty hot pink lipstick and I liked how it popped. The first time I ever shot that Miley Cyrus lipstick was in a really super early January 2016 blog post of mine back in the day, but wow, it’s been 7 years since then! I had to finally shoot it again, but it’s crazy how long I’ve had these lipsticks and how much I love them these days. I’ve been blogging for so long, I really love doing it & I love how I’ve progressed over the years. Past that, I also love that I used my new Kylie Cosmetics 24k gold eyeshadow palette for this blog post too, I used different colors on the last blog post I did but included the more yellow colors in this blog post. I love that new eyeshadow palette of mine, I think it looks super awesome. I did pretty awesome eyeshadow this time as well, the yellow was perfect with some of the other colors I used and I loved it. Super awesome that I’ve been using all my stuff and keeping active with my makeup & clothes & everything these days, I really appreciate where I’m at with all of that! Now let’s finally get into the collages of the pictures that we took at the club, Kwame got some awesome pictures of me there too. The first collage we did above on the balcony bar area.

That first set of pictures at the club turned out pretty awesome, I especially liked the first row and the last two. The balcony bar area is really cool, you can see the stage below from a cool view & it’s a really cool area, I love being up there at the club. My dress looked pretty good in that first row too, I love this outfit so much! I like that I did this one at the club and I love that I still have this colorful dress. It’s an awesome dress on me for sure. I also really loved the mirror pictures of me re-applying my lipstick, that looked pretty awesome, I like things like that. My hair even looked pretty awesome in this photoshoot, I like when it lightens and everything, I think that looks pretty cool on me! Plus, this jacket is always pretty perfect for the club, I’m glad I have this one. I liked how it was darker lighting up there too, it’s always a pretty cool atmosphere up there but I really liked the contrast with my colorful outfit up there. Now let’s get into the next collage below, we went downstairs to the club floor and took some pictures of me in the crowd which turned out pretty awesome as well. This was a pretty awesome concert as well, I love that I named the shoot Burn Up The Floor especially because it was at a nightclub on the dance floor! Jantsen also played that song with his cool mix that he was DJing, which I thought was pretty cool. The song Burn Up The Floor is by Griz & Jantsen and I love it. Jantsen was by far the best of the two, I loved so many of the songs he played! Now scroll for the next couple of collages, I love how the crowd pictures turned out. The club was also pretty packed as well.

That collage was pretty rad! The rest of the pictures we took again up on that balcony area but instead of being in the corner area with the mirrors we stood by the balcony that hangs over the stage and got some more pictures. The last one from the last collage was taken up there & so were the rest of them below, & those turned out pretty good too! I was surprised at how this photoshoot came out, Kwame did a pretty good job at taking pictures of me there. Also check out the other few blog posts that him and I did together, like the recent Yayo & Easter ones and then the one we did in 2019 called Live Fast. Those I mostly ended up taking with a tripod but they were pretty awesome photoshoots as well, I love it when Kwame & I do photoshoots and things like that it’s awesome. I also really love how often we go to the club and do fun things like that, I love getting out & doing things with him. These days everything in my life is going pretty well overall too, I have a pretty good balance in everything and I get things done and do positive things in my life and I love getting to do that. I’m always moving in the right direction and I love how that works, I really appreciate where I’m at these days! Now let’s get into the last collage of the photoshoot below, that one looked pretty good too. It’s cool how the crowd looks below the balcony, & the other pictures we took were rad too! Keep scrolling for the rest.

That’s it for the whole photoshoot, thanks so much for checking me out! I’m glad I finally got to do a photoshoot here, it turned out awesome. I’ll keep posting at least twice a month probably too & I’m excited to see what I’m going to do next. I love that I’ve been doing so many good gold outfits these days with all my gold jewelry in, they always turn out awesome. I’m probably going to keep doing that for a while because I love how that has turned out so far. I also have a couple good ideas of what I’m going to do next but we’ll see how that ends up! I’m so glad Kwame wanted to help me with this shoot though, he probably also got some good visuals for a music video that he sometimes gets when we do photoshoots though so that’ll be cool too. We’ll probably do something else that’s cool at some other time too but we’ll see what we end up doing later on! I’m excited to see what is going on for the rest of this month though, too, so far May has been going pretty good but it’s still pretty early on. We’ll see how things end up going, I’m doing really good these days though too so I think it’ll all keep going pretty good. My life keeps getting better in some ways and I just love to feel like things are always getting better and improving. I’m getting better at everything these days, too, which I really appreciate. I love that, I’m always so glad about where I’m at and where I’m going. I have a lot of things going for me & also to look forward in life these days, too, which is pretty cool. Progress is something I always love making, I’m good at that in life. Anyway, thanks so much again for reading & checking out my blog! I’ll see all of you again later this month with something cool, I’m excited for it!