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Gold is really fun to wear these days, I’m glad it’s been nearly a couple months since I switched out all of my body jewelry into gold colored pieces. I was also excited about doing this outfit photoshoot & everything because I had this cool beige/gold-ish Guess shirt that I’ve been needing to shoot for awhile too. I got it in September & I’m glad I waited until now to shoot it because I got to shoot it with all the gold jewelry I have in with it! This shoot turned out pretty good, too, I love the color of my hair & lipstick with the outfit and everything. I also got a new choker that I love, which is a gold one, that I’m excited about for sure. It’s from Bella Thorne’s jewelry collection, from the brand that I think is called Thorne Dynasty. I love it so much, I’ve really been needing a gold choker these days for so long! Plus I even also got a new eyeshadow palette from Kylie Cosmetics which is the 24k gold palette which I thought would be perfect for me, that I’m excited about. So far I love all three of those things, they all looked pretty good on me for this shoot! My life is going pretty good these days too, which I’m happy about. Everything’s kind of fallen into place & is doing pretty well with me in every aspect, which I’m really appreciative about. I love it when things find their way to work themselves out and everything starts to make more sense & all that I can be really grateful for. I also think I’m headed in the right direction with everything, I have a lot of the right ideas for sure! But I’m happy about how my life is going and things are always getting better all the time. In the past few weeks I’ve been staying up late intentionally getting things done and doing things like reading and stuff, which was a good idea. I loved that I had so much time to do things every night, it was awesome! I just felt really motivated and wanted to do that all the time so that’s what I’ve been doing. I might continue doing that if I can somehow get myself to wake up earlier in the day, but who knows about that! I just love that I’ve been doing so many things for myself and accomplishing so many things lately, also going to concerts & the club like I do every week and I love having things like that in my life that make me happy. So I’m going to keep staying busy all the time & everything, I love how that’s been going for me! There’s always something to look forward to & I always have something to do these days which I really love about my life/self. I’m also excited about my life & there’s always something positive I can focus on these days! Let’s get into the blog post, I call it All That Glitters because I love gold especially!

All That Glitters 2023 gold photoshoot & blog post with a Guess t-shirt

I’ve been doing pretty good these days, I’m really proud of where I’m at and all that I’ve finally gotten to in my life! Since I turned 24 I think I’ve been making a lot of extra personal progress & advancing in my life a lot more than I used to do earlier in the year last year, and I’m super glad about that. I love all that I’m about and what I put my energies into and the things that I’m passionate about and I love how things have been going these days. I’ve even been keeping myself busy with extra things that I like to focus on like coloring in my Mike Shinoda coloring book (from his Post Traumatic album – I love that coloring book) and also reading this really cool book called The Future of the Internet by Jonathan Zittran which is really cool. Other than that I have lots of other stuff I can always do too, but I used to have too much spare time and not enough to do and now I’m always keeping busy all the time everyday and I am so glad that I’ve finally gotten to that point in my life, because I love that. It is so important for me to have things to do and I love that I have all this drive and motivation now that I get to use as fuel every day now. I’m so glad I finally have been able to make this much progress in my life. That book is a really good book, too, I got it from my friend back in 2019 and couldn’t remember anything about it when I found it earlier in the month, but I’ve been reading it and it’s a lot about development and structure of the ‘internet’ back in the day and is really interesting, I love it. I for some reason love reading about malware and things like that, even ones that started way early on after the internet formed because I just think that’s super awesome. I love that I have this book, it’s actually pretty rad and surprised me which is really cool. On a side note that is related, I even also coincidentally wore one of my favorite enamel pins that I have for this photoshoot as well! It’s from Dolls Kill from like 2020 and says ‘We Met “Online”‘ that I think is a super awesome pin! I love it so much, I’m glad I have it. It’s a rose gold colored one but it looked pretty good with the gold outfit. My gold outfits are always really cool these days, I’ve been loving them. Check out the first collage below!

Outfit Details for my ‘All That Glitters’ Photoshoot:

  • Gold Guess graphic tee t-shirt that I got at the mall at the Guess store back in September of last year. This is a really cute fitted graphic tee & I love it. I love wearing it tied up like a crop top especially!
  • Black stretchy pants from the brand JW Maxx that are a stretchy-type pants, but they have like the thickness of a pair of jeans. I also wore them in my 2022 post Tokyo Smoke & 2017’s Scamp! too.
  • Beige colored Lita lace-up booties by Jeffrey Campbell for the shoes that I wore, which are pictured later in the shoot. I wore them in 2022’s Enough For Me as well, and in 2017’s Just So Abby also.
  • Gold moon & stars chain around my waist that I got last year in like July from Plato’s Closet which was pretty cool. I also wore this chain in 2022’s Matter of Fact and last month in Pot of Gold II.
  • We Met “Online” rose gold enamel pin $12 by Studio Cult from Dolls Kill that I got in January of 2020. This is one of my favorite pins that I own, I love it so much. I got some good pictures of this too!
  • Endless Love Necklace gold choker $88 by Thorne Dynasty which is a really pretty gold choker with dangly hearts that I just got recently finally. It’s from Bella Thorne’s jewelry line, I always love her!
  • Aztec-style gold dangly earrings from Romwe that I got back in like 2015, which are pretty rad gold earrings. I also wore mismatched studs, one a gold sparkly bar stud & the other a gold coin stud.
  • Gold half-chain, half-pearl threaded necklace that I got from Goodwill in like 2019, plus a gold chain bracelet from there, too, probably. Also, a gold tiger’s eye ring I got from my friend for $80 in 2019.
  • A ‘$’ Dollar sign gold belly ring from Spencer’s that I got in like 2015. I also wore this belly ring for my first ever blog post back in 2015 called Original Gangstress. That was a cool gold outfit as well.
  • Rising Star (with x4 nails of Extra-Va-Vaganza! by OPI) orange-gold metallic nail polish from OPI’s 2010 Burlesque Collection. I love these nail polishes, I loved that movie back then so much too!
  • Siren perfume by Paris Hilton which is a really pretty smelling perfume, I love it! It’s a good one to wear with gold, it’s a gold perfume anyway. This is definitely a good Paris Hilton perfume as well.
  • Volume Spray by Ouai in my hair which is a pretty good product. I usually spray it in my hair when it’s damp. I need more hair products soon, I’m going to get some probably next month finally too!
  • GG Marmont small black leather shoulder bag $2,550 by Gucci pictured later. This is my favorite purse I’ve ever gotten too! I got it for Christmas last year in 2022 from my mom and I completely love it.

Makeup Details for ‘All That Glitters’ on April 24th, 2023:

  • Rodial Soft Focus Glow Booster Drops $60 which is an ‘illuminating ultimate glow primer’ that I got from Ipsy like last year. This is not a bad primer, I like that it’s so luminous & everything too!
  • Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Concealer $28 in the shade Light which is for sure my favorite concealer at the moment. I got it this year from Ipsy, I always really love Purlisse! I really love this product.
  • Kat Von D Lock-It Liquid Foundation $40.50 in the shade 48 Light Neutral which is definitely one of my favorite foundations at the moment, it fits me so well. I love this shade & everything on me.
  • Basic Beauty Translucent Setting Powder* $26 that I got from Ipsy this month! I love this setting powder, it’s very luminous and slightly pink-ish but I love this powder on me, I’m so glad I got it.
  • Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Bitten & Bronzed Matte Bronzer $5 that I got from Ipsy one year way back in the day. This is a pretty awesome bronzer & I love Lisa Frank! I love this bronzer overall.
  • Sephora Collection Blushing For You Blush Palette $24 in the second shade, which I think is named Soft Rose. It’s a gold-ish pink color, more like a nude color. This is a pretty decent palette of blush.
  • ModelCo Moonshine Baked Highlighter $25 that I have a sample of from Ipsy way back in the day. This is a pretty gold & pink highlight color, I liked it with this outfit for sure. It looks pretty good!
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Intensify 24 Hour Shadow Primer $26 that I just got recently at Sephora so I could alternate with my eyeshadow primers! This is a pretty good one, I like the texture of it.
  • Kylie Cosmetics 24k Birthday Collection Pressed Powder Palette $58 a new palette I just got. I used Make A Wish, XXIV, Go For Gold, Pull Up, Better Than Gold, All That Glistens and Certified Gold.
  • Doucce Ultra Precision Eyeliner $23 in the shade Black on my waterline. This is one of my favorite eyeliners that I have but I’m running low on it finally, I only have like 1/3rd of it left right now too.
  • Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner $24 in the shade Intense Black which I’ve had for a while and am finally running low on, but this is definitely a pretty good liquid eyeliner.
  • Ardell False Lashes $6 that I’ve had for a long time, so I’m not sure which ones they are specifically. I also used Duo‘s Brush-On Lash Adhesive in the shade clear for these & they looked pretty good!
  • Kylie Cosmetics Kylash Volume Mascara $24 which is a new mascara that Kylie just dropped, it’s a pretty good one too! I like it on my bottom lashes a lot especially, this is a good mascara for sure.
  • Gucci Beauty Long Wearing Eyebrow Pencil $33 in the shade Auburn which is a new brow pencil I just got! I like this shade on me, too, it goes well with my roots vs. hair when it’s different colors.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer $16 which is still currently the only lip primer that I have, but I’m hoping to get another one sometime soon too. This is a good one overall though & I always love it.
  • Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Lip Crayon $24 in the shade NB1 Michelle which is a good nude lip liner. I got this a couple years ago probably at Sephora and it goes with a lot of things which I like.
  • Shades By Shan Dubai Matte Lipstick* $18 that I got this month in my Ipsy bag, which I liked a lot with this look. It’s a pretty pink matte that I like, I’m surprised by this lipstick & I do really like it.
  • Formula Z Unisexy Setting Spray* $26 which I also got in this month’s Ipsy bag. I’ve been wanting to try a new setting spray lately so I picked this one, it’s pretty good! It’s also like a skin mist too.
My April 2023 Ipsy Boxycharm Subscription $28/Month

So as of this month, Ipsy switched from the Glam Bag Plus’s to a Boxycharm subscription, so they come in boxes now which is pretty cool! I still as always love Ipsy and review/include my bags (or now boxes) every single month because I love them so much. This month was pretty good, and the two products they chose for me include: a ByroePear Serum Oil which is pretty good, I especially like that I got this because I was running low on serum recently and wanted to take a break from my oil for a second. The second product they picked out for me I liked even more, it’s a Tula SkincareSo Smooth Resurfacing & Brightening Fruit Enzyme Mask that I ended up loving. I’ve been needing some resurfacing products, too, so I was glad I got this mask for sure. I loved that they picked out those two products for me! I used both of them that morning before I did the photoshoot, and they looked like they worked pretty well for me that day. The last three products were makeup items that I picked out and I included all of them in this look as well of course. The first product I picked out was that Shades By ShanMatte Lipstick in Dubai, which is a really pretty pink colored matte lipstick. The second product I picked out was the Formula Z Cosmetics – Unisexy Setting Spray which is a pretty good setting spray, & the last product I picked was the Basic Beauty – Setting Powder in Translucent which was my favorite product out of the whole bag, I ended up loving it. Overall I loved this Ipsy box, it turned out awesome this time! I’m glad I have Ipsy to look forward to every month. You can use my referral link to subscribe to Ipsy here. Let’s get into the rest of the photoshoot next!

I’ve been loving all of my outfits & fashion these days. Since changing all my jewelry in my face (and belly ring) to gold in early March, I’ve been wearing all of my gold jewelry all the time with it and it’s been awesome. I also have been wearing a bunch of dresses and outfits that have looked really good with the jewelry these days and I love that! Plus, I’m finally getting down all of these photoshoots with my gold jewelry and making sure I’ve been shooting all my gold earrings and everything too. I can’t believe I finally got these cute gold Romwe earrings into a shoot, I’ve had them since I was like 15 and they’re super cute. I still have a few other pairs of gold earrings left to shoot, too, that I don’t think I’ve gotten into an outfit on here yet. So that’s pretty cool that I still have things I need to shoot and that I’m getting so many things done & crossed off my list for my different photoshoots! I’ve been going through all my makeup and everything too, so I have a few different lists of things I haven’t shot yet and I go through them every time I do a photoshoot. This gold shirt worked out so perfectly for this blog post with all the gold jewelry I’ve been doing these days, so I’m glad about how well these things came together. I liked the boots with the outfit, too, I got these when I was like 18 online and I don’t wear them that often, but they’re pretty cool boots. I just love how everything came together, this shoot turned out pretty good overall. The shirt was perfect with the gold jewelry that I wanted to shoot, plus I love the enamel pin a lot and I had been wanting to get pictures of that too. The rest of the outfit looked pretty good too, with my hair and everything as well! I’m excited about what I’ve been doing with outfits these days. I have a good idea as to what I’m going to do next, too!

This photoshoot turned out pretty good…after my last two blog posts were collaborations with my best friend these days, I decided to do another shoot in my room with this gold outfit. For this blog post I ended up taking my time and taking a bit more pictures for this shoot than I usually do, just because I wanted to get some really good pictures in my room similar to how I usually do and I did end up getting some good ones! I usually do photoshoots in my room, but I want to get better at it. It’s typically just to showcase the outfit the best I can, kind of inspired by how I used to do tons of photoshoots around my room here, like in 2017 or the years around that, but even though there’s not as much room around my room as there used to be, I still love doing my photoshoots in here and I want to get better at it too of course. I’m pretty good at it sometimes, like I’m actually pretty good with photography and taking pictures with my own camera of me all the time and it’s awesome doing different styles and stuff all the time for my blog. I even kind of drank from my water bottle during the last collage and then sat back down and got some pictures of a big water stain on the middle of my shirt, but didn’t notice and got some good pictures of that water mess anyway, haha! That was a little funny, but I used those pictures anyway. They were pretty good ones! Oh well, I love doing photoshoots all the time and I have some good ideas of what my next couple blog posts will be so that’ll be awesome. I liked doing this one at home, I think it turned out pretty good and I’m doing pretty well with this whole post overall as well. I’m glad about all of that, let’s get into the last collage!

So there’s the last collage, this photoshoot is an awesome one and I’m glad I ended up doing it. I was so excited that I got two awesome gold things in the mail last weekend, too, they went perfectly with the outfit & photoshoot! One was that awesome Bella Thorne gold choker by Thorne Dynasty that I wore for this photoshoot and the other was this also amazing 24k gold eyeshadow palette by Kylie Cosmetics that I just had to get and have finally! The eyeshadow palette is definitely awesome, I’m 24 right now so when I saw that she still had her 24th birthday ’24’ palette for sale I just had to get it now, while I had all my gold jewelry in. This palette was the best idea of a palette I could think to get, plus it was on sale and everything too. It’s originally like a $58 eyeshadow palette which is cool but I got it for half of the price. This was also my first time getting a Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palette, she used to be my favorite makeup brand ever back in the day (I have like 30 Kylies plus a ton of lip liners right now) but it wasn’t until now that I ever even got an eyeshadow palette from her (given the fact that she didn’t even sell eyeshadow way back in the day). So anyway, I’m glad about how that turned out because I really love eyeshadow these days and wanted a new palette. It’s a pretty good one, also. There’s 24 eyeshadows and I used like 7 of them this time, so we’ll see how it goes with trying all the other shades too! I’m glad I finally was able to get a Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palette, this is the one I wanted. Anyway, this photoshoot was great, I’m glad everything came together the way it did and it came out as well as it did. Thanks so much for checking me out, this post went well! I can’t wait to see how my next one will turn out. Thanks again for reading this & I’ll see all of you later!