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So the beginning to this year has been pretty awesome so far, and I’ve really loved the way everything has been going. I was surprised that everything is coming together as well as it has been, I’ve been actually pretty busy these days and everything too! That’s a cool improvement in the last couple months at least especially, I love being busy. I love getting out of the house, getting things done and doing things that make me happy all the time. I even have been really liking my blog lately, I’m totally proud of how I’ve been doing with these posts too & that I’m always keeping up with it & everything. Today’s photoshoot & blog post is featuring the first Billie Eilish shirt I ever got, a bright orange t-shirt that says ‘Too Young To Go To Jail‘ from like 2018 or so. I love this shirt, it’s a cute one, and I’m glad I finally got around to doing the photoshoot for it! I’m always trying to shoot my merch, I get around to it definitely often enough and I love to do it. It’s all on my collective merchandise blog as well, Celebrity Merch Base, so that’s pretty cool. Definitely also check out “Scary World!” from 2020 on this blog, too, the first Billie post I ever ended up doing on here. Anyway, my goal is to shoot as much of my collection (of merchandise) as I can really, I’ve been doing photoshoots like that for all of it since near beginning of my blog basically. I love merch tees & outfits so much and it’s always fun to go through them like this. The whole outfit came together really well too, with a few different things. First of all, on Sunday I changed all the jewelry in my face from silver to gold, which I thought was perfect with the orange shirt! That’s something I’m excited about, this is the first shoot I’m doing with the color change, & it’s all new jewelry. That’s something I’ve always wanted to get around to doing, and I love how it’s going so far. Second, I also got two new gold Gucci belts for Christmas so I was finally able to include another one of those in a photoshoot this time since I finally put in all the gold jewelry in! That I’m pretty excited about too. Third, I really wanted to keep doing shoots for my old Dolls Kill orders to do something cool with one of those eventually, so I finally got pictures with these cute gold flame stud earrings that I got so long ago too. And finally, from Billie Eilish’s 2021 album, Happier Than Ever, she had a song called GOLDWING on there and I thought that would be perfect with the photoshoot! I love how that worked out, that’s a cool name and song, which is also a song on my favorite concept playlist of all time Convenience Fee. That’s pretty cool since I have a category on here as well called Convenience Fee that I update all the time with a bunch of posts inspired by the songs & playlist! I love this shoot & how everything turned out, let’s get into the post.

GOLDWING Photoshoot with a 2018 Billie Eilish T-Shirt + Gucci Belt 2023

A bunch of really cool things have been going on lately, but still a lot of the same stuff I’ve mentioned in the last couple of posts probably! One of the newer things is though, that I maybe didn’t mention last time is that I got a new phone! I got it around the time that I did my last post, but it’s an iPhone 11 Pro for now but I’m so glad to finally have another phone after my last one. That one was so old and I took up almost all of the space on it, which was like 127 out of the 128GBs at one point, mostly just of music! Seriously, I have 100 GB of music at least. That’s like 13k songs or something, but I sure do love music. But finally a new phone is awesome because I can take better concert videos and pictures for my Concert Almanac page on my blog & things like that! I already have one up on there with some really awesome pictures of the last concert I went to, definitely check those out, from my last concert (which was in February 2023). The new phone has 512GBs on it, so that’ll last me a really long time! I’m glad I finally was able to get that though, because I go to a lot of concerts and care about that page of concerts that I have too. I even got a really cool case that I put together myself to go with it, you guys will probably see that in some other blog post. But that’s that life update, definitely check out that concert page & scroll down for the collages for this Billie Eilish inspired shoot & post finally!

Outfit Details for my ‘GOLDWING’ Photoshoot 2023:

  • Orange ‘Too Young To Go To Jail’ T-Shirt in size L $20 from Billie Eilish‘s online store from May 2018. This was the first Billie shirt I ever got, I love it! It features lyrics from her song Bellyache on it.
  • Gucci Blondie Belt $470 that my mom got me for Christmas as well as a couple other things from Gucci! This belt is my favorite Gucci belt I have out of three of them, I love this beige one so much.
  • Black ripped classic mid-rise skinny jeans from Levi’s that I’ve had since like 2020, I love these black jeans! I got these from my friend at the time, and they’re usually one of my favorite pairs of jeans.
  • Leather black booties with a gold zipper by Steve Madden that I got when I was like 15! I’ve worn them a lot, like in 2016’s Summer Heat, 2017’s Fusillade, 2021’s OFFLINE, & 2022’s Know My Worth etc.
  • GG Marmont small black leather shoulder bag $2,550 by Gucci that my mom also got for me for Christmas! I love this bag so much & I am so happy my mom got me things from Gucci last year!
  • Lit Life Flame Earrings $8 from Dolls Kill which are these cool flame gold stud & cuff earrings that fit on your first & second holes on your earlobes! These are cute earrings, glad I finally shot them.
  • New gold ear & face jewelry: a gold nose hoop from BodyCandy online, plus a big gold flower metal lip ring, a gold industrial, a gold heart rook, and a gold helix sparkly hoop from Body Jewelry Plus in store.
  • Dark gold citrine shard dangly necklace that I got from a crystal subscription box in like 2019, as well as a tiger’s eye bracelet & a carnelian bracelet from the same place, & then a goldstone chip bracelet also.
  • A yellow gold quartz crystal necklace my stepmom made for me in like 2020 with her BossKty jewelry brand, as well as a pretty crystal gold two-chain bracelet that she made for me as well in like 2021 too.
  • My gold dainty butterfly necklace from Rocksbox in like 2018, one of my favorite gold necklaces that I have. I also wore it in a couple other shoots like in MISSY UNDERSTOOD & 2022’s Illumination.
  • A gold tiger’s eye ring with two crystals, one on each side that I got from my friend in 2019. This is one of my favorite rings of all time, I really love this one so much! Also, a gold plain ring on my thumb too.
  • Trina dark purple nail polish from Julep, who discontinued their all nail polishes. I have so so many Julep nail polishes though, I used to subscribe & get like 4 a month! + Gold sparkly heart on nails too.
  • Did It On ‘Em light green nail polish from OPI from the 2012 Nicki Minaj Collection. I have 4/6 of the polishes from that nail polish collection right now, & I did this green color on my toes for March.

Makeup Details for ‘GOLDWING’ on March 6th, 2023:

  • Purlisse Silk Glow BB Base Primer $28 for my primer, which is one of my favorite primers that I have right now but I have a bunch! I love this one & I got it from Ipsy like two years ago I think.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer $31 in the shade 20B Light as the concealer, one of the best full-coverage concealers out there! This is my go-to concealer, I love it & I have a couple of them.
  • Kat Von D Lock-It Liquid Foundation $40.50 in the shade 48 Light Neutral which is usually my favorite foundation these days now too. I love how well it matches my skin tone also, it’s perfect.
  • Reina Rebelde On Your Face Finishing Powder $23 in the shade Almendra. This is a pretty good finishing powder, I got it from Ipsy last year! It’s a pretty smooth texture, too, I like that about it.
  • Complex Culture Sun Bath Baked Bronzer $25 in the shade Play. I like this shade of bronzer on me & this is a pretty good bronzer overall. I got this one from Ipsy like last year as well too probably!
  • Kaleido Cosmetics Skinluminate Superfine Luminous Blush Palette $22 in the shade Shimmery Rose Pink. This is a pretty good palette that I got from Ipsy this year, I like this color especially.
  • Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter $36 in the shade Hu$tla Baby. This is a really pretty gold-ish shade of a highlight from Rihanna’s brand. I got this one from Ipsy last year, I love it!
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion $27 in the shade Original. This is always the eyeshadow primer that I use, I love it. It works the best for me anyway, but I might try another one someday!
  • Oryza Beauty Nude Shimmer & Contour Eyeshadow $21.95 this is a pretty good eyeshadow quad that I got from Ipsy, probably, like a really long time ago. It’s good gold & bronze shades though.
  • Qveen Studio Dragon Duo Eyeliners $28 which is a set of two black liners. One is a wax eyeliner that I used on my waterline and the other is a liquid liner. I got this duo from Ipsy last month too.
  • Town of Lashes Lola False Eyelashes $40 which are most likely Lola, but I’m not sure which of my lashes are which! Lola would be my mink ones though. I used them with Duo Lash Glue as well.
  • House of Lashes Precious Lower/Bottom Lashes $7 on my lower lash lines that I used with the same glue that I just mentioned. I love these bottom lashes so much, I didn’t realize how cute they are!
  • Item Beauty Lash Snack Lengthening Mascara $15 in the shade Midnight Mood that I got from Ipsy last year. This is my fave mascara to use with falsies, it always looks really good with them.
  • Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow $26 in the shade 3.5 Warm Auburn Brown. I always love the shade of this brow gel, I’ve been using it since like 2019. I’ve always loved this one!
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer $16 which is the only lip primer I use. It’s a really good one though, I think it works perfectly & I love it! But I might eventually get another one to try again.
  • MAC Cosmetics Spice Lip Pencil $22 that I used to line my lips, it’s a good brown-colored lip liner from MAC! I got this such a long time ago, along with other MAC lip pencils, but I like this one.
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Celebrity Skin Velour Liquid Lipstick $18 which I’ve had for a long time as well! This is a really good medium nude color though, but they might be discontinuing this one.
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 that I use every time I use my makeup, this is always my favorite setting spray. I have like 3 of them since they discontinued it!

I am loving where I’m finally getting to with everything in my life. I do my best all the time to get things to finally work out well together and it seems like I’m finally getting somewhere with it because things are lining up for me a little easier. Finally I’m able to get so much more done, and I know that sometimes it’s just about getting the ball rolling but it’s hard to do that sometimes, but then eventually everything in life, piece by piece, unfolds pretty well for me and I’m always really appreciative. I get better with everything when that finally happens, but sometimes it only takes like a month or two for something to change for everything to uplift a little bit. That’s something I’ve always really appreciated. There’s always something else I could turn to as something to work on or focus on when I need to, and I know eventually I do really well in my life to finally get myself to a better place. So that’s pretty awesome, I’m so grateful for everything in my life! I love that everything is finally lining up and opportunities are becoming more available for me, that’s just what I wanted. I never feel too stuck, maybe like in one place on one thing but never for too long and then everything unsticks itself and it makes more sense that I tried that hard. Anyway, I’m just really glad about how that finally happened. Let’s get into the last collage, there’s a couple of my favorite pics in the middle!

That’s finally it for the rest of this blog post! I’m glad I finally did the photoshoot for this Billie shirt, I now have shot 2/4 of my Billie Eilish shirts and this was a good one to pick to do now. I love that it’s an orange shirt, too, I thought that’d be different. We’ll see what I end up shooting next, but I love that I finally got to do another Billie. The rest of this month + next month should be pretty good too! I have a while with this gold jewelry in my face now, too, so it’ll be cool to see what happens with that. Hopefully I have some good merchandise outfits or whatever coming up, too, for whenever I do merchandise again. It’s always fun for me to do that, in the midst of all of it, but I’m really getting everything done in my life regardless. I really love everything happening in my life right now, I especially love going to the club every weekend and doing things like that and that’s good for me, I love doing fun things for myself. I’m definitely on the right track and everything will always get better somehow. Thanks so much for checking me out, and I’ll see you guys with the next blog post!