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Things have been going super well lately and I’ve been pretty glad about my life. I’m excited about this new post I’m putting together today, too, it’s called Yayo! It’s inspired by the song by Lana Del Rey, of which my gold necklace is from in the photoshoot. That’s my featured merchandise item of the blog post, that I got in like 2015 when she was on tour. I love this necklace, it’s so perfect, it’s a gold rosary heart with snakes on it. I love Lana Del Rey! She recently dropped a new album but I named it after the old song because it matched the necklace that I wore, which I’ll write more about here. The photoshoot has like 3 different parts to it, too, the first part at my mom’s, the second part in downtown Seattle with Kwame & a couple of his friends, and the third part at a KeyBank in a city nearby. I’m so glad Kwame and I finally did another photoshoot together! He’s my best friend these days and we hangout a lot, and we have been hanging out a bunch since August pretty much. It’s awesome, we go to the club most the time but I might do another post about that some other day, and yesterday we finally decided to do this photoshoot. The first shoot him and I ever did together was back in 2019 called Live Fast, which was pretty awesome. This one turned out pretty great also though, too, he even got some shots for his next music video while I was shooting too which should turn out pretty great! He’s made a music video or two of us before, I’ll mention one of those later in the post. We’ve also made music together before too which is pretty rad. I’m so glad we’re friends & finally did this photoshoot together! I’m also so glad about how this year is going so far of course too.

Kwame & I outside of a KeyBank for my Lana Del Rey inspired photoshoot!

I have always totally loved Lana Del Rey, and I’m glad I was finally able to do a shoot with this heart necklace! This is a really cool necklace and I love collecting merch. These days I’ve just been wanting to catch up on my older stuff especially, and I thought this worked out perfectly to do this necklace with this Gucci belt of mine! This is my third Gucci belt, my red, green, black & gold one. I got this one for Christmas as well! I’m happy this is my 4th post in my ‘gold’ series, too. I’ve been loving having all my gold jewelry put in and everything, and I love all my gold Gucci. Anyway, I started the photoshoot at my house in my room and did like two collages worth of pictures of my outfit, and it turned out pretty rad. I’m proud of it! I just had to do another photoshoot quickly with my red hair, you can check out all my red-hair related blog posts here too. I love these extensions and I’m really trying to use them before my hair starts fading again! It’s cool when my hair fades, but I really want to utilize my red the best that I can, so I’m glad I decided to do this. Let’s get into the first collage!

Outfit Details for my ‘Yayo (Gold)’ Photoshoot:

  • Black tie-back crop top from Charlotte Russe at the mall that I got for my 23rd birthday (in 2021). This is a cute crop top and I hadn’t even shot it yet so it was perfect to wear it for this shoot finally!
  • Grey jeans from the brand Haas but I forgot where I got these ones! Totally cute though anyway. I also wore them back in my 2021 photoshoot called MTV Pt. 1 & they looked really good there too.
  • Black zip-up hoodie from Assassins’ Creed Brotherhood, the video game. I got this from my friend Gordon’s trailer back in like 2019, & I love it. The zipper is broken but it’s my favorite sweatshirt.
  • Gold, black, red & green belt from Gucci that I got from my mom last Christmas. I love this belt so much! I have three Gucci belts now, all gold & they’re super awesome, I love all of them so much.
  • LDR Rosary Stash Heart Gold Snake Necklace by Lana Del Rey from her 2015 tour. This is such a rad necklace, you can also ‘stash’ cocaine inside of it and it has a little spoon for it when it opens up!
  • Dolled Up Gold Metal Choker that I got from Nasty Gal back in like 2017, this is such an awesome choker! I thought it looked really good with this outfit too. I last wore this in 2017’s All Dolled Up.
  • Long gold necklace & three gold rings on my thumb plus a green & gold ring on my pointer finger. I love this long necklace the best, it always looks so good. Cute rings also though too, I wear them a lot!
  • Gold stud earrings by Kate Spade that I got for Christmas of 2021. I also wore a couple mis-matched studs, a sparkly bar & gold coin, that I got from my friend in 2020. Plus a gold ear cuff from Buckle.
  • Butterfly gold dangly belly ring that I got from Spencer’s sometime last year, this is definitely my favorite gold belly ring that I have! It’s super cute, you can see it in the header picture also too.
  • Gold, red & black ‘Love’ key bracelet & other gold bracelet (not pictured) that I also wore with the outfit. My stepmom Jessie made me the ‘Love’ gold key bracelet, it’s such a cute one! I love it so much.
  • Hazil Leather Lace-Up Boots $155 by Dr. Marten’s that I got from Nasty Gal back in 2016. I wear these so often these days! I also wore them in 2021’s Hollywood’s Bleeding & 2022’s Green Envy as well.
  • Beige jacket from the brand Mudd. This is a pretty basic jacket, but I like it! I wore it for part two of this photoshoot, which was the pictures taken in Seattle. I wore it last year in Enough For Me too.
  • Tabitha medium blue shimmery nail polish by Julep that I got back in like 2016! I love Julep nail polish so much but it’s all discontinued. I also have gold shimmery sparkles on a few nails which is cute.
  • Fame perfume by Lady Gaga that I wore with it, I love this perfume! It’s one of my favorite celebrity perfumes. Check out almost all of my celebrity perfumes in this blog post on my other blog also.
  • Natalie Eva Marie 22″ TestaRossa Bright Red Hair Extensions $290 from Bellami Hair. I’ve been really trying to wear my extensions more these days! I love when my hair is this color, it’s so perfect.
  • GG Marmont small black leather shoulder bag $2,550 by Gucci that I got maybe in a couple pictures, but I sure love my purse! I got this for Christmas from my mom as well, it’s such a rad purse too.

Makeup Details for my ‘Yayo’ photoshoot on March 25th, 2023:

  • Lovecraft Beauty Face Primer $20 that I got from Ipsy a few months back. This is a pretty good primer overall, and I like the texture to it especially! It goes with almost all my foundations, also.
  • Jecca Blac Liquid Concealer $12 in the shade 2.o which is their light shade. I got this from Ipsy like last year, & it’s a pretty good concealer! I like this one, but I want to try a new concealer soon too.
  • Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation $60 in the shade B40 Sand. I love YSL as a brand, they’re pretty awesome, & All Hours is one of my favorite foundations. I love the name too, very perfect!
  • V Kosmetik Loose Powder $22 in the shade No2 Cool Neutral. This is one of my favorite powders I’ve tried from Ipsy, I got it like last year and it’s def one of the best! I love this one on me for sure.
  • Ace Beauté Bronzed in Paradise Bronzer Palette $35.99 using the second shade, which is one of my favorite colors. This palette has versatile shades, 4 of them, and I totally love this palette for that!
  • Shades of Shan The Blush Palette $36 in the shade Apricot which is a perfect color. I was surprised how much I loved this one with the bronzer & everything! It looks really good in the pictures, too.
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion $27 in the shade Original which is currently my only eyeshadow primer, but I’m hoping to try a new one in the next few weeks or something as well!
  • Tarte Cosmetics Don’t Quit Your Daydream Eyeshadow Palette $29 which is a ‘Double Duty Beauty’ palette apparently. I got this palette back in like 2019! I used the highlight in it and every shade.
  • Reina Rebelde ‘Rebelde’ Pencil Eyeliner $17 that I got from Ipsy as an add-on this year, I think. This is a perfect eyeliner on my waterline, too, I love it! It looks pretty good with most my liquid liners.
  • Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner $24 which is a pretty decent liquid liner. I have like 4 liquid liners right now but this one is my most used for sure! It’s a go-to liner of mine.
  • Kylie Cosmetics Valentines Collection False Lashes $18 that I just got like last week! I’m excited to finally get a new pair of falsies, it’s been so long. I also always love Kylie Cosmetics too of course!
  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara $28 which I finally bought last week! This is my first time trying this mascara and I really love it so far, it’s really amazing. I totally love this new mascara on me.
  • Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Brow Pencil $25 in the shade 2.75 warm auburn. This is also my first time trying this brow pencil, I got it last week as well. I like it so far, I usually like their brow gel!
  • Becca Cosmetics Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Glow Gloss $22 in the shade Opal x Jade that I wore by itself as just a lipgloss. I love these glosses, I have 4 of them! This one is pink with gold shimmer.
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is always my favorite setting spray, I have three of them because it’s discontinued. It’s a perfect one for me though & I love it!

So that was the first collage from the pictures we took in Seattle! I was out with Kwame and his two friends DJ & Jeremiah and we went to downtown Seattle to do a photoshoot & film some clips for Kwame’s music video. It was totally rad, I loved doing that with them. It was turning out pretty good, too, first we got some pictures on this little intersection in Seattle, and then like down the street from there as well (those ones are below). It was by a Nordstrom basically, like across from there and everything. I love how this shoot turned out! They might’ve been lighting up a couple blunts and everything which is pretty cool too! I don’t really smoke weed anymore, I haven’t in almost 2 years, but they’re of course chill. I like all of our outfits too, we all looked like we went pretty well together! Maybe we’ll do another shoot someday with some of us again, who knows! I do have another idea in mind of another photoshoot we could do, at least Kwame & I that is, but I’m not sure about it yet. I loved shooting downtown though, I’ve done so many photoshoots downtown in Seattle but I loved having this gang with me because that was pretty awesome, and unique to me and different. This is a good change of pace from what I usually do, it’s pretty cool. You can checkout Kwame’s last music video of us (+ friends), Alcohol You Later. It was pretty rad we did a bunch of different shoots for that! It is totally an explicit video though so know that before checking it out. It’ll be cool to see the next one that he did because I loved that one. It’s been cool hanging with Kwame for so long and I love it!

That one is one of my favorite collages, definitely my favorite of the two from Seattle. The first collage is pretty good though. I love how I started off this collage with that good picture of the ‘Doll’ choker and Lana Del Rey* necklace, that was awesome lighting and everything for it! Plus, my Gucci belt looked really good in a bunch of pictures in that collage too. We also got some rad group pictures in that collage, probably the best of the shoot. I love how that turned out, with the dynamic & all. I love how I got all of those pictures in that collage in front of a store window, and then got the second-to last picture on the corner in front of that Nordstrom Rack store and it supplemented the collage pretty well with lighting and everything! That’s pretty cool. I always love this kind of lighting for sure.

*Anyway, that’s all that I wanted to say about the details of the collage, and now I want to link all of my Lana Del Rey blog posts that I have on this blog and then ones my other blog. That first picture of that last collage definitely had one of the best pictures of that Lana necklace of mine! Other than the ones at my house, because I tried to get a bunch of good pictures while I was home. But I totally love that necklace, I’m so glad I finally got actual photoshoot pictures of it. It’s from the 2015 Endless Summer Tour and I really love it. Also, I wanted to write about all of my other Lana related blog posts that I have. I pretty much only have like 2 and 2 halves other Lana related/inspired blog posts up at this point, starting with Honeymoon from 2017, which was just basically a Lana-‘inspired’ post overall. The other main one is Not All Those Who Wander from 2022, which was an actual photoshoot with a merchandise t-shirt that I got from her Chemtrails album the year before. That one turned out pretty rad. I’m hoping to do more main photoshoots like that with Lana merch if I can, but that’ll be eventually. Anyway, then I mentioned like two early pics of me wearing this gold necklace back in this post in 2016, too. Finally, I was wearing a Lana t-shirt in this post but it was kind of covered up. But this t-shirt is on my list of shirts I really want to shoot sooner, so maybe I’ll finally make up for that t-shirt a little! Check out how I hinted at that t-shirt in this 2017 post. That’s all that’s included on this blog of mine that is Lana related. You can check back at this Lana Del Rey category, though, incase I ever post any Lana posts after this. After all that, I still have my other blog, my collection blog for merchandise. You can search for Lana Del Rey on my other blog Celebrity Merchandise Base, so far it’s just the poster I made myself, the white t-shirt from the other blog post and then also this cool box of smudging tools on there too. And then, of course, there would be the collection version of this blog post (AKA a blog post just of the necklace) which you can find with that link or just this linkLDR Gold Rosary 2015 Stash Necklaceto the actual blog post. That’s all I have up for Lana Del Rey right now, that’s pretty crazy! I have a few more things of Lana I’ll of course eventually do, too. But beyond all that, she also released her new album, ‘Did you know there’s a tunnel..’, a couple days ago and it’s pretty awesome actually! My favorite song is A&W, it really surprised me and is super awesome. Easily the best song on the album. That album came out like right when I did this Lana inspired shoot that I love! I think that was an awesome idea. I’m glad to see Lana back already with new music. I had to name this shoot after Yayo though, it fit the best with the necklace & outfit for sure. But I like that that all went together like that. So that’s all pretty cool, and now let’s check out the next collage.

So that collage ended up mainly just being Kwame & I, with just some of the pictures also featuring DJ! This was after we left Seattle and we were on our way back, but I wanted to stop here to get a few more pictures. I love how the KeyBank sign went with my hair! I thought this was a cool place to get pictures in front of, kind of different than what I usually do. Kwame’s an awesome friend, I’m glad he’s always willing to hangout with me whenever we do. I thought it was pretty cool, also, that I named the first photoshoot we ever did together after an A$AP Rocky song (called Live Fast (PUBGM) from 2019) and then we ended up doing a Lana related photoshoot for the second one we did together! Lana & A$AP Rocky first did a music video together in 2012 and then ended up doing a bunch of music together for her 2017 album as well. They were a really good duo, everyone knows they’re a duo. So that’s cool that I coincidentally wanted to do this outfit, and that we did the shoot together and everything, because that’s pretty awesome. Although I’m surprised it took us so long to do a photoshoot together again, because we have been friends again for such a long time. That’s okay though, we finally got back to it and we’ll definitely end up doing more photoshoots again. That’ll be awesome, and I think this turned out great. It’ll be awesome to see what we end up doing next! He’s definitely my best friend. We’ve got some good days coming up together, too, and that’ll be awesome. PS – He got me a bouquet of red roses, too, which was super nice. They match my hair & everything!

Red Roses from Kwame + #GIRLBOSS book (and red velvet box with the Lana necklace in it at the bottom)

And to end the post, I’ll wrap it up with like one other thing or so. I love how everything has been doing for me lately, like I even finally finished a book that I bought & started in 2016. It was awesome, it’s called #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, who founded Nasty Gal which was one of my biggest favorite clothing stores (which was online) of all time! I blogged so much about Nasty Gal in the first few years, it was so awesome. That’s why I thought it was so perfect to wear that choker for this shoot, the DOLL one, because that is from Nasty Gal & I bought it in 2017. The book was pretty good, it’s all about being a #GIRLBOSS. I can’t believe I was able to finally pick up that book again and then finished it, but there was like 5 chapters left! I’m glad I was able to finally accomplish that, that’s awesome. That’s inspired me a little to want to go through all of my books or something just to make sure I’ve read them all, but who knows? Or maybe I’ll go back to journaling or something. Anyway, that was an awesome book to read and I loved it. I’ll finally see you guys later, I’m done with this blog post! That was an awesome photoshoot and I got so many pictures, which is pretty cool. I haven’t gotten that many pictures in a while, either! We’ll see what I do next for the spring, I’m excited to see what else I’ll end up doing. I love the progress I’ve been making on my blog these days. Thanks so much for reading this post, and I’ll see you all next month with something for springtime!